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The sun is going to break today here in Gulf Shores and be in the mid-70's.  Shorts & flip flops and boat drinks are the order of the day.  Yes...life is really tough down here.







It's taken me about twice as long to blog this morning because of slow internet connections.  I wound up in McChurch again this morning.  At the Mickey D's I stop at early to prep and write the place filled up with teenagers from a church group.  I've been there enough through the years that I should have remembered it was going to be loud...really loud...and the internet would get sucked up by about 100 cell phones.  So...I finally gave up and drove up to Orange Beach enjoying the ocean views along the drive to this location. 


Praise the Lord...and increase my internet speed now please.



My wife and I had a chilled Valentine Day with our friend Brent Burns.  Our show is tomorrow night and a few tickets do remain.  So call the number and come on out and join us for what will be a very fun evening. 







My writing assignment yesterday for New York was to write a parody song about the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition just out.  Happy to do the research for that.  Of course...one only buy a copy of that edition to read the articles.  Seriously.


I took in Happy Hour with Brent who attends that as religiously as those teenagers do McDonald's on Thursday.  He bought.  All is well.  And I saw some good friends in that little Happy Hour bar...some of who are coming to our show Friday night.  Hey Dale & Peach!  Dale and Peach are almost professional tourists of all things Trop Rock.  They travel a lot and attend shows of their favorite beach singers...Brent being one of those.  Pretty good retirement I'd say.


And then last night we topped off our Valentine Day visiting my brother Gary who is terrozing the golf courses here for 2 and a half months as he and his wife Kay have become part of Snowbird nation that flocks down here from the cold up north...in their case that would be Pennsylvania.  A little Shrimp Basket stop...a little catching up in their condo 17 floors up overlooking the Gulf.  Pretty fun Valentine Day for sure at one of our favorite places.



Our "Hits & Grins" trio added three private corporate shows our calendar...good news there.  All three will be in Nashville booked by an organization called "Destination Nashville" who marry music to corporate groups who come to town for their meetings and need entertainment.  Thanks for the work!


One of these dates falls on a date I had booked in Jacksonville, Florida in June to teach a songwriting class and then perform.  My thanks to my friend Juanita Hotard who is going to re-schedule this date for me...and for understanding.  Look for details on that here...soon.



I don't have the answers to horrfic things like school shootings.  Beyond stupid and sad.  And we're becoming numb to the news because it happens over and over and over.  We've had 18 school shooting this year.  18.  Nope...I have no answers.  But I do see home schooling increasing in the future.



I'm surely seeing signs.  It was great to pick up the paper this morning and see baseball players on a green field...Spring Training.  And the Daytona 500?  That's Sunday.  Danica Patrick's last race as stock car driver.  Lots of new names and kids.  The average age of a NASCAR driver is now just 31.  Pretty sure some will be texting while they race this weekend.



Hard to imagine that movie is now 40 years old.  It was the first time I noticed John Belushi.  "What am I"?  "Zit"!  Toga parties...food fights. 


I was at Vince Gill's golf tournament once and actor Bruce McGill played that day.  I had a chance to visit with him at the luncheon and recognized his face.  He's been in hundreds of films through the year...but until I went home and researched I did not remember that when he was younger he played Daniel Simpson "D Day Day" in that movie.  And yes...he was easy to talk to.  Nice man. 








Some of those scenes in that movie stil make me laugh...every time I see it.






"Time Traveler Who Claims Donald Trump Will Be Re-Elected Passes Lie Detector Test".  Uh huh.  Either that or it's fake news.  Make up your own mind.


With so many cable channels I'm not sure why someone doesn't just own that phrase and establish the Fake News Network.  FNN.



Nothing...nada...did I mention I'm at the ocean?  I am going to look over some song ideas today with my friend Mr. Burns down here...so maybe the water and sand will inspire a new song. 


Have a great Thursday!


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