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Off To The Beach

Feb 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday and we are floating in water…lots and lots of rain.  And it’s a road trip day to Gulf Shores for a big show tonight on the coast.



I wrote with one of the most talented young guys in town again Josh Shilling who’s a big part of the New Grass progressive group Mountain Heart.  So good…and one of those guys I could just hear sing all day long.  The publishing company I write for Billy Blue Publishing is looking for songs for two groups right now and our day was spent trying to write something we hope that one of them will like.  Time will tell.


I get an education every time I’m around Josh as he knows everyone in the New Grass world. He talked yesterday about sitting in and playing with the Infamous Stringdusters some out on the road…a group I’ve heard lots about but had never listened to until last night on You Tube because peeked my curiosity.  Wow…where have I been?  Here’s a taste of that great group.


And then the head of Daywind Rick Shelton along with the head of Billy Blue are constantly educating me about Southern Gospel music that they produce a lot of and write towards like Jason Crabb, The Gaithers and the likes.  I’m learning I have LOTS to learn…but it’s fun.



Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon Prime just bought a 165 MILLION dollar mansion.  And I’ll betcha all the furniture is delivered free within 24 hours.


Small little place.  13,000 square feet, two guesthouses, tennis court, mammoth swimming pool and a 9-hole golf course.  It’s the most expensive house ever sold in California and if you’ve ever seen the opening to the old Beverly Hillbillies show?  Then you’ve seen it.



Short blog this morning as it’s time to roll to Gulf Shores for our show tonight at the Methodist Church.  Our “Evening In The Round” show starts at 7 pm starring Linda Davis with me, Lang Scott and our special beach funny guest Brent Burns.  I’m hearing it’s almost sold out so if you’re thinking about coming grab a ticket quick.  See ya on the beach.


Have a great Thursday!

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