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Huntsville...South Pittsburg and More Ahead

Feb 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning.  And rain has moved in big time with 4-6 inches or more expected here in Nashville over the next couple of days.  I’ll be floating to my songwriting appointment later this morning.



My friend Jim Parker hosts one of THE great songwriter nights in the country.  This Friday night I had the pleasure of playing it for the 5th time at the beautiful Von Braun Center Theatre in Huntsville, Alabama.  It was the first time Jim ventured outside of format a bit and hosted his first Trop Rock night.  So Brent Burns was there along with Darrell Clanton who I had not met but was great.  Darrell had a long writing-recording career in Nashville but he like my beach friend Brent saw that he could make a living singing songs in beach bars playing for Parrot Heads and lovers of that kind of music and moved to Tampa where he plays 4, 5 6 nights a week in Tiki Hut Bars in in sandals and shorts.  And of course Brent has been at that for longer than almost anyone in the Trop Rock scene.


So it made for a very fun “beachy” evening for sure.  Darrell brought a great guitar player with him who drove down from Nashville “Terry Goose Downing” who plays blues for a living in Music City.  So Goose…thanks for playing great guitar on all of our songs.


The night gave me a chance to step outside my “normal” song list and play some new beach songs I’ve written with other folks over the past few years and those went over extremely well.  Kudos to Jim for having us and for struggling through a long virus he’s had and not missing his turn once from it.  Very very fun night.



Our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me drove south to South Pittsburgh, TN just outside Chattanooga for a show at the Princess Theatre there. South Pittsburg got hit by a pretty good snowfall the night before and some folks were worried that the concert might get cancelled.  But, by Saturday evening it was just wet roads and we had a great crowd who came to see us at this beautifully restored old theater right on the main drag.  We love when towns save those old theaters that used run movies…normally a one-movie screen deal…and then turn it into a venue for shows of all kinds.  Linda’s sister Vernell was in from Texas and rode with us and then sold our merchandise so there was even more laughter than normal on our road trip down and back.  We joke that folks miss the REAL show…and that would be the one.


South Pittsburg is a very cool town and for the record…it has one of the best small town Italian places to eat we’ve ever been in.  We’ve all made a note to stop there if we’re even close in the future.


Next up for our “Evening In The Round” trio is a Valentine Show this coming Thursday night at the Methodist Church in Gulf Shores, Alabama. 



Hit’s And Grins the trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier that I also play in has added a couple of corporate dates here in Nashville over the summer.  Always good to have those gigs come along.  And Billy Yates has just released his songwriter schedule for 2020 that I’ll play at least once this year (September) with Gerald Smith.   This year this great show will be at the Sheperd of the Hills venue in Branso and that's a beautiful place to play music.  Looking forward to that. 



Man, from my take the Oscars were REALLY boring last night.  Once they got past Steve Martin and Chris Rock having some fun?  It was like watching someone paint a wall.  Geez.  Best Picture went to “Parasite”.  Did you see it…hear of it?  Me neither.  I will say though that it made me at least find out what the movie is about and watch the Trailer.  Doesn’t mean I’m seeking it out…but it made me curious.


Boon Jong Ho the Director won 4 Oscars for his affiliation with the film.  I saw Brad Pitt win for Best Supporting Actor for his great role I did see in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” and also watched his ill advised political take during the show.  It happens at least once or more every Oscar Show. 


I did not see Joaquin Phoenix and his rant about cows that apparently went down.  Nor did I see actress Julia Butters whip out a turkey sandwich she had tucked inside a 2.4 million dollar purse she was carrying. 


I used to love the Oscars.  Not so much these past few years.



One should never mess with a guy who paints for a living.  This painter in England finished painting a house and then the owners who hired him never paid him.  So, remember he’s a painter.  He paints PAY ME all over the side of the house in black paint.  It’s probably going to be more effective that sending them another bill reminder in the mail.



I want to say congratulations to my wife Kathy who officially finished a book she’s been writing over the past three years.  I’m biased…but it’s really really good and I’m extremely proud of her.  I’m not going to tell you what it’s about yet…I’ll let her release that when she’s ready.  But I think it’s a “can’t put down” kind of book with a great twist that some won’t see coming.  Next step for her is the re-write…cleaning it up…and then the hard work begins of looking for publishers to take a look at it.  But it’s really good so I like her chances.



If my wife now would just make a billion or two dollars with her book I’ll be able to afford a Yacht like Bill Gates just bought.  It cost 644 MILLION dollars and is hydrogen powered.  Safe to say Mr. Gates is so rich I can’t fathom it.  And then there’s Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon who Steve Martin pointed out last night during the Oscars is so rich that, “he got divorced and is STILL the richest guy in the world”.



Apple has a lot of money too if you hadn’t noticed.  (there’s a theme here…invent a computer!)  Apple will have to pay a 27 million dollar fine for slowing down our old iPhones in an attempt to get us to shell out more money for the newer phones they unveil every year.  I wonder if the fine payment will come in slow too?



This weekend it’s the “Snow Super Moon”…a really really big ole moon that folks on the East Coast will get the best view of. I think Jeff Bezos owns it.



That would be Adam Sandler and the funny acceptance speech he gave at the Independent Movie Awards for his gritty role in the gambling movie “Gem”.  Watch THIS. (Unless you're affended by very raw blue language)  They always say that most serious actors have trouble doing comedy.  But lots of comedians can make the transition from “funny” to “drama” easily. This performance from Adam Sandler who’s done so many juvenile comedies through the years proves that again.



And now we have a game that looks like a game Adam Sandler would have played on film for laughs.  But you can Jenga and do jello shots at the same time with an adaptation of the game.  And don’t we all want that?


Now a jello shot Scrabble game could be more interesting.  Uh…could we have a spell check here please?



Back at the songwriting table for the first time in awhile with one of my favorite teams…Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  Three songs we’ve written together have been recorded.  And one of those three will be released on the new Kristy Cox album out in just a few weeks titled “So Many Rainy Days”.  It’s raining today…so maybe another rain inspired tune will come out of the get together this morning.  Either way, it’s good company to be in for awhile.


Have a great Monday!


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