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Gulf Shores...Magnolia Springs...Crispy Crocs

Feb 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and I’m shaking the sand in my shoes.  And after every stay in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama I’m starting to really feel the words my friend Brent Burns and I wrote into this SONG.



Our group with Linda Davis, Lang Scott my wife Kathy and myself had two extra days just to hang down on the ocean after our sold out Thursday night show with Brent Burns at the Methodist Church.  And Gulf Shores-Orange Beach is not a bad place to hang. My brother Gary and his wife Kay snowbird every season from Pennsylvania and rent a condo looking over the Gulf.  So we got to spend some time with them.  And as much as my wife Kathy and I have been here…and it’s a bunch…I did not know how big the local State Park was.  They took me and my wife on a walk where we got to see a huge bald eagles nest where through Gary’s binoculars we got a close up look at those majestic birds and some of the kids popping their heads up out it.  And we looked for gators…didn’t see any…but we looked.  There was not a cloud in the sky on Valentine Day as we did that so that was a fun experience.



Our group had a big table at one of my favorite places in town “The Sunset Cork Room” run by Nina who spoiled us with a private room for dinner.  Gosh the food is great.  My brother and I would both suggest the sea scallops if you ever go.  Wine, food, conversation with our Valentines at a great place on the beach.  How ya gonna beat that?  And I’m still laughing at some of the stories told (after the wine helped those spill out).  Especially the one from my friend Brent Burns who talked about hypnotizing his brother when he was very young.  Ya had to be there.  Hope you had a great Valentine with the one’s you love too.



It was cool on the beach but again we had nothing but sun…zero clouds.  So we grabbed lunch at a place that had an ocean side view, and then snuck in to hear a bit of my friend Brent Burns who was playing at the Beach Brewery, a fairly new local micro-brewery and Brent had em’ packed in.  Brent and I have written so many songs that he’s recorded through the years that he mistakenly told his crowd I wrote a song I did not write.  Hopefully he will mistakenly send me the royalties for it.


Then Saturday night we gathered in Magnolia Springs, a beautiful little town about 30 minutes from where we were that sits on the Magnolia River. Some friends of Lang and Linda who live in Nashville own a home there that sits on the river and they threw a shrimp boil for us and that was more than awesome.  To close the night Lang brought his guitar into a house that had been in the family of the owners since 1920 that’s been lovingly restored and we took turns singing a few songs that turned into a little mini concert in front of the fireplace on a cool Alabama night. It was a great way to wrap up our Gulf Shores trip before the return home yesterday.



In Ohio they may pass a law requiring all Amish buggies to have flashing lights on the back.  I would have thought that was already the case but I guess not.  And now I’ll have to add another verse to my song “I’ll Join The Amish”



Apparently mushrooms are a super food.  Full of good stuff.  So much so that a lot of folks are now sprinkling mushrooms or mushroom powder into their coffee. Who knew? That will make some of the orders even longer now at Starbucks.  “I’ll have the ice lattes six shot cinnamon dolce mushroom extra cream light whip please”. 



Man we have a large deer population where we live.  Must be the same in Florida and at least one deer was hungry enough to enter and leave a Kroger store through the front door.  He actually jumped OVER a meat case.  I can only guess he was looking for mushrooms to put in his coffee. Take a LOOK.



In Lakeland Florida…right in the middle of the Citrus State authorities shut down a park because snakes were mating…and there were swarms of them.  I don’t want that.  So even when they re-open the park I don’t think I’ll grab a picnic lunch and sit down on one of those benches.  Have I mentioned I hate snakes?



Good grief…KFC now has a pair of fried chicken Crocs they are selling for about $60.  Just what they sound like.  Chicken on a Croc.  From some of their recent commercials I had wondered if the Colonel was going senile on us…now I know for sure.   



It’s today…and that means a mattress is on sale somewhere.  I think it’s the law.  I’m ordering the Martin Van Buren mattress today…firm.



Besides stopping to buy a mattress…I’m off to a songwriting appointment and may be home in time to watch the Daytona 500 that got rained out yesterday.  The stands are going to look mostly empty but the cars will go round and round.  Not sure if the President’s limo will be on the starting line or not again but if it is keep your eyes open on the finish to see if Nancy Pelosi is in the starters box tearing up the checkered flag if he wins. 


Have a great Monday.   





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