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Music Row Write...Huntsville Show...Steel Blossom Day

Jan 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday…the day before Friday the day before the Weekend!



I wrote in the new SESAC building with Scott Southworth on Music Row yesterday for maybe the third time since that PRO organization that collects money for songwriters who are part of that organization moved from a small building to a big ole high rise.  It's a pretty cool place to write up on the 5th floor with a Music City view.  By the time I got there Scott had a verse, a chorus and a start on a second verse.  Made my job pretty easy.  It was a stone country song…the kind that Scott sings great and it didn’t take long for me to help shape and craft it a bit and add some needed lyrics for the back half of the new tune.  I like it.  And right now he’s completing a new album so maybe this one will be one he chooses to add to the project tentatively titled “Old Bones” from a song that WILL be on the album that Scott has already recorded.


We got done so quickly that we had time for lunch and catching up on each other’s lives.  Scott will be back overseas singing later this year. Maybe Ireland and France.  Scott’s been over numerous times now where the European audiences love him because he’s so traditional.  Good for him.


A good Hump Day for sure in Nashville.



As January is getting ready to be gone, I’m looking forward to several show dates in February.  The first one being on a Friday night Feb 7 in Huntsville, Alabama at the Jim Parker Songwriter Series at the Von Braun Center.  This one will be a little different as it’s the first time Jim has ever put together a Trop Rock songwriter show.  It will be me, my long time friend Brent Burns, Darrell Clanton and Jim Parker.  I bring that up today because yesterday Jim put up a “caricature” of yours truly that an obviously talented artist drew of yours truly.  If you’re curious, go to my Facebook page to see how great the artist (whom I’m not met) is.  Thank you


We are expecting a great crowd full of bright colored shirts out in the audience for this night of “beach” music.  Join us if you can.



How bout this stat?  More than 17 million of us take off the Monday following the Super Bowl and that is coming up this weekend down in Miami.  I guess it really is a national holiday.


And speaking of the “Big Game”…some supposed critics are saying this year’s Michelob Ultra Lite commercial that features Jimmy Fallon and John Cena may be one of the best ever.  Take a LOOK and decide for yourself. 



At least one story has surfaced that a US Submarine hit the wreck of the Titanic.  It happened six months ago apparently without being reported until now.  A two-man submersible filming a documentary nudged up against it at least once. 


I’ve got a car that beeps and alerts me if I’m getting close to hitting something.  The might want to install one onboard those kinds of subs…along with curb feelers.



Apparently one guy needs to get to work fast.  He was pulled over for strapping a skeleton into the passenger seat so that he could use the HOV lane to drive faster.  Pretty sure that’s only legal Halloween weekend.



“Florida Mom Drove Getaway Car While Her 15 Year Old Son Was Committing Robbery”.  Man, there’s just nothing like family is there?



I’m back writing today for the second time with two young very talented girls originally teachers in Pennsylvania who now make up the noted American Duo that is Steel Blossoms.  Sara & Hayley released their first album last year to wide critical acclaim on Billy Blue Records.  I write for Billy Blue Publishing and I’m thankful that my talented buddy Jerry Salley who produced their album helped tee me up to write with the girls.  I like “different” and these two girls think different when it comes to lyrics and music and songs so it’s just a pleasure to sit and create with them.  Our first time together a few months ago produced a really fun-“funny” song that came from an idea the girls had that I think they love as much as I do.  Here’s to that kind of magic happening again today.


Have a great Thursday!



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