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Long Hikes...New Dates...Movie Ad Lib

Feb 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Tuesday morning…and rain. 



My songwriting appointment with a young lady got cancelled.  This is how you determine the songwriter is young.  Her Mom had something come up so she couldn’t drive her to the publishing company. So we’ll re-schedule and wait for Mom to have time to come too.  So, I took advantage of the off time and hit a trail that wraps through the woods and runs along a little river that’s really pretty…and quiet.  It was also a little longer than I remembered so I was glad when the trailhead re-appeared after about 4 miles or so of up and down hills.



I made a note on the long hike yesterday to make sure my cell phone is fully charged.  On the walk I had music in my ears until I reached the turn around and hike back spot.  But my phone was dead for the return.  It’s pretty amazing how much shorter the first half of the walk was compared to the last half with no music in my ear buds.  I actually had to listen to the sound of “nature”.  And that do beg the question, “If nature is calling why do we answer her by taking a pee”?



I drove just a few miles to film a couple of promotional videos for our “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me.  This VIDEO is promoting our Saturday night show this weekend down in South Pittsburgh, TN near Chattanooga.  Take a look at the fun we have hanging together.  We also shot one for our February 13 show in Gulf Shores at the United Methodist Church with our friend Brent Burns.  A little Valentine Show if you will.  Hoping to see some old friends at both venues.  For complete details on either or both shows just head over to my calendar here on my website at billwhytecomedy.com



I’ll be posting some new dates, as well as some dates that have moved on my calendar over the next few days.  I’ll be returning to Billy Yates Songwriters Round this year again for three shows in September.  Our Evening In The Round show with Linda and Lang will be moving a date on the calendar in Canoe, Georgia and I’m going to teach a songwriting class for Amanda Williams for a second time later this year…in September I think.  So, if you want to know where I’ll be?  You’ll know where to go.



Right now considering Iowa can’t figure out how to count their votes?  Guess who’s extremely happy?  The folks who count votes and leave “hanging chads” in Florida.  I’m not sure how counting votes ever got to be such a Rubik Cube kind of problem.



J-Lo’s makeup for her pole dancing half time show?  It took her 10 hours…or her makeup people 10 hours to complete the task.  Have I ever mentioned how glad I am to be a guy?  Actually, I guess I did when I wrote “Things That Don’t Suck About Being A Guy” with Steve Dean and then recorded it on my “Leave Em’ Laughin” CD.


Wild guess but I’ll bet Ponds was not on J-Lo’s make up table at the Super Bowl. 



I love when a director is smart enough to recognize a GREAT line that was an adlib from an actor or actress and then leaves it in the movie and THEN it becomes iconic.


Leo DiCaprio adlibbed “I’m The King Of The World”


Jack Nicholson…same thing for his iconic line “Here’s Johnny” in the Shining.


And “You Can’t Handle The Truth”?  Same thing.


Here’s an ARTICLE with 50 of those famous adlibs.  Sometimes a great actor is a great scriptwriter’s best friend.



The folks who make the new Mustang Mach-E are openly suggesting that the trunk of the car is the perfect size to be a cooler.  36 gallons worth of space in the trunk.  Fill it with ice, and whatever you want to drink or pile shrimp on top and you’re tailgating big time in a Mustang. 


I’m already thinking what my wife would say if she lifted the hatch on her SUV and ice started spilling out. 



My songwriting appointment is with Aaron Wilburn the noted Christian Comedy music guy that a lot of you have seen at a Gaither show through the years.  I’m going to find out if my new friend thought of the Super Bowl halftime show as a religious experience.


Have a great Tuesday!









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