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Back Home...Next Show...Texas Writing Today

Feb 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back home in Music City…just in time for Valentine’s.



A little 8 hour drive or so from Gulf Shores, Alabama with my “Evening In The Round” group and I’m home…sleeping in my own bed with my Valentine last night.  I surely brought home another suitcase full of great beach memories from the few days down there and the great sold out show we had.  The Scott Family that I played with are on a plane as I’m blogging off to Vegas to cheer for their other daughter Hillary Scott with Lady A.  That group has a “residency” gig at the Palms out there so I know they’re going to have great fun.


And I can’t wait for our next run together, which is coming up in March.


Friday March 15 we’ll be in Jacksonville, Florida for a show at the Mudville Grill.  While we are there for two days,  Linda will also be teaching a “performance” class and I’ll be teaching a songwriting class.


Then Sunday March 18 we have a matinee show all the way down in Homestead, Florida. Complete details are on my calendar here on the website.



On the way home I had to write a parody song for my folks in New York.  Yesterday they wanted something for the guys who waited until the last second to find something for Valentine Day.  So I took the song “You Look Good” by Lady Antebellum and turned that into “I Looked Good”….about the guy trying to explain that he really did try to find something before coming up empty handed with that lame excuse.


Keep in mind…I’m on I-65 north doing this while Hillary Scott’s family, Mom, Dad, Sister were all in the car with me.  File that one under surreal.



According to one study, 16 percent of women think that proposing on Valentine Day is really tacky.  (Too predictable I guess…go for Groundhog Day.)


57% of women think that Valentine’s is overrated.


49% of women want to plan the Valentine day themselves.  (that’s how badly we screw the day up guys)


I’m not worried because I got some great sage advice from my friend Lang Scott who texted and reminded me that a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s is really romantic.  My wife is going to love me today.


Mo Mo

It’s back again.  The first song I recorded about the monster roaming around in Louisiana, Missouri truly will not die.  Now some guy has written a book “Mo Mo The Strange Case Of The Missouri Monster” and he’s done a podcast and a film may be coming.  Good grief.  It’s just hard to imagine that the very first song I ever recorded maybe 40 years ago or more has had the longest life.  Proof that I need to help write more completely fictional songs.  Because if you do that well enough…apparently people will believe it’s true. 



She got mad…she dumped a salad on a woman’s lap in a restaurant here in Nashville.  You’ve probably read the story by now.  No charges were filed.


But it does beg the question…if police ever arrest Miranda Lambert for anything…will they laugh when they read her her Miranda rights?



According to Doctors people swallow really weird things.  One kid swallowed one of those fidget spinners that were really popular for about a minute.  Another swallowed his dentures.  Now I can see that.  But how a dude swallowed a cell phone?  I have no idea. 


“Honey…can you dial my phone….I’ve lost the danged thing”. 



Time to catch up on things and then head to my writing appointment today with a really talented Zach Runquist who plays everything with strings on it.  Zach is bringing a Texas artist Presley Phillips with him and we’ll try to write something for her that she might like enough to include on a project she’s working on.  I always look forward to writing with Zach who is a co-writer on the Paul Bogart single we had “All That Cowboy Jazz”.  And certainly I’m looking forward to meeting Presley for the first time.


And then I have to get home in time to take my wife to Denny’s for Valentine’s Day.


Have a great Valentine Day.



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