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Steel Blossoms...Super Bowl Weekend...Doh!

Jan 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bring on Super Bowl weekend!



My writing appointment was with the duo Steel Blossoms yesterday Hayley Amour and Sara Zebley two really talented young ladies on the Americana Record label Billy Jam.  They are working on songs for album number 2 right now and I took a verse and a chorus of an idea that I thought might fit them.  Something I hoped they might like.  And it all kind of hinged on whether they were fans of Patsy Cline and knew a little about Patsy and her hits.  Fortunately, they did and loved the idea.  So the three of us sat on the couch at Hayley’s FIRST ever house that she and her husband now own and finished up something we all really liked…a lot.  The girls also told me they are wearing out the first song we wrote together “I’m Really Good With Other People’s Kids” and that they are getting lots of fun and positive reactions to the tune.  It’s always good to get that kind of feedback from the folks singing your songs. A lot of folks are going to discover this duo in pretty short order me thinks.



So it’s KC vs Frisco in Miami.  And it should be a great game…two really good teams with offenses that can move the ball.  I covered a Super Bowl in Miami…Bengals vs 49’ers.  A great game that the Bengals had in hand and then Joe Montana drove his team to a touchdown to win at the end with 3 minutes on the clock…deep from his own territory.  Like 92 yards.  Sigh. 


The things I remember about covering that Super Bowl?  The interviews of celebs…lots of them…many of them players, coaches, and former players.  The burning in the streets…racial unrest and riots going on with warnings from our hotel folks about where NOT to go while we were in town.


We found out while broadcasting that Stanley Wilson who was a big part of the Bengal offense was found in his hotel room…the same hotel where I was broadcasting from…all drugged up.  He missed the game.  It might have made a difference.


Tim Krumrie for the Bengals broke a leg in the game.  It was Boomer Esaison’s team with Chris Collinsworth as a star wide receiver and running back Ickey Woods who made Cincinnati go crazy every time he did the Icky Shuffle on the sidelines after scoring a TD.


At the last second a staff member with the Bengals walked up and sold me a ticket for face value.  About $75 as I recall. I sat on the 50 yard line for that game.  It was my first Super Bowl so it left quite a lasting memory.  $75 today won’t get you on the parking lot for the game.


Billy Joel sang the National Anthem at that game and the half time show was pretty bad.  Bunch of dancers something called “Be Bop Bamboozled in 3-D”.  I have a feeling the J-Lo show this year will be a little more exciting.



Facebook took a hit in the stock market.  To the tune of a 50 Billion dollar loss.  The numbers of users is dropping…and so is the stock.  BUT, poor Mark Zuckerberg?  Not so much. He lost nearly 17 billion personally in the stock loss and is now worth ONLY $71 Billion.  How will he get by?



That would be cabs in NYC and other places.  Uber & Lyft are the preferred choice now of visitors.  Wonder if those drivers might be a bit friendlier too?



That would be companies that deliver those food packages to your door that you cook yourself and keep the recipes to re-make it when you want…if you like it.  And we do.  My daughter and husband kept telling me and my wife how great it was so my wife Kathy made an order with one of those companies “Hello Fresh”.  Chicken with rice and beans, pork with a sauce and mashed potatoes came in the first box to our doorstep.  Easy…and gosh…so good.  In a world where we don’t want to go in stores and have everything delivered?  Their stock is only going to rise in value I would think.



Non other than Loretta Lynn came out yesterday and said “country music is dead”.  Of course Loretta is talking about the country music she made and her peers that is rarely if ever heard on a commercial country music radio station anymore.  Hard to imagine any big market commercial radio station tied to ratings ever playing a song that sounded anything like “You Ain’t Woman Enough” or “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’”. Nope.  Did I mention above we’re hardly using cabs anymore either?  Times change…so does music and demographics.



This will make some of us feel older.  The head writer for the “Simpsons” on TV pointed out that Bart is now the same age Homer was when the show started.  Wow.  I’m going to have to sit down and ponder that with a donut.


So many funny lines through the years.  One of my favorites from Homer would be, “Weaseling out of things is important to learn; it’s what separates us from the animals…except the weasel”.



That would be a new Docuseries on the E Channel that will star Terry Bradshaw and his family.  This might be worth peeking at.  But do cover your eyes…no telling if Terry is going to walk around in the kitchen in his boxers and black socks.  It will be called “The Bradshaw Bunch”. 


And you just know that somewhere some TV exec is thinking we need to get Tom Brady to do this…just so we can name the show….



Skittles Busts.  Yes…your bust that can push out skittles for you.  My wife is gonna hug my neck when I give her that this Valentine Day.



I’m hanging a bit at a big bluegrass convention later today and perhaps tomorrow getting to know some more of the musicians and bands that make that kind of great music.  Room after room is filled with dobros and fiddles and banjos and high lonesome singers.  When you walk into the hotel itself near our airport bands are jamming out in the lobby.  Should be fun.


And then it’s the Super Bowl on Sunday.


Have a great weekend!





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