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More Writing...That Field...A Joey & Rory Story

Feb 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Gosh…February…really? We got a few snowflakes last night…may get some more tonight at the temps have dropped into the 30’s here in Nashville. Beats the Northeast though that’s getting a foot or more in some places.  



Mine started Friday morning with a very fun co-write with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti. Wil was in his writing shack that he built, Lauren and I were at our homes all hooked up on the computer again. Lauren, besides being one of the best country singers I know and a former American Idol star is also a nurse and has worked a lot during the pandemic. She shared with us that for the first time over the last couple of weeks they’ve had less Covid patients than normal. Really good to hear.


She also brought a song title we liked, and we jumped into that laughing, sharing stories, catching up and having fun putting it together.  And Will certainly was on his writing game as he spit out some really clever lines that worked for the idea. And when the song was finished Wil and I get to hear Lauren sing it back to us which is a treat to anyone with ears. So my Friday and my weekend started off on a high note for sure.



We’re in between sports for me. We have the Superbowl Sunday, but his past weekend it was pretty much basketball on TV and I’m not a huge fan of watching basketball on TV. In person if a far better experience for me. No football…and baseball is still a couple of months away. So I watched two baseball movies. One is on Prime called “Benched” which was not very good. But then "Field of Dreams" came on and I was locked again on that. And I was reminded again why this is my favorite movie of all time. How bout a game of catch Dad?  I don’t have much reason to make a trip to Iowa these days. But if I ever get near, I’m going to see that field with the corn over the outfielder’s shoulders.


If you love that movie too…seek out this special with Bob Costas who goes up to Iowa and interviews Kevin Costner on that field about that iconic movie. Great stuff.



 I should be on an airplane right now coming home on a long flight from Oregon where our “Hits & Grins” trio were to have had a couple of shows and a teaching class up in the beautiful northwest all cancelled because of Covid. I keep thinking I need to brand all those dates lost as our “Cancellation Tour”. There was a little optimistic news on that front. The booking agency for our “Hits & Grins” trio sent us a note telling us they used our promotional video this weekend at a Montana conference of folks booking talent for their venues in that gorgeous Big Sky state. We certainly would not mind taking a trip to Montana to play music. So fingers crossed there.


And there’s talks about a really cool cruise that could happen with some friends either late this year or more likely in 2022.  Stay tuned.



The Oakland airport now has vending machines that sell Covid tests. Drop your money in, pull the handle, test yourself and off you go.


There’s a prototype now of a non-contact viral detector that can identify the virus two meters away. The point the little machine and it reads whether you have it or not. Better than a sniffing dog. It’s being developed in Mexico right now.


Apparently, there’s a Grape Nuts shortage in the country. Maybe comfort food for those staying close to the house during the pandemic? Not sure. But I’m sure it wasn’t me contributing. If you go by me there’d be a Lucky Charms shortage.


Here’s a sign of how long Covid-19 has been going on. The huge Coachella concert in California got cancelled for the second year in a row because of it.



Yep…we’re going to get a bunch of those noisy Cicada’s around Mother’s Day. Coming out of hibernation after 17 years or so to just make a big racket. The county I live in was mentioned as one that will hear, see and step on them. Man they are noisy. And you almost need to wear a beekeeper mask to keep them from landing on your face. The one good byproduct of having them is that a lot of fish will be caught from the two big lakes near us as some fishermen will stick those little buggers on the end of a hook.



Many of you know of or may have been big fans of Joey & Rory who had their own TV show for a long while. A few years ago Joey passed after a long courageous battle with cancer. That story was told in a beautiful, touching film that her husband Rory helped produce to honor his sweet…and I do mean sweet wife. I saw this movie at a local filmfest the year it came out and there was not a dry eye in the house. After the movie Rory came out and talked about the love of his life that he wanted to be remembered. Quite a moment.


Rory quit singing after her death until just now when he released a very timely re-release of the Dylan song “The Times They Are A Changing”. So good to see and hear him being creative again.


Years ago I was at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach and Joey and Rory were playing at the then “Silver Moon” club that was directly across the street from the world-famous Flora-Bama. That little Silver Moon club was a GREAT little listening room. You could hear a pin drop when you performed on that stage…that’s how much the audience wanted to listen. I went to see Joey & Rory. I had met Rory before…but not Joey. They were sitting together in a little corner right before they performed and I went over to say “hey” to Rory and stuck my hand out to Joey and said, “Joey you don’t know me but I’m…”. And she said, “I know who you are. You’re the guy that does that “Wake Up Call” every morning on your radio show. That’s like my favorite thing and I never miss it”.


The “Wake Up Call” was a segment where I would read something positive on the air. Something I wrote, borrowed or got from listener’s who would send me positive stories and poems.

That fact that Joey loved that segment so much tells you a lot about what a great person she was…positive…sweet…and talented. And still missed by many.



Now, I’ve done a few “heart in your throat” things in my time. Flew a para-plane, by myself and that will indeed get your hear racing as you sit on a sled like board with a throttle, two pedals, a prop in the back and a parachute. But I would never attempt to do what cyclist Danny McAskill just did. He rode his bike straight down a mountain. A bike! This VIDEO is about 6 minutes long but do check it out and watch how steep this guy is going down on two wheels. Nope. Don’t think there will be a morning where I wake up and think I want to do that.



Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are reprising their funny Wayne’s World bit for a commercial in this year’s Superbowl. Party on! Still funny. Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!


Also Superbowl related. You can make a $20 bet with one sporting book place that will pay you $150 if you bet that this year’s National Anthem sung by Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan will time in at 55 seconds or less. I don’t know a thing about Jazmine Sullivan, but Eric Church is not the type to draw things out. It wouldn’t be a bad bet if you’re a sports gambler. I see folks on their couch with a stopwatch yelling “Hurry up”!



No surprise to hear that MGM has already bought the rights to the book that tells all about what’s going on with the Game Stop Wall Street thing right now that’s driving the market bananas. The same guy who wrote the book about Facebook that turned into the movie “The Social Network” wrote this one too. Should be good.



Here’s a little Willie Nelson trivia you probably didn’t know. Willie won so much poker money off actor Woody Harrelson that he added a new addition to his home in Hawaii. And yes, both were high when they were pushing their chips all in. Toby Keith has this funny song, “I’ll Never Smoke Weed with Willie” again. Woody may want to record, “I’ll Never Play Poker with Willie Again”.



Now I will try this thrill. There’s a recipe for beer and bacon Mac and Cheese. That may be perfection. I like beer, I like bacon, I LOVE Mac and Cheese. Apparently, someone else liked those three things too. Thank you!



Kripsy Kreme is rolling out their heart-shaped donuts with four different kinds of fillings. While that might sound like a sweet treat for some wives and girlfriends it won’t work for me. I need heart-shaped Tofu for my wife.



“Is Your Robotic Vacuum Sharing Data About You”?  If it is, wouldn’t that truly suck?



I’m writing with my east coast buddy former hockey player Rob Bellamy this morning. By accident I found Rob granting a long interview about the year he played hockey for the Nottingham Panthers in England. They showed a clip of him scoring and a clip of him throwing punches in a Championship game. A real hockey player for sure. So I’m always REALLY nice to Rob when we write together.


Have a great Monday!





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