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On The Charts...Key West...Snake In The Attic

Feb 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day. And another beautiful day is teed up here with the temperature being almost early summer like again. We may pay for that as they are calling for slight chance of some severe weather here in middle Tennessee tomorrow.



Well, I wrote a train song yesterday with my buddy Troy Engle in Pennsylvania. You can’t write enough “train” songs it seem, and now there’s another one. And that thought is sort of what the song is all about. Always fun writing with Troy who’s just too talented to be real. He plays every instrument, produces, writes, sings, does a ton of work for film and TV and is out on the road some doing dates with his bluegrass band some. We’ve written regularly now ever since my publisher set us up the first time, and our catalog is growing. And we have yet to meet and write in person!  All on computer. Man, so weird. But it’s working.



Gosh, this was great to see. The new Kristy Cox album out now “Shades of Blue” debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts. That’s about as good as it gets in the bluegrass world. I have four songs I helped write on this album including “Dirt Road” and three others. Big time congratulations to my Aussie friend Kristy, and to Jerry Salley who produced this album for Billy Blue Records, and Jerry is my co-writer on two of these songs. Fingers crossed now that it might jump to the #1 chart position in short while.



I got a nice note from the folks with M.O.T.M, the “Meeting of the Minds” party that happens in Key West every year that features the largest gathering of Parrot Heads (Jimmy Buffet fans) and Trop Rock performers. I played it for the first time this past November doing 7 or 8 shows and I even presented a couple of awards at their Awards Show at the Key West Theater. One of those being the Lifetime Achievement Award that went to my long-time friend Brent Burns. Looks like I could be going back this November too and may even use my radio skill set to emcee at a lot of their big events. A week in Key West in early November is not tough duty…so I’m hoping we can make this happen. Stay tuned.



Disney World just ditched its masked requirement for fully vaccinated visitors. Maybe the “It’s A Small World Dolls” can remove their masks too.


Coachella, the huge outdoor music festival in California just ditched ALL their COVID requirements including needing to be vaccinated to attend. The old normal.


And here in Nashville, several more clubs and entertainment venues just dropped all their COVID restrictions as they too think we may getting back to at least semi-normal again.



Did a lot of us watch the Bengals and Rams? Oh yea. 112.3 MILLION tuned in, up from last year. So even though advertisers paid 6.5 million dollars for each 30 second commercial? They more than got their money’s worth with that many eyes looking at what they were trying to sell us. And if you go by that, we may see more electric trucks and cars on the road. There were a lot of those kind of ads.



Already lots of ads popping up about Presidents Day sales. And that’s not until Monday. One cannot shop too early for a danged mattress I suppose. And I still have not figured out how Presidents Day got tied to mattresses. In fact, I’m trying to remember the last time we even bought a mattress, or a new bed. Is there an expiration date on a mattress?


The last bed we put in our house was free. I did radio commercials a lot of years ago about those Sleep Comfort Beds. The company gave me a new one for doing their spots and we still sleep on it. And yes, I have a sleep number. But that’s private. One cannot share that kind of sensitive information.



An online magazine asked folks to confess things they’ve done or are doing that their partner has no clue about. Check out this confession from a guy.


“My fiancé doesn’t know I put a king snake in the attic last spring to take care of a rat and squirrel issue”. Pretty sure if that bad boy slithers out of the attic that he may be talking ex-fiancé.



Well, I was bummed to read the inevitable this morning. Major League Baseball and the Players Union can’t agree on anything, So Spring Training baseball, that I love to go to in Arizona to watch my Reds is postponed, maybe even cancelled completely. Sigh. Hard to believe.


The first real sign of Spring to me is sitting in a baseball stand with a hot dog and a beer with the sun beating down and the boys of summer on the field doing their thing. Right now we’re in that basketball-hockey time of year, and I’m not a huge fan of either. So, it could be a long wait of not much I want to watch on TV sports wise. They’re all getting rich, and yet they can’t seem to find a way to play a GAME. Unreal.



I’m off to write with Mark Hauser at my publishing company this time and he’s bringing a friend with him Erin Bates who I wrote with once a long time ago when she was part of a girl duo called “Those Darlins”. So it will be fun to write with Mark again and catch up with Erin and find out what she’s doing musically since that duo broke up a few years ago. Should be fun.


Have a great Wednesday!






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