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Another Song...Another Super Bowl Memory...Honoring A Songwriter Today

Feb 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Pitch dark outside this morning in Nashville as I’m starting a Thursday blog. Never been not able to not get up at the crack of dark. The coffee’s hot…the wife is snoozing so I’m trying to type quietly.



My Paris, Missouri friend Becky Denton and I got together on the computer and wrote a new “beachy” tune for her as she and her talented husband Will Denton will be doing some more beach gigs this year and dipping their toes in the Trop Rock music scene that I know quite a bit about these days. They’ve got some dates coming up in Pensacola and that’s never a bad place to be. So it was fun helping create a song that’s going to fit so well when she’s looking at the ocean and singing to the tourists that gather for the sand and the sun and the margaritas.



I’ve not done any singing on stage since mid-November at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores. All dates have been cancelled and just keep getting cancelled. However, yesterday I did book a songwriter show that I’m 95% sure will happen at the Bavarian Bierhaus at Opry Mills here in Nashville. Me, my friend Wil Nance, and at least one other writer will be the first in what they hope will be several songwriters shows there. It’s on a Sunday March 21. The Bavarian Bierhaus is a traditional German looking beer hall with all the beer and sausage and sauerkraut you can handle. My thanks to the “Polka Queen” Lynn Marie for inviting me. No start time yet, but I’ll post it on my calendar on my website when I have that info.



This was bound to happen. Two cruise lines will now make it mandatory to be vaccinated if you want to cruise with them. American Queen Steamboat and Victory Cruise Lines are the first to do so. And I don’t think they’ll be the last. On a side note, a few years ago my friend Brady Seals and I wrote the TV jingle for Victory Cruise that they ran a ton on TV in Florida. And Brady even flew down to star in the commercial singing our little song here.


While not official yet, the Danube River Cruise that I’m to be a part of with my friend Brent Burns and Sunny Jim White is certainly in jeopardy as those River Cruises have been grounded so far too. Scheduled to leave from Germany on July 4 it’s not looking good. We’ve sold a lot of tickets, but we may have to reschedule. If we do…it will be an even bigger deal potentially…so stay tuned.


A report suggests that 70 to 85% of us need to be vaccinated before life can return to some kind of normal. So far, it’s less than 2%. Sobering.


Truly tragic. In Venezuela a woman caught Covid but hid the positive test for some reason from her family. She, her husband and two kids all passed from the virus.



One more new Super Bowl commercial to check out before they air it this Sunday. This one stars funny guy Will Ferrell so you know you want to check this one out.



Today’s memory is of the Super Bowl XXIII in Miami that I covered for WUBE Radio in Cincinnati as Boomer Esiason and the Bengals took on the 49’ers in one of the most exciting Super Bowl games ever.


Our morning show broadcast several days in the lobby of the hotel where the Bengals were staying. We had a who’s who of football people drop by visit. I have several highlights I remember from this one. It was the first Super Bowl I got to cover. A year earlier the Bengals were so awful that they won maybe one game all year. So bad that my boss at the time decided to go for some cheap and free publicity. We “bagged” the Bengal’s at a home game. Meaning, we passed out paper bags to fans going into Riverfront Stadium so they could hide their faces, being ashamed to watch such a horrible team. It SEEMED like a good idea at the time. It got some press, TV showed some folks wearing their bags, and the Bengals were highly upset with us. I don't blame them a bit. And of course the VERY NEXT year the Bengals go to the Super Bowl. They had not forgotten.


While broadcasting one morning I had the Chief of Police from Cincinnati on for an interview with Boomer Esiason walked up and helped himself to our complimentary coffee and donuts. He looked at us, we looked at him and I worked up enough nerve to ask if he would sit down for an interview? He looked at our call letters on a banner behind a broadcast table and said to me, “Aren’t you the guys who bagged us last year”?  Gulp.  I admitted yes. He replied, “There’s not a damn thing I can do for you”. And off he walked. Again, don’t blame him one bit. The good news is a year later he came by for an interview in studio with me to promote his charity and could not have been nicer. But it was a lesson learned for sure.


This was also the year they had riots with burning going on near our broadcast site. We avoided that area. It was also the year that star running back Stanley Wilson missed the game because they found him in his hotel room doped up. Cocaine. We were told about it and shortly afterwards I was near the Bengal brass and mentioned we had heard that and off they went.



I had no ticket for this game. The radio station said they would give me $200 towards a ticket if I could get on. My partner was a sports guy so he had credentials to cover the game. Not me…nothing. I asked around, the price of a ticket was through the roof and I planned on watching the game in my hotel room. That’s when Brian Douglas a friend from the rock station in Cincinnati came up to my broadcast table and offered to help. Next thing I know, a ticket guy from the Bengal’s comes up and says, “come with me”. I left my broadcast for a bit, turned it over to my partner, and this guy takes me to a little hallway full of pay phones. Remember them? He then opens his briefcase pulls out a ticket and hands it to me for $75…face value I think that year. I could not believe it.


I go back to the broadcast and my partner Eric Boulanger says, “where are you sitting”?  I figured I’d be up in the nosebleed section until we looked. I was on the 40- or 50-yard line just a few rows back from the field sitting with the Bengal folks including some of the Paul Brown family. Paul owned the team.  And I got to witness the most exciting game ever as the Bengals should have won. But then Joe Montana did the Joe Montana thing and put together a drive all the way down the field with a minute or so left on the clock and stabbed our hearts out.  I saw that, and I saw our guy Tim Krumrie break his leg horrifically.


Truly one of most exciting sports moments I’ve ever witnessed.  Tomorrow one more Super Bowl memory to share of the Packer’s-Broncos game in San Diego.



You may not know that name but Jim Weatherly was a GREAT songwriter. And he was a heck of a QB for Ole Miss back in the day. He passed at age 77. You know some of his songs for sure that was recorded by Kenny Chesney, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, Neil Diamond and this GREAT GREAT song that Glady’s Knight & The Pips made famous. RIP Jim.



Carnation has just released four different beverages that taste like cereals. Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Golden Grahams and one other…in a bottle. Now spoon, no bowl, just drink it. I’m waiting for the “Lucky Charms” flavor before I uncap one.



Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are divorcing. One sure sign?  Kanye just remove 500 pair of sneakers from their marital home. 500! I guess Kim will get to keep her Shapewear.



There’s hardly a morning when I surfing through articles on the internet that I don’t see at least one diet article that shares THEIR secret to losing pounds. I’ve decided I need to jump into that market. I’m going to write a book titled “Eat Less & Exercise”. It will be only one-page diet book on the shelves.



It’s been a bit of a podcast week for me. I did one with a female songwriter in Australia a couple of days ago that was fun. And this afternoon I’ll be doing another one for my long-time friend Dave Lenahan here in Nashville. Dave worked radio in Cincinnati as I did and also writes songs like I do. So we have a lot in common. Soon as it loads up, I'll let you know the link site and you can listen if you’d like.


Right after that I’ll be on a Zoom call with Jerry Salley here in Nashville and our mutual Australian friend Angus Gill (who turns 23 today) zooming in from down under to write a song title that Aaron Wilburn had given to Angus before he passed from Covid this year. So we’re going to try and honor that sweet and funny man’s memory by writing his idea he left behind. It’s an honor to be asked.


Have a great Thursday!



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