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Fast Grass...Wolf Moon...Writing with the Nurse

Jan 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Can it already be the last weekend of January? We’re just a couple weeks shy of the start of a new NASCAR season with the Daytona 500. And the first Spring Training Baseball games will start in one month. Signs that spring is not so far away.



Quite a little burst of quick songwriting yesterday morning with Laura Leigh Jones. Laura grew up in a bluegrass band family…Daddy, and a brother and sister included so when we get together to write we usually lean towards her skill set of bluegrass which is always fine with me. She had a verse and a chorus she had sent me before we started writing and I had time to add a couple of verses that she mostly loved. So we just “tweaked” a few words and had it done. The song went off with just her singing and playing guitar to our publisher as the two of us are the writing staff for now at Billy Blue Publishing. Our publisher heard it right away and quickly sent it out to be recorded in a demo form with a male voice on it so that they can pitch it to a major grass artist who’s looking for songs right now. That doesn’t happen a lot so thank you Laura for a great idea.  We’ll see what happens with the song now.



My wife and I love Denzel Washington. He’s one of those actors that makes a bad movie tolerable if he’s in it. Our friend Lang Scott asked if we had seen the “Equalizer” movies starring Denzel and we had not. He was right. Both Equalizer 1 and 2 were great. Sparse dialogue…lot of action and violence. If you don’t like violent movies then it may not be for you. And to be truthful I’ve never seen a bad guy get killed by a power drill in a hardware store before. Can’t believe he didn’t reach for a Nail GUN.



First full moon of the New Year “The Wolf Moon” was on display last night. I would have missed it but a co-writer texted Irene Kelley texted me. The text read, “Did You Look at the Moon Tonight”? That made me smile because Irene and I had just written a song titled "Did You Look at the Moon Tonight" a few days ago. We were ahead of our time and didn’t know it. It was a thing of beauty for sure.



Yep, we continue to reach for comfort food during the pandemic. Oreo says their profits jumped 3% in the 4th quarter of 2020.


The CDC is now saying there is little evidence of schools contributing to the virus spreading. I saw a yellow school bus on my road for the first time in a long while yesterday.


Johnson & Johnson say their vaccine is 66% effective. Meanwhile Novavax claims theirs is 90% effective.After a UK test Novavax stock jumped 89%.  Johnson & Johnson is the one-shot deal…the others like Novavax are two shots.



Did you know that you can stay in Igloo Hotels?  There are five or six places scattered around the world allowing you to do just that. I don’t see me doing that when there are so many hotels that come with heat. But if that trips your trigger book a room. I’d pack some of those Bernie mittens though if I were you.



General Motors announced officially that their goal is to be mostly electric by the year 2035. They’re betting on the future trend for sure. Electric cars are being developed now that can go a long way without a recharge and at least one of those prototypes can be recharged in five minutes. Charge the car up at home…never have to hit a gas station? I can see that happening in a big way. Although I’ll miss gassing up and going in grab a Slim Jim and a lotto ticket.



Did you know that you can get one of those really long Slim Jim’s and bend it into the shape of a heart?  Don’t ask me how I know. But giving your sweetie meat that’s heart shaped is just about as romantic as a man can get. I’m still trying to convince my wife that’s true.



The Air Force has developed a technology now…skin technology that they say can heal a soldier’s wounds five times faster than the human body. I have no idea how they do that but if it can cure a soldier’s wound five times faster than normal?  How great is that?



It is amazing how kid’s mind’s work. One Mother confessed that her son cried because he stuffed a sandwich in their VHS player at the time and he cried because a movie about a sandwich would not play. 


My wife told me a really great story about our daughter when she was little. Heather loved to watch movies…a lot of Disney sing along stuff. In her room she learned at a very young age how to make the machine work for her in an unusual way. She would replay certain things over and over and over again. So she would put in the tape, watch her favorite segment and then hit rewind. Too young to understand there was a counter on the machine she would walk around her bedroom and touch things. The bedpost, the windowsill, a stuffed animal and then go back and hit “stop” on the VHS. It would re-recued to the part she wanted to watch again. Ya gotta love kids minds.



Back on the computer writing with Wil Nance and former American Idol star Lauren Mascitti today.  Besides the great music Lauren makes and writes, she’s also a nurse and that’s gotten a little attention recently by some of the country music online magazines.  Here’s a look at that part of my young talented friend’s life and a look at why she does this.


Have a great weekend!



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