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Writing Trio...Bats...Valentine Show

Feb 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wonder if Noah has an Uber Ark we can call.  Lotta water in Nashville with more to come.



Well it was great to get back into a writing room with two of my faves Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  It had been awhile with everyone being busy.  Jimmy’s ROAD SCHEDULE keeps him gone a fair bit and he’s just back from a big weeklong country music cruise.  And Sydni is now off the road for a bit with Carrie Underwood before they re-gear for a tour again later in 2020.  So it gave us time to write yesterday and catch up on each other’s life. And we still had time to write not one but two songs yesterday!  Love it when that happens.  A little up-tempo bluegrass song that we finished up in short order because Sydni got on a lyric hot streak…and then a bluesy gritty heartbreakin’ cheating song fell out next over a wonderful melody Jimmy played on guitar.  I get to write with a lot of talented folks in this town.  But when asked who my favorites are?  Jimmy & Sydni would most certainly be in my Top 5 list.  Ya can’t explain or buy chemistry…but this little trio certainly has that.  Quite the blessed Monday.



I found out our “Hits & Grins” corporate show March 2 will be held at the Wild Horse Saloon here in Nashville with me and Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  We’ve been challenged to write a song about the company President so we’re waiting on some background info before tackling that.  With the funny songs I often write…we could get fired over a dang song.  Just a little 45 minute set of songs for the President and his invitees.  Should be fun.



So apparently I was not the only one who thought the Oscar Show was really really dull.  This year’s show had the lowest TV rating EVER.  There were more people watching the Westminster Dog Show I’d bet as opposed to the Oscars.  Could be they really really need to put a funny host in charge again so at least there is some regular humor interspersed between some of the dull awards given out that the viewing audience could care less about.  It will be interesting to see what they try and do to make it more interesting next year.



If you watch the Bachelor Show (not saying I do for fear of losing my Man Card again) BUT…if you do you’ve probably wondered how in the world does the Bachelor remember the names of all those girls he’s barely met when he goes to pass out roses.  Turns out there is a producer just out of the camera shot at the Rose Ceremony who holds up flash cards of the girls pictures with their name on it.  I love unreal reality shows don’t you?



In the town of Ingham, Australia they have bats…LOTS of bats.  So many bats that kids are afraid to walk to school and rescue copters can’t land at the hospital.  In fact, authorities say the bat population there is of biblical proportions. Take a look HERE.  Wow.  And…they’re protected so you can’t kill them.  If I ever go to Australia I think I’ll go to Sydney instead.



Man is that slipping up.  Here’s what NOT to do for Valentine Day.  Don’t book yourself on a trip with your wife and give yourself a first class seat and then put her in economy.  Some guy did that.  He slept on the couch for Valentine.


OR…you can give your sweetie an “Evening In The Round” concert!  Thursday night I’m in Gulf Shores, Alabama with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and our special guest Brent Burns.  We’ll be singing highly romantic valentine songs like “Trailer Park Sexy”, “I’m Going Ugly Early” and this classic duet from Brent & Linda “Resistible”.  The show is at the United Methodist Church in Gulf Shores at 7 pm .  And remember, if you’re flying in for the show with the girl you love…don’t book her in economy.



Off to write with Laura Leigh Jones for the first time in awhile.  “LL” as we call her works a regular job for the Grand Ole Opry but she’s a terrific bluegrass singer and writer as well.  It’s always fun catching up with her and then rhyming something together at the publishing company.  Here’s to a little magic happening today.


Have a great Tuesday!




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