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Ice...A New Aussie Friend...Fun With Jack Black

Feb 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday and the weather guy here is actually saying we may see some icy conditions this evening and early tomorrow morning in Nashville. Where’s my Bunsen burner?



I wrote for the first time with native Australian Kat Burg (Katrina Burgoyne) She said to call her “Kat” …so I did. We wrote at my publishing company Billy Blue yesterday and spent at least the first hour getting to know each other. She’s really talented, sings great, and has been in the states several years now working away at the Nashville thing and playing a lot of gigs to support her habit. Hard working for sure and a ball of Aussie energy. She called me “mate” so many times I finally asked what that meant and found out it meant “friend” in Australian. So we’re mates now…mate.


Raised in small town in Australia so we could relate on several levels. And I mentioned yesterday that she was a “Bachelorette” one season on the Australian version of “The Bachelor” show. She didn’t win his hand, but the guy dumped the girl he did choose so all good there and she had a good experience and got a little TV exposure. She did confirm my suspicion that the producers of the show do indeed make the Bachelor keep the “bad” girls or the ones who get noticed to keep the ratings up…at least for a while. Hey…it’s a TV show folks.  She also told me she got stuck rooming with the girl who everyone thought was the bad girl but got to know her, and now the two of best buddies.  Whole different thing when the cameras are rolling sometimes.


We finally got down to writing and she brought a completely written song she had that was pretty personal about how she grew up and invited me to see if we couldn’t make it better. And I do think we did that. It’s a girl anthem that rocks and I really love the song, and I think she loves it even more now. We’ll write again but thank you Kat for letting me be part of your idea.



Really really cold in lots of the country. In Canada a woman tried walking back to her house from her neighbors at about 1 AM in the morning after going over for drinks. The temperature was minus 41 degrees when she walked out the front door. She died of exposure. Gosh.



On the “fun” side of cold weather and snow…which I will never miss is the fact that lots of folks embrace it. Like this Dad who built a 588-foot bobsled track in his backyard! Now that’s a great Dad!


I’ve snowmobiled in Wisconsin and that’s about as much fun as you can have in snow. Because some of the trails in Wisconsin are so long that you’ll find more than one bar along your journey. Pull over, get warm, had a cold one…back ya go.


And…I did own a pair of skis once and enjoyed going downhill that way some. Sitting in the ski chalet and having coffee or whatever with a view of the slopes is not a bad way to kill off winter either. I learned how to ski…or more accurately how to fall downhill on Sandia Peak in Albuquerque once when my band was playing in town for two weeks. The real lesson I took away from that first time trying was to not pick a day when there’s ice. There’s a picket fence there with a big hole in it that I hit and knocked over every ski pole that was leaning up against it after I plowed into it from not having enough sense to just fall over before I got there with a full head of steam. That will get you a lot of dirty looks from other skiers.


But all the ski stuff, boots, long johns, heavy clothing, snow blowers are gone and I don’t miss em’ a lick. Y’all go on without me.



You can be popular for lots of reasons. If you get wide exposure in the media that’s a sure-fire way to increase sales of whatever you’re sailing. Here’s some great examples. 


The Weekend…that Super Bowl halftime show guy that a lot of America say they hated?  His record sales jumped 385% after the Super Bowl.


H.E.R.’s…the girl who played guitar and sang “America the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl created a lot of interest in the Fender Stratocaster she was playing. Searches for that guitar online doubled after folks saw and heard her.


And then Morgan Wallen, the country artist who got caught on camera using the “N” word and saw radio stations nationwide stop playing his music and had his record label suspend him? His record sales have boomed.


So I have either GOT to get a Super Bowl appearance or start being more controversial. Maybe if I could get on the Super Bowl and sing this controversial song I wrote who knows what could happen?



The world’s second oldest human being just survived having the virus. She’s 116 years old! Encouraging.


Walgreens is saying the vaccine will be widely available at their locations by Spring.


North American Aircraft has a drone that can deliver 100 vaccines in one flight to those folks giving the shots.  They’ll be flying those soon to get more doses out.


Johnson & Johnson says we may need to get a vaccine every year like the flu shot at least for the next 7 years or so. Kind of makes sense. And I’m sure folks that don’t get a flu shot every year won’t get this shot either and vice versa.



The Army reports for the first time that we’ve lost no soldiers in Afghanistan over the entire last year. My wife and I have a son in law who’s training to be an Army pilot right now in Alabama and has already been deployed a crew chief on a chopper several times. So this kind of news is welcome. And I’m sure it’s welcome news for every military family.



Aunt Jemima has now officially changed its’ name to the Pearl Milling Company for all the reasons you already know about. It’s going to take some time to reach for a bottle of Pearl Milling Company knowing it’s the same syrup.



With coffee it’s either good for you or its not depending on the day or the article. Today it’s good news some doctors are saying that drinking coffee could lower your risk for heart failure. I’m pretty sure my heart doesn’t even start when I get up at 4 in the morning until it gets a dose of black coffee. So it makes sense to me.



And now because the world needs fun more than ever…I give you actor Jack Black “Thor Dancing”.



I’m co-writing online with my pal Josh Shilling who’s been really really busy lately. He played for six weeks or so as the piano player for bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent in Branson. He’s been in the studio a lot and one session had him playing piano for the legendary Del McCoury who recorded a song that Josh and I wrote together that we’re really excited about. So today we’ll have a chance to catch up and then create something new again together. Looking forward to that as always.


Have a great Wednesday!





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