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Pizza...Supremes...Aussie Co-Write

Feb 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Nashville. Fair warning guys…just 5 days until Valentine’s Day.



I wrote with Tim Stafford over in Knoxville and it didn’t take us long. That’s because I had a start on an idea. Couple of verses, and a chorus that he loved and we didn’t have to tweak much. So it was just another verse needed that Tim mostly got and then he made much better by adding a different chord or two than I had which made the song even better. Tim’s a great-guitarists and has written a lot of bluegrass songs through the year with a who’s who of folks. Tim and I did a little show together at the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival years ago and kind of hit it off. So now we write regularly and that’s a treat for me. Tim and his wife have broken ground on their dream home on the east side of Tennessee and apparently the view is going to be spectacular.  I’m going to keep being nice to him so that one day when Covid is over I might be able to go over and write with him there with that view he keeps telling me about.



Today is National Pizza Day. I’ll be doing my best to participate later today. Im a really really PLAIN eater. I don’t like many veggies, ketchup, mustard, pickles, mayo pretty much condiment free kind of guy too. And the truth is I just don’t even try things I THINK I won’t like. Growing up I wouldn’t try pizza because I knew tomato base was a big part of it. I can remember exactly when I changed my mind and got brave enough to take a tiny bite. My Dad worked for the Farmer’s Co-op in the little town of Troy, Missouri back near where I was raised. One summer he got me a part time job there. I remember not loving loading fertilizer bags in the back of trucks off the loading dock. But one day an order of pizza came in. The lid was open and I got brave for some reason and tried a little bite. And that was that. Hooked. I found out that you can’t order a pizza and have them hold the tomato paste. But I still won’t try a bite of a tomato or put ketchup on anything. I really do need to get out more.



Well this is sobering. Bloomberg’s “Vaccine Tracker” that’s keeping track of every vaccine shot given around the world has done some math. The predict at the current speed that we’re giving shots it would be 7 years before a return to full normalcy. In order to get there they say the world needs to be 75% vaccinated. As of this morning 32.6 million have been vaccinated in the US.


Yet another study suggests that those with gum disease are 9 time more likely to die from Covid.


The WHO has now dropped their investigation into whether the Covid-19 virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab, calling that theory unlikely.


The US is now actively considering that one must test negative for Covid before they can board any domestic flight We’ll see.



Was sorry to hear that Mary Wilson who was the founder of “The Supremes” passed away at the age of 76. Man I can remember hearing them as a kid on the AM rock radio station KXOK blasting out of St. Louis. Man what great music they made.


If you’re curious to know more about Mary Wilson and the Supremes and the Mo-Town sound I would surely recommend the music documentary “Hitsville…the Making of Mo-Town”



I do kind of live on my computer these days. So I’ wondering if I need this laptop that comes with 7 screens that fold up?  I could see my co-write on one, my lyric sheet on another, my rhyming dictionary on the third, Google search engine on 4, e-mail on 5, Facebook on 6 and a baseball game on 7.  “Baby…I know what I want for Valentine Day”!



President’s Day is coming up this Monday. Usually it’s a requirement to go out and buy a mattress because of all the deals that are available.  Well this year HP is offering 45% off laptops, PC’s and more on that holiday. “Baby, I want that 7-screen computer”!



I’m counting the days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training camps. Last year I got to spend 4 days in Phoenix watching minor league baseball games sitting in the sun. And I would certainly go again this year were it not for Covid and not knowing how many fans if any will be allowed in the stands yet. Major League Baseball did announce a couple of changes for the 2021 season to take note of.  First, they are messing with the baseball trying doctor it so less homeruns are hit. There was a record amount last year. Great if you’re a batter…not so fair if you’re the pitcher. I’m not opposed to that.


And…there will be some doubleheader baseball games on the schedule but each game will only be 7 innings and not 9.  You’ve got to be a REAL fan to sit through two 9 inning games back-to-back and you need an entire free day. But I have certainly done that a few times. Play ball!



This is startling. A study in England claims that those who live near outdoor streetlamps may be 55% more likely to get thyroid cancer as opposed to those that don’t. Something to do with light may hinder the activation of melatonin that supports healthy sleep. Who knew?



I’m writing for the first time with Kat Burgs (Katrina Burgoyne) who moved to the states from Australia a few years ago. She and her boyfriend shot the video for our “Finger Pickin’ Good” song that I’ve blogged about before so she’s into photography, music AND the Bachelor TV show. So much so that she was a contestant one year on “The Bachelor-Australia”.  I’ll have some questions to ask about that!  Like, does she like the idea that there will be a SENIOR version of the show coming up? I’m looking forward to getting to know her better and creating something together today.


Have a great Tuesday!





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