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Funny Guys Writing...Road Dates Ahead...Polka Time

Feb 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the week…all downhill from here to Friday.



My writing appointment yesterday was with Aaron Wilburn who writes a lot of gospel hits and on the road does clean comedy and funny songs for church audiences all across the country.  Aaron writes for the gospel part of the building I’m in for my publishing Daywind and write for Billy Blue that focuses a lot on bluegrass and Americana artists.  So we’re a good fit because we can go funny, grass, gospel…whatever.  And it’s fun to sit and hear some of his stage comedy lines as well as his funny songs that a lot of folks know across the country.  Yesterday we wrote a funny song with gospel overtones so it made for a very fun session.



This Friday night I’m in Huntsville, Alabama for the Jim Parker Songwriter Series singing a lot of beach and funny songs with Brent Burns, Darrel Clanton and Jim Parker. In all the years Jim has been holding these once a month shows this is the first Trop Rock show ever.  So that should be fun.


This Saturday night I’m in South Pittsburgh TN just outside Chattanooga with “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis & Lang Scott at the Princess Theater.


Then Thursday February 13 I’ll be part of an Evening In The Round Valentine show at the Methodist Church in Gulf Shores where Brent Burns will join our trio.


And the Branson dates are confirmed for later this year for the Billy Yates Songwriter Series.  September 22, 23 are 7:30 pm shows and September 24 is a matinee at 2 pm.  The venue has been moved this year to the Sheperd of the Hills Farm where they’ve held an outdoor play for years and years.  Beautiful setting so I’m looking forward to joining Billy and Gerald Smith for those three shows.



And folks wonder why I hate politics in general?  Pretty sure they could cast Nancy Pelosi in Desperate Housewives somewhere in the future.  Reality TV at it’s finest last night. 


If they tried to start the wave last night like they do at baseball games?  It would never complete itself because it would always die when it reaches the opposing party. 



Those boots Shakira wore during the Half Time Show?  They cost $20,000.  I don’t know why she doesn’t save some money and shop at Boot Barn…or…in her and J-Lo’s case…the Bootie Barn.



With modern medicine they say on average we are living 3 years longer now than those that went before us.  Medicine, less smoking, better education about healthy eating I suppose all coming into play.  And now more and more folks are turning to plant based food. 


I’m jumping on this trend and trying to save myself a few dollars buy buying a pasture.  If you need me…I’ll be out grazing.



Tesla’s stock jumped 30 billion dollars!  They must be onto something.  It might be that new self-driving car that can detect potholes on the road.  That’s cool.  But does it have to swerve to avoid them and then wind up sideswiping the car in the next lane when it does?  These are the kinds of question that keep me awake at night.



Have you seen this 12-year-old kid?  He rides bulls.  Uh huh.  And if he wins a competition the championship buckle will be larger than he is.  Hey kid…ever head of Nintendo?



Guys that are not tall are now turning to limb extension surgery.  Yes…they can make you taller with an operation and it’s becoming more and more popular.  I’m sure the operation is expensive but even more so would be the bill for buying a new closet full of pants. 


And maybe at least one of those new pants would be pants that thwart would be pickpockets.  They make shirts too.  Hidden pockets etc.  After traveling to Europe a few times I’m always warned by tour guides and hosts about protecting your wallet and money clips when you’re out walking in certain areas.  I think I’ll buy a pair because I’ve been told that the cargo pants I wear with a lock hanging off the pocket looks ridiculous.  The worst part is I forget the dang combination half the time trying to open the pocket to pay for something.  Geez.



In Japan they now have a robotic bartender…serving drinks. Which means that in the not too distant future some women in that bar will be complaining about the robot hitting on her.



It’s Polka time!  I’m writing with the Polka Queen and Polka Hall of Famer Lynn Marie today and her polka-playing husband Eddie.  Never in my life did I think I’d ever write a polka but it’s already happened and about to happen again.  This is the POLKA I helped write on their last album that was named the International Polka Album of the Year.  Go figure.  It should be great fun to write again in my lederhosen.


Have a great Wednesday!








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