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Australia Interview...Super Bowl Story #2...Cacti Pain

Feb 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First hump day of February. 45 for a high today in Twang Town with sun and back up in the low 50’s tomorrow. Meanwhile they’re saying every state in the US will be below freezing sometime next week. I can do without any of that.



Tuesday morning I was online with writers Gerald Smith and his son in law Randy Finchum. I write with Gerald a lot so it was fun to have someone in his family who also writes jump in and help us put together a bonafide honky-tonk country song from an idea Gerald had. Gerald ALWAYS has great song ideas so I know that I don’t have to ever over-worry about what we might try to create any day Gerald’s name is on my calendar. Gerald always has great stories to tell as he was on Hee Haw for a few years, wrote and pitched songs for George Strait (and has a couple of cowboy hats George gave him) and has written #1 songs as well as bluegrass and comedy songs that have gotten him attention.


This funny song is probably his most requested. “You Play Like Chet”. If you’ve not heard it, click on and enjoy the smile on your face. We had a good creative day.



Then yesterday evening 5 pm my time I joined an Australian songwriter Rae Leigh who invited me to be her guest on her songwriting podcast titled “Songwriter Trysts”. It was 10 on the Gold Coast in Australia where she was. Rae is a songwriter, Mom of three I found out and married a guy from England who popped onto the screen while we were talking whom she revealed to me was scared of spiders. In Australia they have LOTS of spiders and snakes…not so much in England. So in their home Rae is the spider killer. That’s my job here.


We talked for 2 hours I think and just had a blast. Her podcast is all about the craft of songwriting and she asked me to be a guest because she knew I was a writer on the song “Finger Pickin’ Good” when just won the Golden Guitar Award in Australia (which is a big deal in Australia) for “Best Bluegrass Song of the Year”. I had a blast and really enjoyed getting to know more about her while we talked. As a long-time radio guy I tend to interview the people that interview me…old habits. The show will air soon and I’ll be able to pass along the link where and when you can listen if you’d like. Thanks for having me Rae.



Feds are now shipping a million vaccine doses to pharmacies. You’ll be able to roll up your sleeve at more familiar places.


In the UK the new AstraZeneca vaccine is drastically cutting down Covid-19 transmissions according to their health folks.


And 174,000 new jobs popped up in the private sector in January beating all expectations. So some good news for a change on the Covid front.



Couple new Super Bowl ads are out.  Dolly is reprising her big hit 9-5 in this one. And we get to see John Travolta and his daughter reprise his “Grease” dance that he did with Olivia Newton John. The big game is Sunday pitting Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes as the Chiefs and Bucs square off. Tom Brady merchandise is selling at a record clip right now. My friend and co-writer Ayla Brown out in Boston told me a couple of days ago that Tom Brady is as popular or even more popular than ever in New England even though he left the Patriots to become a Tampa Bay Buc.



Just found this. Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady’s colorful tight end did a really great thing surprising some front-line health care workers with Super Bowl tickets. Worth watching. Way to go Gronk.



I’ve covered 4 Super Bowls during my broadcast career. Yesterday in my blog I talked about the Cowboy-Steeler Super Bowl I covered in Phoenix. I didn’t see that game…just covered the event.


Today is the second story of the Super Bowl I covered in New Orleans where Brett Favre, Reggie White and the Packers defeated the Bill Parcell's Patriots.  


I was working for WMIL doing the morning show there in Milwaukee. The Packers?  Pretty much religion in Wisconsin. So when the Packers went, we did too. We broadcast in a huge Hyatt Hotel for maybe three days within walking distance of the Super Dome.  Couple of memories. I rode an escalator up one morning to our broadcast location with Joe Namath right in front of me. We didn’t talk…but I could have touched him.


They brought all kinds of athletes and coaches and former players by our broadcast table. But the one I remember most was Jerry Glanville the ex-coach, ex Nascar truck driver. And he was bad at it. But if you know Jerry Glanville you know he can be funny and certainly engaging. He was not slated for our show but he was standing nearby. So I asked if he’d join our broadcast. When he found out we were a “COUNTRY” station he said “yes”.  He’s a huge country music fan and I’d say 90 per cent of what we talked about was his love and knowledge of country music. He was great friends with Travis Tritt who lives in Georgia and of course Glanville coached the Atlanta Falcons for years. It’s interesting that he cut Brett Favre from the Falcons and never really gave the kid a chance. Favre won that Super Bowl.


I got to witness Bourbon Street for the first time. Fun do…maybe once. But our show caught a cab on evening and told the driver to take us to an authentic Cajun restaurant. Did he ever. Red and white checkered tablecloths…the red beans and rice were incredible as was the Zydeco band playing in the corner.


I could NOT get a ticket for the game. So I got on a plane home to Milwaukee early the morning of the Super Bowl and got home just as it was game time. My wife and daughter surprised me with a Packer decorated cake, the big screen was on and we cheered like crazy for Brett and Reggie (who were guests on my radio show each week) and danged if they didn’t win!


Tomorrow Super Bowl story #3.  Bengals vs 49’ers in Miami.



How about the gumption of this woman who’s was being robbed by a guy in Memphis?  She’d been robbed before and thought, “not tonight” and took care of this guy.  He picked the wrong woman at the wrong time.



Like most award shows the Golden Globes will be a virtual thing for the most part. At least the two funny hosts will be. Tina Fey will be in New York while her longtime funny friend Amy Poehler will be in LA. The two former SNL castmates are really funny together. And they will be roasting some celebrity egos once again I’m sure. Their opening monologue alone makes it worth tuning in for a bit.



“Woman Sentenced for Attempting to Smuggle Cacti in Her Tights into New Zealand”. Uh huh. Pretty easy to spot. Just look for a woman grimacing in her aisle seat.



I’m writing with my Missouri friend Becky Denton today for the first time in a while. Becky and her husband Will Denton’s favorite beach place is Tybee Island down on the Georgia coast. So we wrote a song together called “Take Me Back To Tybee” that Becky recorded and then the folks who charter boats and promote the island took our song and turned it into a cool VIDEO. Check it out.


Have a great Wednesday!





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