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White Stuff!! Rising Bread and Two Shows This Weekend

Feb 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well, yesterday I was bragging about seeing no snow here in Nashville and maybe not seeing any all year…and being more than goo with that.  So of course this morning it looks like a winter wonderland out in my backyard and on the deck.  Geez.  So far it’s not sticking on the roads and hopefully it will be gone by the time I depart early this afternoon for a show in Huntsville tonight.  More on that at the end of today’s blog.



My writing appointment was with Lee Black who’s a very noted gospel songwriter in this town.  I can’t even fathom how many of Lee’s songs have been recorded through the years…especially in the Southern Gospel world of quartets and the likes.  But enough that he told me he and his wife will listen to this one gospel show every now and then and will listen as long as 1 in every three songs is something he helped write!  Wow. 


So yesterday Lee brings a great idea that was not a true gospel song so that was a bit of a surprise…but a great idea.  The day before my polka friend Lyn Marie and her husband brought a very SERIOUS song idea and not a fun polka.  I’m starting to learn to expect the unexpected in the writing room.  Turned out to be a cool song and the time getting to know Lee even better was time well spent.



Last night I finally found some time to go watch a Belmont Bruin basketball game for the first time this year.  Belmont is my daughter’s alma mater here in Nashville and their basketball games are always fun and maybe the best price value for entertainment in Music City if you like sports.  So it was a perfect ending to a Thursday in Nashville for me.



Get this.  The number of pizza related hospital visits jumped a whopping 50% in 2018.  Now, not all those were from choking on trying to stick to many slices in a pie hole all at once.  Some were from falling down carrying a pizza box.  Or cutting a finger open while slicing a pie with one of those pizza cutters. And…one person visited the ER after poking a hole in the roof of their mouth with a fork from eating pizza!  Man, there’s a lesson.  Do the right thing.  Eat pizza with your fingers and not a sharp instrument.



I don’t tweet a ton.  Because of the importance of social networking for my music I do make a point to put up a couple every morning.  A lot of those tweets are just comedy based on something out of the news, but there’s a lot of self promotion and plugging upcoming shows I have.  LOTS of folks are tweeting…LOTS.  Enough so that Twitter stock shares soared to a Billion Dollars last quarter.  Just one quarter. So instead of spending my time “tweeting” I should have taken that time and bought their stock.



There’s a mansion for sale in Florida.  They’re asking just 17.5 million for it.  BUT…it comes with it’s own racetrack!  Wow.  Take a look HERE.  Wonder if the seller’s kids were his pit crew every day?



So I saw a headline this morning that promised the reader that they could help them to get their bread dough to rise.  I didn’t know it was so complicated.  And that’s mostly because I grew up in Missouri and had a Mom who baked bread all the time.  It was cheaper.  And I remember thinking at the time what a luxury store bought bread was and why did we have to have homemade stuff all time.  What an idiot.  Now I’d love to have homemade anything that she made.


Her secret?  Fleischman’s yeast, grease the bottom of the pan and sit in an open windowsill.  And we’d see the dough rise.  And then it would go on an oven and be on the dinner table that night.  In my mind these days it was like a Norman Rockwell movie.



You should know some guy taught his golden retriever to hold six tennis balls in his mouth at one time.  Yes, yet another Guinness Record ole Fido is proud of I’m sure.  That’s quite an accomplishment but it will never top one of my favorite baseball players of all time who could hold 7 baseballs in the palm of his hand at once.  Can you name the kid from Oklahoma?


ANSWER:  Johnny Bench  Watch him do this on this old Letterman Show guest appearance he made.



They pass out the little golden trophies this weekend.  There are 9 nominated best movies.  I’ve seen two.  Ford vs Ferrari and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.  That’s it. Both of the movies I saw were outstanding.  But “Once Upon A Time” will not be for everyone as it’s a Tarantino movie and very raw, violent and adult.  But, the performances from both lead actors Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are Oscar worthy. 



It’s going to be a double-header busy weekend.  I’m leaving for Huntsville, Alabama in just a few hours for a Trop Rock show at the Von Braun Center with host Jim Parker along with Darrell Clanton and my longtime friend Brent Burns.  This one is going to be a “Trop Rock” show…the first ever in the history of Jim Parker’s great series there meaning folks will hear a lot of beach tunes.  Now, I’m not a true Trop Rocker like Brent and Darrell.  I’m invited I think because I’ve co-written so many beach song with and for Brent and his albums through the years. Gosh, I think Brent has recorded over 50 of our songs on one of his 15 albums.  So I’m actually practicing a couple of beach tunes I can sing and will surely do “Don’t Come Knockin’ If The Tiki Huts Rockin”  that won the Trop Rock Award a few years back for “Best Song”.


Then tomorrow night (Saturday) I’m in South Pittsburgh, TN just outside Chattanooga at the Princess Theater with Linda Davis & Lang Scott for an “Evening In The Round” show.  And I promise you the ride down and back will be as much fun as the show will be.


Time to pack.  Have a great weekend!

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