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Gulf Shores Ready...Daryl Singletary....Valentine Day

Bags and guitar in the hallway...Gulf Shores bound this morning.



Most of Monday was about making sure we're good to go for the trip down to Gulf Shores, Alabama this morning.  A few tickets still remain for my Friday night show down there with Brent Burns which is going to be fun.  Just check the poster pictured here for complete info.








I wrote yet another Olympic parody song yesterday for my NY folks.  Lately the writing assignments have been mostly Olympic related or something to do with Valentines which is of course tomorrow.  You didn't forget did you?  I think this quote sums up the relationship between man and woman a lot...and may be the key to a long relationship for any couple.


"To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little.  To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all".  Amen.



I was saddened to hear that country singer Daryl Singletary passed yesterday way way way too young.  46...leaving behind a wife and several kids.  Randy Travis discovered Daryl and then Randy's ex wife LIz managed Daryl and got him his first record deal. If you want to hear REAL country music kids...pull up some Daryl Singletary music.  He could hang note for note with "Jones" and "Paycheck" and he loved those guys.  And on top of that...he was truly a nice man.  I interviewed him multiple times over his career.  Always nice...laughed easily...and then he'd open his mouth and sing and remind me that some true country singers were still around.  So sad to hear this news.



If you're old enough you'll remember comedian Marty Allen and singer Vic Damone.  Both passed away yesterday.  You'd see Marty on lots of variety shows back in the day...and Sinatra tipped his hat to Vic which is about a good a compliment as one could receive back then as a singer.  Sort of like getting the Pope's blessing if you will.  Thanks for keeping us entertained guys.



They're booming in business...but they are set to lay off a bunch of workers right away.  The good news for those Amazon Prime employees about to lose their jobs is that they're severance check will arrive at their doorstep within 24 hours with free shipping.



I had the radio on this morning during my coffee run and heard a commercial for Fontanel which is a tourist attraction now after once being the estate of Barbara Mandrell with that incredible log house she live in complete with heliport.  Now you can pay admission and tour the house and grounds, eat at a restaurant, go see concerts and more.


In the commercial the announcer gave directions at the end of the ad saying it's just "three songs from downtown".  Love that.  If you're doing the song-math...that's about 12-15 minutes driving.  Once you get past the last chorus you should be close.



That cotton candy was invented in Nashville.  Late 1800's a patent was given to a dentist and candymaker who came up with the idea.  Think about that combo.  Both the dentist and the candymaker got to see the same customers a lot.  Eat enough of that sugar on a stick and the next thing you know your mouth is wide open on a dentist chair.  It premiered at the World's Fair in St. Louis early 1900's and has been selling since.  In my world...I'm convinced almost all foods taste good on a stick.



Some scientists in Japan claim they have a flu pill you can take and you'll be over the flu in a days time.  Bring it on...especially right now.  If this really works...sell all your stock in plastic buckets. 



I mentioned a ticket to Disney World could set you back over $130 per day in yesterday's blog.  Yikes.  But...they are adding new stuff to see.  A Star Wars Hotel is coming...look for light saber battles in the hallways...AND the old "Great Movie Ride" that I loved at the MGM is giving way to a Mickey Minnie type ride taking you through all things Mickey and Minnie.  Of course I want to see the new attractions.  So if you do too keep in mind what comedian Killer Beaz always says..."save up"!!!!



This may make you feel some better guys.  A study says that 92% of all women prefer a man with personality over one with a great body.  Thank God.  However, I don't think I've ever caught a woman checking out a guys personality if he happens to stroll by them.  Hard to fit personality into blue jeans.  Saying.



On the road to Gulf Shores with my wife.  Tomorrow morning's blog coming to ya with an ocean view.  So yeah...I'm taking the girl I love to the ocean on Valentine Day.  Did I mention how much she prefers my personality over my body?


Have a great Tuesday!

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