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Snow and Ice...Movies...Buy A Mattress

Feb 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A new week. Monday morning and of all things we’ve got snow on the ground. Parts of Nashville had ice last night…we had a little of that too. The weather guy is saying 2-5 inches for a large part of Music City. Here where we are, we should get less than half an inch. It’s the ice you worry about.


Growing up in Missouri I saw a lot more snow and ice and COLD weather. I was a member of our FFA Chapter that required us to have a project. Mine was two calves we bought that I named Joe and Fred. In the winter it got so cold that the pond they would drink from would freeze over. So my Dad taught me it was my responsibility to grab an ax and break a hole or two into the ice so they could drink. Pretty sure I don’t want to have to break ice anywhere anymore. Times change. I’d have to use a guitar to break the ice these days.



Mine started Friday morning with one of my best friends Brent Burns down in paradise…Gulf Shores, Alabama. Someone made the mistake of posting a funny slogan on their Facebook page that I wrote that led to the two of us writing a funny drinking song. Yes, we stole their idea…whomever they is. Brent will be back in Nashville this summer to record six songs or so that will complete his next album project and he’ll more than plenty of songs to choose from. I’m hoping that there will be a run back down to Gulf Shores before too long to do a little show together again. Stay tuned…we’re working on it.



With a lot of staying in these days it means more time for checking out movies and shows that are on the TV or streaming from seemingly a hundred different platforms. My wife and I took in the movie “Contraband” starring Mark Wahlberg. If violence doesn’t bother you and or if you’re a fan of Mark Wahlberg like I am…you’ll probably like the movie.


And then by accident I found the first episode of “Yellowstone” that I’ve heard so many good things about starring Kevin Costner. Also very adult in content but it’s hard for me not to like anything Kevin Costner is involved with. Set in Montana the scenery alone makes it worthwhile viewing. The show is set in or outside of Bozeman and was there a couple of years ago with Linda Davis and Lang Scott to do a show so I can attest how beautiful that place is.



It is Presidents Day today which means we are required by law to go out and buy a mattress. Just didn’t want you to forget. There are some great tech deals to be had too and I saw an add offering a 77% discount on knives. I’ll have to check my history to see if there were any Presidents who carried a knife with them into the Oval Office.



I missed the 500 yesterday. I thought it was going to be rained out but it ran late and Michael McDonnell won. 100-1 odds on that guy to win. And as always, there’s was a big pileup on the last lap.


Always exciting to watch and it’s the first real sign of Spring to folks like me. The way NASCAR is able to follow the cars zipping around the track is pretty incredible. They are now using “racing drones”. Drones equipped with cameras that can fly 90 mph to help keep up with the fast action.



The fastest selling car in the USA in January believe it or not was the C8 Chevrolet Corvette. I’ll take one! If you get near Bowling Green, Kentucky someday which is a little less than three hours from Nashville pull over and take in the Corvette Museum. It will make you want one even more.



The numbers are going down…finally. Almost 38 million Americans have now been vaccinated. Now if they can get a handle on the new variants that would be great.


Israel has been the most aggressive country rolling out vaccines for its citizens and it’s paid off for them. An Israel study on the Pfizer vaccine indicates a 94% drop in symptomatic Covid-19 cases.


New Zealand has been Covid free for several months now. They shut the country down hard with Covid-19 first raised its ugly head and it worked. They found another case. A woman who cleans laundry for the airlines tested positive. They think she may have contracted it from a tourist by washing their laundry and are running tests. Meanwhile the did not hesitate and shut down their biggest city Auckland (where this happened) for three days.



They just dug up what could be the oldest beer factory in the world. Of course they found it buried in Egypt. A bar! The Pharaoh’s were apparently pouring a draft or two. They figure the bar could be 5,000 years old.



We are living in the future right now. I remember watching the movie “Passengers” years ago where a couple are the only living beings on a Space Station. So they had the bar to themselves with a robot bartender played by actor Michael Sheen. And now the MSC Cruise line has a robot bartender for real on board. What do you tip a robotic bartender? Bolts and nuts?



Here in Music City the folks that bag your groceries, wait on your tables, sell you real estate and lots of bartenders are really young talented folks working those jobs so they can pursue their music careers here. And lots of them are talented and undiscovered. Like this young bartender they caught on film pouring drinks for customers WHILE she singing the Carrie Underwood hit “Blown Away”.  Check this girl out.



“Florida Man Steals Ring from One Girlfriend, Uses It to Propose to Another”.  There’s just nothing more romantic than a man who’s thrifty around Valentine Day.



I was to write with Linda Davis and Bobby Tomberlin for the first time in a long while but the weather has put a cancellation all over that for today and roads are too slick. So we’ll reschedule another date.


Have a great Monday!







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