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Grassy Songwriting...Beach Song Video...Show In Gulf Shores

Feb 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and its time to pack for another road trip tomorrow…to the beach!



What a fun day of songwriting and meeting folks at my publishing company Billy Blue/Daywind.  My writing appointment was with Laura Leigh Jones who’s a great bluegrass singer and picker and comes from a family of bluegrass players.  She's from North Carolina so bluegrass sort of seeps into ya down there.  And her Martin guitar had a little magic in it yesterday.  After struggling to think of ANYTHING that made sense to write, an idea finally presented itself and we were off and running.  Right now a couple of major bluegrass groups are looking so we wrote specifically for them.  Sometimes that works, sometimes not so much.  We’ll see.  Either way it’s another great song to add to that part of both of our catalogs.


I was also introduced to Grammy-Dove winning Belinda Smith who’s written a lot of Christian and Southern Gospel songs for lots of different folks.  The publishing company thought we’d be a good pair to write together and had told me that early on…so now we’ve finally put a date on the books to see what happens.  I’ll look forward to that.



I got the nicest video surprise from a new co-writer Jessie Ritter who runs back and forth between a place in Pensacola that she and her author husband own and a place here in Nashville so she can come up and co-write songs.  We wrote a heck of a fun beach song at our first write together last week that I performed in Huntsville last Friday night and then Jessie sang it at the world famous Flora-Bama Bar on the Florida-Alabama line by Perdido Key and filmed it.  Here’s the VIDEO.  The good news is, I think there’s a chance that those of you who come to see our “Evening In The Round” show starring Linda Davis with me & Lang Scott and special guest Brent Burns at the Methodist Church in Gulf Shores tomorrow night will get to meet and hear Jessie sing our song.  At least that’s the plan for now.  Show time is 7 pm.



Pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training Camps in Florida and Arizona yesterday.  So much so that I’m going to take little Spring Training trip in few weeks to check out the new Reds roster in Goodyear, Arizona.  And I’ll have enough time to see a few other ballparks while I’m there.  Bout the best present my wife could give me for an upcoming birthday.  First time went to Spring Training was to watch the Brewers.  I was working in Milwaukee at the time and befriended a Brewer pitcher who let me sit out in the grassy dugout area one game with all the pitchers and their wives.  That was pretty special.


And the last couple of times I’ve had the chance to go I’ve gone and caught some Cincinnati Reds games.  The parks are small and intimate and the players are loose and close to the fans and often times interact and sign more autographs than they do during the MLB season.  AND…the Arizona sun is warm.  Can’t wait.



I didn’t know you could have Alexa detect your health symptoms.  But, you can actually tell her your symptoms and she’ll give you her opinion on what may be wrong with you and what to do about it.  Somewhere in the future those voice devices will be scrubbing up and doing surgery I guess.


Here’s another cool thing I found out she can do.  You can ask Alexa to open “Beer Goggles” and then she’ll ask you questions to find out if your drunk or sober.  Its just entertainment of course…but kind of fun.  If you have trouble pronouncing chrysanthemum?  I’m guessing she’ll tell you that you should let someone else drive.



Rumors are that Toyota MAY bring back the little MR2 sports car.  I had one.  Most fun driving I’ve ever had.  Stick shift…peppy…low to the ground.  Although it’s a pretty scary car to be in if you hit a big deer at 3 am in the morning as I did once in Ohio.  Yikes. The rumor also say that it could be electric.  I guess you’d have to drive one but for me?  I want to HEAR a sports car when I step on the gas. 



In Nashville it’s growing…I’ve pointed that out a dozen times or so here in this blog.  Here’s a new piece of info about our growth.  Last year 30 pedestrians were hit by cars.  Folks, if you’re running across Lower Broadway multiple times trying to get in all the honkytonks. Look both ways…and ask Alexa if you’re drunk.



The late Gene Autry owned a little ranch mansion in Palm Springs that was built in like 1928.  It’s up for sale.  You can move in for 8.25 million.  It do look beautiful but I’m a tad short on the down payment.


Still hard to believe that the Singing Cowboy was forced to sing “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” by his wife.  The former owner of the then California Angels did not like the song.  Sometimes it does pay to listen to your wife.  It night allow you to buy an 8.2 million dollar SECOND home in the desert.



Coming up on my calendar in a few days is a writing session with Randy Brooks.  Randy knows about reindeers too.  He wrote “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” and that song pretty much put several of his kids through college and is still paying him handsomely every Christmas season.  We’ve been threatening to write for awhile and now it’s finally going to happen as he’ll be in town for a few days.  I’m already trying to think what other animals could run over Grandma.



The Ryman Auditorium was just voted the best concert venue in America.  It’s not the first time.  It should be on your list of things to experience if you come here.  The sound in this old restored church with the church pews to prove it is second to none.  Take the tour…get your pictured taken on stage behind the WSM microphone.  And see the new film about the Opry History that’s also part of the tour experience.  It truly is the Mother Church of Country Music.



I saw an article that listed several habits of Highly Ineffective People.  Worrying about dumb#$@ was one of them that I totally agree with.  And caring too much about what others think is another.  I think I’m really good with the first one…the second one not as much.  Although I do know it’s true, most of us want acceptance with everyone.  But once you realize that’s not a reality anyway and can just let them and it go…or at the least “manage” those negative folks…you can accomplish a WHOLE lot more.  So now you can let me know what you think about that but keep in mind…I really don’t care.



My talented friend Josh Shilling and I are going to “crash” write today meaning we are going to bear down at my publishing company and try to write two bluegrass tunes today to pitch to two separate bluegrass acts that are really looking for up-tempo songs right now.  As great as Josh is on piano?  He’s also pretty darned good on guitar.  And every time I get to write with Josh is a treat for sure.  Here’s to some magic happening today.


Then tomorrow morning it’s up early and off to Gulf Shores, Alabama for that Valentine Show tomorrow night I mentioned at the top of the blog.



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