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Texas Artist...More Road Dates...Oscar Tweak

Feb 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And I would have SWORN my wife would have loved her Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast for her Valentine’s gift.  I even shaped strips of bacon into the shape of a heart next to her grits.  Some women have no sense of romance.



I had a songwriting appointment with my friend Zach Runquist yesterday and Zach brought along a young female artist from Texas named Presley Phillips who’s from the Houston area.  Turns out it was Presley’s very first co-writing session ever.  Young and eager and obviously excited a bit to be in Nashville like anyone would be.  The great thing about young creative talent is they have “lots” of ideas banging around in their head that have not been written.  Yesterday the three of us took a song idea she had mostly written on paper (old school) about her “Grandmama” as Presley calls her and re-shaped that a bit and turned it into something pretty cool.  And it’s kind of cool to know that someday as her career progresses that Zach and I were there for her first co-writing experience.  



I had a last second request yesterday from my New York folks who needed a parody song about President’s Day coming up Monday.  A lot of businesses including the company I write for…United Stations will be closed so they have to write several days in advance.  I was happy to dig in and give them what they needed.  Heck…you can’t beat writing a song about President’s Day knowing full well you drop “mattress sale” into the middle of the song.


BUSY 2019    

I’m starting to see that 2019 is going to be one of the busiest years ever for me as far as performing dates and traveling go.  And that’s more than fine with me.  Confirmation has now rolled in for dates for “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott and me in Ruston, Louisiana and Carthage, Texas which will be a return to the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame that Linda is a member of.


There’s also a confirmed date in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Livingsworth, Montana.  I’ll be loading up all the info on these dates on my calendar in the next few days. Check out this venue we'll be playing in Montana with the mountains as a backdrop. 


So add those to a run to Jacksonville and Homestead, Florida next month as well a long run out west with dates in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Lubbock, Odessa, and Linden, Texas and Ruidoso, New Mexico with this show and you can see we gonna be busy.



I mentioned yesterday that the ole Missouri Monster story that I’m a small part of with the song I recorded about said monster years ago is going into a book by some author and maybe an independent film.  The monster that won’t go away.


Yesterday I got another sign that the monster is alive.  My friend Mike Thomas who is a long time air personality on KWRE-KFAV radio in Warrenton, Missouri where I once worked…is here in town a the Country Radio Seminar.  His name badge showed that he’s from Missouri.  It reads, Mike Thomas-KFAV-Warrenton Mo Mo.  Mike posted a note on his Facebook yesterday saying he blamed me.



Charlie Sheen has befriended a new country artist.  His name is Tim Montana and somehow Tim through a chance meeting convinced Charlie to write and produce the video to his upcoming song “Mostly Stoned”.  Charlie of course might know a bit about the topic.  Proof that everyone thinks Nashville is cool these days.



George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Robert DeNiro have teamed up to try to convince the Oscar folks to give Oscar Awards for editing, and other categories that bore the TV audience during commercial breaks and shorten up the Oscar Awards.  Good idea.  Not only would it shorten it up…it would make the show SO much more interesting to watch.  Best Picture…Producer…Director…Actors and Supporting Actors and Best Song?  That would be a pretty good Oscar show to watch.  Oh and add Best Low Cleavage Dress…can’t leave that out.



No, you can’t make me watch the Westminster Dog Show.  No.  Those are real dogs.  They’re pampered divas.  A real dog digs holes and licks himself.  None of these hair teased things do either.  No.



Coke stock has dropped to it’s lowest in a decade.  Millennials are choosing healthier it seems.  Of course…I’m not sure how healthy Red Bull shots are…but…they are drinking less Coke than my generation.


And when I say Coke…I mean REAL Coke for me.  The kind that comes in either those little green glass bottles or at a counter in a drug store with a straw as you sit on a red seat and spin around.  That’s REAL Coke.



So this Florida guy does his own tax returns.  No big deal right?  Well…this guy is better at it than most.  He’s getting a $980,00 refund.  Anyone have his number? 



I was watching the “Bachelor” with my wife the other night (don’t judge) and the Bachelor and his future wives were on location in Viet Nam.  It was beautiful.  Ocean views…incredible resorts.  I told my wife it’s just a hard leap in my mind to look at that and associate Viet Nam with that kind of beauty.  Hard to let go of the images I have in my mind that are not pretty of Viet Nam. 


And now for the first time ever Vietnamese Airlines will be landing and flying out of some US Airports.  Time moves on.  Old memories start to fade.



I’m off to write with my friends Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman today.  Jenny is releasing her new song today titled “Welcome Mat”.  I’ve heard it…and it’s truly great. I think this song (that I did not write with them) is good enough to help draw some more attention to her as an artist.  And all of us in her camp are rooting for that to happen for sure.  Fingers crossed



Nothing huge.  I’m gonna try to chill and be a sports nerd this weekend. There’s big basketball game between Tennessee and Kentucky on Saturday and then…the Daytona 500 on Sunday.  The first real sign of Spring!  Come on with it.


Have a great weekend! 




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