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Super Bowl...Fall Tour...Valentine Day

Feb 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and it’s Valentine Day. You didn’t forget, did you? You know you’re in trouble when you go to order something for your sweetie this morning because you forgot and see “arrives in two days”. Might as well throw a blanket and a pillow into the doghouse out back.



Good game, but my team did not win. Sigh. But the Bengals played great. Couple of different plays and maybe they would be wearing the rings instead of the Rams. Certainly enjoyed the game and most of the festivities. We had Skyline Chili and Graeter’s Ice Cream for the Big Game, a couple of Cincinnati favorites.


A lot of the commercials were fun to watch driven by a bunch of celebrities. The folks who rank these say the Amazon Mind Reader commercial with Scarlett Johannson and her husband Colin Jost (Saturday Night Live) was the most entertaining. It would be in my Top 5 for sure.


Worst? This commercial for Uber Eats with actress Gwyneth Paltrow.


I thought Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth called a great game and wondered what Chris must have quietly thought as he played in the last Bengals Super Bowl game that I witnessed in Miami that the Bengals lost at the very end of the game (like yesterday) when Joe Montana beat them with the 49’ers.


The halftime show seems to be getting mostly rave reviews. I could have used a banjo and singer with a “twang” myself. If I live to be 200 years old, I’ll never be able to get into rap. Sorry. I feel like I need an interpreter to tell me what they’re so mad about.


And finally, the Dwayne Johnson “let’s get ready to rumble” thing before the kickoff was a big, “what the heck was that”? moment for me. The players are on the field ready to play behind him and we had to endure a couple minutes of the “Rock” going Michael Buffer on us.


But overall, I was very entertained.



Mine started early Friday morning with a great co-writing session on Music Row at Curb-Word Publishing with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti. The publishing company I write for is located away from downtown, so it had been a bit since I traveled down to Music Row. Man has the landscaped changed. More high rises than ever where smaller houses used to be. And LOTS of construction going on. Nashville ain’t no small town no more.


The temperature hit 70 yesterday and every writer’s room there was booked, but we had the place pretty much to ourselves as we think a lot of songwriters were on a golf course or fishing. But it was worth missing a birdie or a crappie because we wrote such a great song that fits Lauren who sings as well as anyone in the town. I had an idea started in a “jazzy” kind of feel that Lauren loved so the three of us dug in and we walked away with something that she loves. And it’s always a great day when the artist likes the song.



Wil Nance was writing with us AND celebrating at the same time as a song he wrote with Chris Janson and his wife was released as Joe’s new single “Hawaii on Me.” Chris Janson had recorded it on his last album, but it was not a single that went to radio. Joe’s will. This is one of my favorite songs of Wil’s. I’ve heard Wil sing it for years at shows and songwriters festival and Wil’s version of the song is still my favorite. But having Joe Nichols record it? That ain’t a bad thing. Here’s the song. Congrats Wil!



Lauren is hosting a round for Tin Pan South here in Nashville, the great songwriting festival that takes place yearly in Music City. It got postponed because of Covid and rescheduled for the end of March. The bad news is that originally it was going to be me, Lauren, Larry Gatlin, and Jimmy Fortune on stage. But both Larry and Jimmy were booked for shows on a Country Music Cruise that was also postponed then rescheduled over our Tin Pan South dates. So, the two of them can’t join us. The GOOD news is that Linda Davis and Lang Scott will, and maybe Pam Tillis. The date is March 30 and I’ll be able to share the venue and start time soon. Always an honor to be invited and it will be great fun to hang with the talented folks who will be part of this evening.



I had a little video get together with my “Hits & Grins” partners Victoria Venier and Steve Dean to finalize some dates for our trio that will begin in November of this year and end in April of 2023. So far these are the cities we know we’ll be in.


Wenatchee, Washington (tentative)

Culpepper, VA

West Point VA

McAllen, Texas

Lodi, California

Redondo Beach, California

Canton, Illinois

Topeka, Kansas

Morgan City, Louisiana

Pampa, Texas

Kendallville, Indiana


These are all theater dates, and the booking agency is firming all of these up. As soon as that’s done, I’ll post the details on my tour calendar here on the website.



Yet another new COVID study. This one suggests that people who have had COVID, but no shots may have longer immunity than those who have been double shot.


And as if COVID isn’t enough to worry about on its own these days, poultry producers are now warning about bird flu which can also be deadly.


Norway is now dropping all its COVID restrictions and mandates. Safe to sail to Norway folks. Meanwhile, Israel is ready to offer a new antibody drug they have to treat serious COVID. Another step forward.


I read a headline this morning, “Is the Pandemic Over”? No, but it’s nice to see that kind of headline. And more headlines like it that are popping up these days.



I’ve blogged here before about how frustrating it can be to buy a car these days with chip shortages, labor shortages and shortages I don’t know about. I bought a new vehicle that was to have arrived at the end of September last year. Still waiting. I bought new only because a new car was cheaper than the used version, which is still crazy to me. How much more expensive? Well, it’s gotten even more that way as a statistic was rolled out over the weekend saying used car sales have now shot up 40%. Wow. Well, at least gas is cheap huh?



For instance. The song “Safe Haven” that I wrote with Sydni Perry, Jimmy Fortune and Hillary Scott landed on the “Love Remains” album for Hillary Scott & the Scott Family. That album wont 2 Grammy awards, but it’s already been 5 years since that date. Seem like yesterday when my wife Kathy and I were in a hotel room in Miami watching the Grammy’s when they announced that my friends had won. We let out the biggest whoop you ever heard. Hillary shared this wonderful video of that moment out in Hollywood over the weekend. 5 years ago!



But that’s nothing compared to finding out that the first song I ever recorded “Mo Mo” is now 50 years old. I was working at my first radio job at KPCR in Bowling Green, Missouri when Joe Lewis (the morning guy) and the late Paul Salois (the station owner) brought me a poem about this monster Joe Lewis created that was supposedly stomping around in the woods in Louisiana, Missouri scaring people, turning over cars and more. The story took off. So I wrote a melody to the story and went to Nashville and recorded the song. It STILL gets play today. And a lot of folks still believe Mo Mo is out there.


I got a nice note on Facebook that Louisiana, Missouri will hold some kind of Mo Mo celebration and there’s a chance that I might go back there and sing that 50-year-old song one more time. Stay tuned.



For those who are paranoid about cameras everywhere spying on them, check out this hidden camera detector that will let you know if there’s a camera in your hotel room bathroom, or any other room you might suspect has a hidden lens. It cost less than $100. I can see folks packing one in their suitcases for trips.


I no longer try to get away with anything. Between hidden cameras, and everyone holding a camera in their cellphone hands? Nope. I don’t need anyone seeing me twerk to the Super Bowl half-time show. Ain’t nobody wanna see dat.



I’m writing with my New Hampshire friend Rick Lang online today. First time in a while. Rick and his wife sold a big lumber company they owned for years and years, and now he has more time on his hands to rhyme. Glad to be rhyming with him today.


Have a great Valentine Day.







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