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A Studio Weekend...Songwriter Podcast...Super Bowl Thoughts

Feb 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday…football season is officially done and I’m ready for the Boys of Summer to start hitting the baseball diamonds. I’m especially thinking about that with a Polar moving in across a lot of the country.



Turned out to be a pretty darned busy weekend that started Friday morning with a songwriting appointment with Gary Cavanaugh and Belmont student Meagan Allen who is about to graduate with a songwriting degree. Meagan brought an outline of an idea that sparked a song about two people who get seated next to each other on an airplane and a conversation happens that lets one get to know a bit about the other person who looks lonely and bit sad. And by the time the plane lands the listener will be able to interpret what they think was going on with the guy. The song really turned out great. I don’t normally give blog titles of my songs before they’ve been recorded but I’ll share this one. The song is called B41 & B43.  Hopefully the song will find a home, but if not I’m sure it’s one that I can sing at shows, or Gary or Meagan might.



While I was writing I got an unexpected text from my publisher and a little video letting me know that Darin & Brooke Aldridge were in the Daywind Studios where I write and hangout a lot. I didn’t know they were coming to town but they were here to start their very first album for our record label Billy Blue. So the minute the last word dropped on the paper of our song I flew over there to watch them and an all-star group of players lay down a few songs including another one that I helped the husband-and-wife duo write. I missed them putting the tracks down on the first song which relates to the Grand Ole Opry that I think is going to be special for those two as they get to sing on the Opry quite a bit these days. Tomorrow a group from the Grand Ole Opry Band will be joining them to play a bit on this song and they’ll shoot a video of it as well.  So something very cool is at work here and I can’t wait to see and hear them sing this particular song on the stage of the Opry sometime in the not-too-distant future. Truly a pleasure to be a small part of what this talented duo is doing.



And then Saturday morning I was back in studio with Wil Nance and the very talented John D.Willis who has a great studio in his home and has played guitar and produced for so many artists I can’t name them. Wil and I have a song with Brian White that needed some “spice” added to the music track and John was the right guy. He added some electronic hand claps and juice harp, added a bit more guitar and Ganjo to it and now the song really makes your head bob when you hear it.


While we were in studio with John, I mentioned I had seen the documentary “Muscle Shoals” a couple of days ago on Prime and found out John lived and played in those famous studios for 8 years before he came to Nashville and did work with Toby Keith, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain…you name em’. Who knew? Man there’s a lot of talent in this town of Nashville.



Some more good news rolled in this weekend when I found out that our “Evening in the Round” show that stars Linda Davis with Lang Scott & me have a show April 10 at the beautiful Opera House in Sumter, South Carolina. Two shows got booked last week so maybe, just maybe a few more will start rolling in and holding for 2021. I’m going to have to relearn all of my songs because it’s been so long since we’ve done a show. Certainly I’m looking forward to returning to this gorgeous old Opera House they rebuilt. This will be our third time on that stage.



I did a songwriter interview a week or so ago with Rae Leigh in Australia after a song I helped write “Finger Pickin’ Good” won the Golden Guitar Award in Australia for “Best Bluegrass Recording of the Year”. You can now listen to our interview if you’d like on her Songwriter Trysts website. She was great fun, and I think you’ll hear that come through in the interview. Again, thanks to Rae for reaching out to me from “Down Under”.



By now sports writers have surely run out of adjectives to somehow describe how great Tom Brady is. Good thing I did not bet on the game. I would have picked the Chiefs. But the Tampa Bay Buc defense did not allow them to score one touchdown. What were the odds on that in Vegas? 7 rings now on his finger. They always say that records are made to be broken? I can’t imagine anyone breaking this one. And he’s STILL not done


Other Super Bowl thoughts.


I loved the H.E.R version of “America The Beautiful”.


Totally loved the National Anthem sung by Eric Church with Jazmine Sullivan. Whitney Houston set the unreachable  bar for that but Eric and Jazmine did it proud in a cool way.


I WISH they would have had Eric Church do the halftime show instead of what we got with “The Weekend” guy and all the athletic supporters on the head dancers. HATED that.


LOVED this call of the “streaker” by Kevin Harlan on the radio that most folks didn’t know about. Listen to this great-funny call of that.



I did like the Bruce Springsteen Jeep commercial and I laughed at the Blake Shelton-Gwen Stefani-Adam Levine T-Mobile commercial. But neither made the top 5 according to Ad Meter…the folks who measure the amount of love for Super Bowl Commercials.


This year’s top 5 in reverse order:

Toyota Upstream with the paraplegic swimmer.  Proof one can do anything in this life.


M&M’s “come together”.


Amazon Alexa Bod. Sexiest ad by far starring Michael B. Jordan.


And the top 2 were bot Rocket Mortgage Commercials starring comedian Tracy Morgan with this one being the top rated of all commercials.



How Peyton’s Manning’s ex coaches surprised him with the news that he will be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. Great stuff.



Some cautiously optimistic signs and development.


Right before the big game yesterday the NFL announced that all 30 of their stadiums will be available as mass vaccine sites now. So there’s hope that more folks will be able to get their shots sooner than later.


Meanwhile, Pfizer expects to cut their Covid vaccine production time by almost 50%.


Kroger will pay their workers $100 if they get the vaccine shot. How many that we’re on the fence will change their mind with that incentive?


Meanwhile back in soberville…will cases dramatically rise after all the Super Bowl gatherings yesterday? Tampa Bay folks ignored all warnings hitting the streets belly to belly with not a lot of masks to celebrate the Tampa win.



You might relate to some of these tweets from married folk.


“When my husband is made at me, I like to point at my wedding ring and whisper “forever”.


“I’m mad at you that you’re mad at me for being mad”. (sounds like a song idea to yours truly)


And this one that’s really timely…and accurate right now. “My wife told me not to get her anything for Valentine’s Day which is why I’m out shopping right now”.



Consumer Reports just listed the most satisfying and LEAST satisfying cars for the year.



Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Corvette, Genesis G90, Porsche 911 and MOST satisfying at numero uno is the Tesla Model 3. (Pretty sure I can’t afford anything this satisfying)



Volkswagen Jetta, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Compass, Nissan Rogue and LEAST favorite is the Nissan Versa Sedan.



That’s because the head of the Von Trapp family Christopher Plummer passed at 91. I was surprised to find out how much he hated that movie for so long. A serious actor with a theater background and he really didn’t like the movie for the longest time. He said he hated the holidays because he knew the movie would be playing a lot. The good news is that he quit drinking later in his life, and as he got older and mellowed out a bit changing his mind about the movie and finally understood why so many of us love it still to this day. RIP Captain Von Trapp.



“Woman Who Gorilla Glued Her Hair Visits Emergency Room”. That must have been an interesting conversation.



I’m writing with my bluegrass friend Tim Stafford over in Knoxville. Tim’s a noted flat-pickin’ son of a gun of a guitar player so I try not to reach for my guitar as I don’t want to embarrass myself. Always fun to create stuff with Tim.


Have a great Monday!



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