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Ice...Quite A Party...Monkey Magic

Feb 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and parts of middle Tennessee have slick roads with ice as the temperatures fell after some rain last night. We got the rain, but no ice. And yesterday it was so nice here that I got a hike in.



Man it was great seeing Josh Shilling again. After not writing for the last three or four months we got back at it again. Josh has been on the road with Rhonda Vincent and in the recording studio playing piano, guitar and singing a lot for other folks. A pleasant problem and a blessing during a pandemic for a musician for sure. We started chasing a fun idea that Josh wasn’t totally feeling so I found another idea I had partly written and that lit him up so we wrote a new “put your hands in the air” kind of bluegrass-gospel song, or the song could be recorded as an old-fashioned Southern Gospel quartet kind of thing. Either way is fine with me and it was just fun getting back with one of my favorite co-writers again and creating something new together.



The trend is changing. A new Gallup Poll shows that 71% of Americans now say they’ll get vaccinated. That number is up from just 50% this past September.


The CDC said yesterday that those who are fully vaccinated can skip Covid-19 quarantines. Meanwhile, 7 or 8 more countries are saying they will allow tourists that are vaccinated into those countries.


Here in Tennessee the Governor announced the state will partner with Walmart to help expedite getting the vaccines out.



Some of the financial losses from the pandemic are staggering. For example, Uber lost 6.8 billion dollars during the pandemic year. Folks just weren’t going out. But while some businesses are reporting those kinds of huge losses the stock market continues to go up. Another record high set yesterday. Somebody splain that to me.



If you live where it’s cold right now and you watched the Super Bowl parade on water yesterday in Tampa with Tom Brady and the Bucs celebrating on boats under blue skies and 80-degree temperatures you must be looking at real estate prices in Florida right now. That’s the best-looking Super Bowl party ever. Instead a parade in cars down a street…. boats floating on the water. Hopefully Tom Brady’s headache is bearable this morning.



And the Tampa Bay quote of the day from their celebration comes from Rob Gronkowski who said the Kansas City Chiefs should have signed the streaker that ran onto the field because he SCORED. Ouch.



Certainly the Half Time Super Bowl show this year created a lot of talk. Lots of viewers weren’t thrilled with “The Weekend” and the show he put on. I saw someone suggesting if they wanted a great show to hire Jimmy Buffett. Certainly that would have gone over well in Tampa. FYI…love em’ or hate em’ those shows ain’t cheap to put on. For instance, the price tag for the J-Lo & Shakira Super Bowl show last year cost 13 MILLION to produce. I would think the price for the “Weekend’s Show” might be higher when you factor in the number of jock straps they had to buy for all those dancers.



And that weird Oatly’s Super Bowl commercial with the guy in the field playing piano and promoting “Oat” milk did what the CEO wanted it to do. It was so odd…and so bad it created talk. And this T-Shirt for haters sold out in less than 24 hours after they put it up for sale. Bad is good.



As tempting as the weather is in Florida the news of the family finding a MASSIVE pregnant python their drainage pipe of their home in Central Florida might make you hit “pause” on the thought of moving there. I HATE snakes. And one this size might make me think about living in Siberia instead. Geez.



Yep, even monkeys are intrigued by magic tricks. He doesn’t say a word, but you know the monkey is thinking, “how did he do that”? Really a funny reaction...watch.



The woman that used Gorilla Glue on her hair is free again…at least her hair is. A surgeon in Louisiana used a combination of medical grade adhesive remover along with aloe vera, olive oil and acetone to “unstuck” her hair. She’ll be reading the labels a little more carefully in the future, and the folks who make Gorilla Glue should send her a lifetime supply for all the free publicity she gave their product.



I’ve had a lot of friends tell me they are into the Yellowstone TV series starring one of my favorite actors Kevin Costner. On Valentine Day they are going to air all of the episodes back-to-back. I’ll be setting my VCR. The show is so successful that a spinoff series is already in the works.



I’ll be online with Amanda Williams later this morning trying to rhyme something. Amanda is so talented. Writer, performer, travels the world some educating different countries about about songwriting and the monetary challenges it faces in the digital era. Quick wit, intelligent and always fun when she’s creating something with you. Here’s a little glimpse of my friend from a few years ago in beautiful Durango, Colorado at the prestigious songwriter’s festival out there.


Have a great Thursday!



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