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Tommy Emmanuel...WSM...Gulf Shores Show

Next to last day of January 2018.  Wow.  Already?



I was so glad that Bill Cody took a morning off that allowed me to sit in for him yesterday morning on WSM because the incredible guitarist Tommy Emmanuel dropped by and just blew us away with his talent.  I'm a fan like almost anyone is the minute they hear Tommy the first time.  If for some reason you have not heard or seen this guy...do yourself a favor and You Tube search and listen and watch some of what he does.  It was truly a pleasure to interview him for the better part of an hour.


A couple things stand out from that interview.  When I told him that my guitar will not do what his does...without missing a beat he replied, "it does when I play it". 


And the second thing was how he talked about the difference between those with talent who make it...and those that don't.  Tommy say he "eats it for breakfast" meaning he's always practicing and working at his craft.  Always.  Some have the talent...but they are not consumed by their art or craft and usually fall to the wayside.  Some of that happens because folks have to pay bills and simply can't afford to keep chasing a dream that is short on dollars...at least until one gets there.  But the one's like Tommy are indeed special.  They can't imagine doing anything else...so they don't.  They find a way. 



Thanks for a wonderful hour of your time Tommy.



The rest of my day was spent writing with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti and we tackled a new song idea that will require at least one more session to finish it up.  Keep your eye on young Lauren.  Lot of folks rooting for her to get her break.  This EXAMPLE should show you why.  Lauren is working on a new album with her talented boyfriend Shawn Camp so we're trying to write more songs that might be a fit for this project like the one we wrote together that you can watch on the provided link.  





First to my daughter Heather who got baptized over the weekend.  She was baptized at one of those big non denominational churches with the big screens, a rocking band (all the church bands are incredible here as you can imagine) an entertaining young preacher...FREE coffee (such a good idea) and football highlights on the big screen before services started.  They had a drawing for Titan season tickets.  My kind of church.


The ceremony was moving to say the least.  Glad the didn't point the camera on Dad or Mom.  But I wlll be honest.  As a guy who dabbles a lot in comedy...everything has a comedic angle...at least they do in my eyes.  Even a baptism. 


I could not help but wonder why folks don't start the wave when folks go under instead of applauding?  Or why you couldn't put a water slide on the baptismal pool?  Or why churches don't approach Dunkin' Donuts to endorse the entire thing?  Put the logo on the side of the tank. 


Okay...I'll stop before the lightning bolt gets any closer.



To Chris and Hillary Tyrell (Scott).  Hillary Scott of Lady A...Chris her husband plays drums for the group.  The two delivered twin girls into the world yesterday to go with their other young daughter.  And my friends Lang Scott & Linda Davis are grandparents again.  Three girls!  That's a lot of weddings...and. a lot of college tuition down the road...so I'll be rooting for Lady A to have a least a couple more big hits.  Congrats to all!



My wife and I went to see "Darkest Hour" the Winston Churchill movie Saturday.  Too crowded.  So...we checked seats for "12 Strong".  Same problem.  So...we waited an hour and saw I, Tonya instead.  The story of Tonya Harding that we all think we know.  Big thumbs up from me...just on the acting alone.  And I had no idea exactly how abusive Tonya's upraising was.  Mother and husband both beat her.  It sheds a little more light maybe on what we thought we knew.


Folks are going to see this movie...and it's critically acclaimed...rightfully so.  Tonya Harding is who she is with lots of warts.  She was not the pretty girl...ever.  That was Nancy Kerrigan.  Yet...I would bet few would go see a movie based on Nancy Kerrigan's story.  It's the imperfections sometimes that draw us to a person...or a story.


With all that said...if you are easily offended by raw language...you should pass.  It's pretty danged real.



Tom Hanks is teed up to portray Mr. Rogers in an upcoming biopic on the man America's kids tuned into on TV for decades.  A parent safe program.  Mr. Rogers was a fine babysitter for many...and it should be an interesting story to see.



Some little self driving vans are getting ready to roll up your driveway to deliver whatever you ordered online.  You get an app...the app will have a code that will allow you to unlock the doors on the van and take out your goods and will then go back to wherever it came from...all on it's own.  Dylan continues to be right...the times are a changin'.



That Super Blue Blood Moon (sounds like a rock band) is doing it's thing I guess.  Gosh...if I could just get my head out of my app and look up every now and then I might see natural wonders like that.  Maybe I can pull it up on You Tube after it's over.



I'm looking forward to my show with Brent Burns in Gulf Shores, Alabama on February 16.  That poster you see has all the details including the number to call for advance tickets.  So...all my snowbird friends that I've met through the years down there...I'm hoping to see you at this show which is always always fun.  Lot of laughter mixed with the music this night for sure.







Off to write with another talented pair...Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman.  Jenny's new single is out "Something To Complain About" so we'll write and catch up on how the new song is doing and more.  Again...really hard to call what I do work.  I hope you feel the same way about your job.


Have a great Tuesday!

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