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Blood Moon...Counting Streams and Emotional Dang Peacocks

Not a lot of blood color in this big ole "Blood Moon Eclipse" thing that's going on at the crack of dark over Old Hickory Lake here. But...it does officially mark the last day of January in a memorable way.  So out with the old moon and in with the new.








I spent some time writing with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard...and the three of us polished up a song we wrote the last time we were together.  The song is quirky and fun...and I think it's even more fun now.  We were calling on the ghost of Roger Miller to inspire our idea.  Couldn't tell if Roger actually ever showed up...but the song did turn out. 


Jenny's new song "Something To Complain About" is building steam one day at a time...which is sort of the new approach to growing young independent careers.  In today's market...more and more...success is judged by how many times your song was "streamed".  Not played on the radio, not hard copies bought, and not even downloads anymore.  How many times did it stream on Spotify or Pandora or You Tube?  The business constantly changes...and it's interesting for me to hear what young artists are doing to make noise these days.  Yesterday as we were writing the two of them let out a little "high five" whoop when they saw the new song had been streamed over 10,000 times the day before.


Streaming is also the reason that it's a big deal that the Nashville Songwriters Association and some knowing congressmen finally managed to up the amount of cents songwriters will get paid for tunes of theirs that stream.  It still won't make a lot of songwriters rich...but it is a notable improvement.  Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen.



If you read this early enough...and if you're a fan of Mel Tillis...his memorial service will be carried this morning at 10 AM on WSM radio.  You can listen at wsmonline.com.  I'm sure there will be lots of great music...lots of stories...and lots of laughter.  This is another reason I'm happy to be such a small part of such this legendary radio station...that they will air unique things like this. 







Somewhere in the Egyptian desert they found a new species of dinosaur.  This one is as big as a school bus they say.  According to scientists this breed stomped across our earth over 80 million years ago.  I'm always amazed at these kinds of discoveries.  As long as this planet spins that we're all clinging to...new animals will be found.  You'd think after this long they'd just go "that's it folks...we've found everything".  Nope.  Keep digging boys and girls.



Some common sense ruled...finally.  United Airlines said, "uh...no" to allowing a passenger to board it's plane with an "emotional peacock".  Thank you for some sanity.  In my little no nothing mind...if you actually think you need a peacock, snake, jackass, cockroach to help you fly...you need to not fly.  Go home...turn the lights down low and sit on your Lazy Boy and go on a Netflix binge with your creature.  Thank you.



Have you ever watched a TV show or listened to the radio and heard the host or announcer refer to the Super Bowl as "The Big Game"?  I have to do that myself from time to time when I'm on air.  The reason is that the phrase "Super Bowl" is licensed by the NFL and they want anyone...especially advertisers to pay a license fee for using those words.  Of course tons of broadcast entities are not having any part of that so we say "Big Game" instead to avoid being sued (potentially) by the NFL.  Trying to remember NOT to say Super Bowl while promoting some contest on the air is not easy.  I try and get whomever I'm working with on air to hit me with a stun gun if they hear me say the word "Super"...in time to stop "Bowl" from coming out of my yapper. 


It is quite the week for broadcasters as many are already freezing up in Minnesota for this years...Super....uh...Big Game.  I've covered 4 with lots of great memories.  In New Orleans when the Packers beat the Patriots...I rode up an escalator to our broadcast table with Joe Willie Namath in front of me. 


In Arizona...Jerry Rice dropped by to be interviewed about those nose strips to help you breathe.  I don't ask for a lot of autographs...but I'm happy to say I have a Jerry Rice autographed football in my little trophy case.  (nice guy).  In San Diego...some folks tried to buy my ticket for quite a bit of money...I declined.  And the Broncos with Elway won their first "Big Game" over my Packers.  And in Miami...where Joe Montana made that drive to beat the Bengals...the Bengal family sold me a ticket at the last second for the game.  I was on the 50 yard line for like $75.


You do something long enough...and some cool things like that do happen.






That would be Valentine's Day.  Or the "Too Much Pressure To Buy Something She Likes Day" as I like to call it.  This morning I spotted a list of 10 things under $100 bucks that she will like...supposedly.  A lot of familiar things were there...scents...lingerie, chocolate...but one caught my eye.  A season pass to Six Flags.  Really?  I dunno.  I suspect if I give that to my wife this Valentine Day...I'll need to have a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates to get myself out of hot water for giving her a season pass to ride the log flume.  You do what your heart tells you to do guys.



"Why Roosters Don't Go Deaf From Their Own Loud Crowing".  Yep...there's an entire article on that.  I didn't read it.  I've always heard roosters don't have ears...so I'm going with that.



I'm writing later this afternoon with Victoria Venier from my "Hits & Grins" trio and a great old friend Rick Tiger.  Rick used to park cars a on time at the Opryland Hotel.  He's sold hot dogs at a little club in Printers Alley for the same reason.  And these days he and his lovely wife Joyce are in a car a lot seeing the country and Canada playing house concerts...a lot of them.  Proof I think that if you love what you do enough...ya figure out a way to make enough to keep doing what you love doing.  Good for Rick.  I'm looking forward to seeing what we can come up with today.


Have a great last day of January!




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