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Honoring A Songwriter Buddy...Podcast Guesting...One More Super Bowl Memory

Feb 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday…Super Bowl weekend! Right about now I should be in Lewistown, Montana with my “Hits & Grins” trio doing a show in that beautiful state but you know…Covid. I saw the temperature there is 23 for a high today with a low of minus 2 tonight and they’re expecting 6-12 inches of snow. So, I miss being in that beautiful place, but it’s warmer here.



My day was upside down a bit on Thursday. Normally my songwriting appointments are scheduled for 10 or 10:30 in the morning. That flipped because I wound up writing with Jerry Salley here in Music City and with Angus Gill in Australia. Big time difference in Australia so we wrote at 3 pm my time and I think maybe 8 AM Angus time. We tackled a song idea that was given to Angus from our mutual dear friend Aaron Wilburn who unfortunately was one who lost his life to Covid. The three of us all have written with Aaron multiple times and we wanted to honor his memory by writing his idea together. And I think we did this. By the time we finished it was dinner time for me and Jerry, late breakfast time for Angus.



Before that 3 pm write I was the guest of Dave Lenahan who’s an old Cincinnati radio buddy who’s here in town now also trying to write songs. He’s started a new songwriters podcast and I was his second songwriter to do the show that will air in a week or two. That show will be available to listen to online March 2nd. We talked comedy, radio, and songwriting and Dave played some of my songs. Very fun interview. The podcast is called the “Songwriter Connection”. Thanks for having me Dave.



Again, I’m reading that the number of Covid-19 cases are going down some. Not as many being hospitalized and a few less deaths. We can only hope that continues.


I did love this quote from one of the greatest basketball players ever Bill Russell. Bill got his vaccine shot yesterday and said, “This is one shot I won’t block”.  Ever the basketball player.


Germany has reported a 5% drop in beer sales during the pandemic. Not as many going into beer halls and restaurants so a few less mugs being filled up. I know we did our part for their economy when we were in Cologne Germany a couple of years ago and tried out the local Kolsch beer . If you go? I highly recommend a glass or two…with a pretzel.


We have been exercising while we’re stuck indoors. Peloton reported 1 BILLION dollars in quarterly revenue and paid subscriptions jumped 472%!


Another indication that the pandemic may bring on some permanent changes. Working from home may stick after this is over. Only 4% of CEO’s surveyed say that they plan to add office space when the pandemic goes away. Could be some cheap office rentals in the future.



Here’s the last of four Super Bowl memories for me in this little series of 4 that I broadcast from.


This one was the Packers vs Broncos in San Diego. Super Bowl XXXII.  I was doing the morning show for WMIL in Milwaukee and the year before we had gone to cover the Pack in New Orleans where they beat the New England Patriots. I didn’t have a ticket for that game that Brett Favre starred in, but before we got on a plane to fly to west-coast we had already secured GREAT tickets for this one.


Again, we broadcast several days and talked to a “who’s who” of celebrities and former NFL players who were there. We even drove up to the Packers hotel and interviewed the Packers GM at the time Ron Wolf who was great to talk to. We broadcast from an extra studio inside the KSON building there. The morning show was Tony & Kris who I knew a little bit and they welcomed us to sunny California by bringing us ice cold beer to our studio just down the hallway from theirs at 6 AM in the morning!  Different lifestyle in California boys and girls.


We had a blast covering all the pre-events and certainly enjoyed the town of San Diego. The beach, the weather and the Mexican food. 


The game itself?  We had seats on about the 40-yard line…great view of a great game. The Packers were favored and as we walked up to enter the stadium, we were offered quite a bit of money for our two tickets. We passed. We did not want to miss this game. The atmosphere was just electric and the game if you recall was a nail biter. It looked like the Packers would win it when Elway went on a drive for the Broncos. And that’s when 37-year-old John Elway went “helicopter” for a first down that made the difference in the game. The Pack should have stopped him, but Elway wanted it more. 8-yard gain…first down. Game. Sigh.


Four great Super Bowl memories. And this year I’ll watch and enjoy it on the couch like most of America. Here’s to a great game.



Loretta Lynn who’s about to turn 89 years young is still busy. Her 50th studio album is about to be released along with a PBS documentary “Loretta Lynn: My Story in My Words”. She’s proof in this great country we’re blessed to live in that one can come from not much and achieve their dream. The documentary will air for the first time on PBS February 27.



Yep…this would do it. If you ride a bicycle across the arch of a bridge like this guy?  Your heart will certainly be up in your throat. And I’d need to change my bikers shorts too.



Woman Goes Viral After Using Gorilla Glue Spray on Her Hair: “It Don’t Move”. Ya think?



I’m online writing with Gary Cavanaugh and Meagan Allen this morning. Gary’s one of those old vets who moved to town from Colorado years ago to chase his passion. Meagan is a young just getting started talent who’s a Belmont Student getting her degree in songwriting. Hard to believe you can major in songwriting but you can at Belmont here in Nashville. So we’ll have fun.


Then tomorrow I’m in the recording studio with Wil Nance to try and put a little more spice in a tune we wrote with Brian White a few weeks ago.


And Sunday?  Did I mention its Super Bowl weekend?


Have a great weekend yourself!











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