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An Unreal True Story That's Real...Wienermobile...Expensive Watch

Jan 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here comes that Hump again in the middle of the week.



With a cancelled songwriting appointment I had a chance to catch up on things and get to the gym. I worked and tweaked and wrote down some ideas for potential new songs as I’m going to be in writing rooms with some really talented folks…many of them artists or aspiring artists trying to find something that might enthuse them.  I’ve learned to write a lot of different ways.  Sometimes songs are born with a guitar or piano riff.  Sometimes someone relates something that happened that day that makes for a good song.  Sometimes you sit in a room for half an hour or hour before something ever gets written…some times it’s just one of those days where nothing is happening and you call “lunch” early.  For me the easiest way to get started is if someone has a really good idea or title.  So I spent yesterday trying to clear up some space in my noggin’ and let an idea or two form that I could write down for future use.  My co-write today is going to be with Scott Southworth who LOVES traditional country music and has done pretty well with it…especially overseas where he tours some.  Scott sent me a start on a song that I like so that should make our job a tad easier today…I think.



I want to share what I think is an incredible true story that happened to me just a couple of nights ago.  It’s a little long…but I think you might be moved by this true story if you read this little segment.


Sunday night I’m on the couch and there’s nothing to watch on TV.  So I’m surfing around on You Tube and run across the Country Reunion Show many of you see on TV that features a lot of great country stars…many from the Grand Ole Opry…folks we love.  And there was my friend Jimmy Fortune who I write with…and was once the high tenor voice for the Statler Brothers.


Jimmy was singing a song of his that he wrote and the Statler’s recorded titled “More Than A Name On The Wall”.  If you’ve not heard this song…take a second and click on the link and watch what I was watching.  The song is about a Mother who lost her son in the Viet Nam War and she’s basically asking God, “tell me he’s more than just a name on the wall”…as on the Viet Nam Wall in DC.  Now, also pay attention when Jimmy’s singing those powerful words and you’ll see the camera freeze on Grand Ole Opry star Jan Howard multiple times.  She’s moved to tears…for good reason.  I had interviewed Jan shortly after she told her Viet Nam War story to Ken Burns and his folks for the documentary “Viet Nam” that shows on PBS still today.  Jan lost a son in that war.  And her youngest son was so depressed he committed suicide.  So she lost two sons to that awful “conflict” as the government referred to it.  Viet Nam protestors came to her door one day asking if she wanted to march in protest to the war.  At which point Jan told them her son died for freedom and if they ever knocked on her door again she would blow their expletive heads off with a 357 Magnum. 


So I sat there watching Jimmy singing that song and watching Jan’s face and wondering if Jimmy even knew about her loss?  So I called Jimmy…he didn’t answer and I didn’t leave a voice mail figuring he’s out touring or busy and I did not want to borrow him.


Fast forward to Monday evening when my cell phone rings and I look down and see its Jimmy calling.  So we had a conversation about it and he told me he felt so bad because he did NOT know about Jan’s loss.  When he finished the song Bill Anderson told him.  And Jimmy told me he went over and hugged Jan’s neck and had a conversation and they became great friends.


Now, here’s the part of the story that gave me goosebumps…and I still have them.


Jimmy said, “Bill I saw that you called last night but you didn’t leave a message”.  I said “yea…not important enough to bother you and I figured you call when you could”.  He then asked, “Do you know where I was when you called me last night”?  Of course I did not.  And then he said, I was visiting with Jan Howard who’s in the hospital and not doing great”. 


You could have knocked me over with a feather.  He said he chose not to answer so he could spend quality time with Jan but had he known what I was calling about he would have picked up the phone and let me to talk to her.


What are the odds?  Sometimes bigger things are at work in the Universe. 



So the Wienermobile got pulled over up in Wisconsin yesterday for failure to pull over enough for a flashing light emergency vehicle.  You can imagine all the jokes.  In fact, I’ll let you write your own if you’d like.  I would have liked to have heard what the cop said when he called it in.



The Oscars coming up in just a few weeks now will honor Kobe Bryant.  On top of all of his other talents, he won an Oscar for a film he made.  That should be a moment.


And if you did not see Shaq pouring out his heart through his tears about his “little brother” ex-teammate?  Man.  Watch the VIDEO.  It’s hard to watch a guy that big be so heartbroken with grief.



Stock for Harley based out of Milwaukee is down.  The company admits they are now having trouble getting the younger demographic folks to buy one.  Lot of retired folks on Harley’s and well to do folks.  Lawyers, Doctors etc. but you rarely see a 25 year old on one of those bikes.  Well first…it ain’t cheap to buy a new Harley all decked out.  AND it is a safer choice for sure because it’s really dangerous texting and biking at the same time.



I had no idea that there we 8 of those movies out starring Vin Diesel.  And now a 9th one is rolling out.  Here’s a PEEK.  I’m only 7 behind I think.



Ya gotta love when a Viet Nam Air Force Vet makes a lot of money out of nowhere.  The vet in this VIDEO bought a Rolex years ago off the street I think.  He paid around $345 for it and put it away.  And then he went on Antique Road Show out of curiosity to see if it was worth a little more than that.  It was.  Watch the video.



I just saw you could book a round trip ticket to Hawaii for as low as $278.  I might have to learn “Tiny Bubbles”, grab my guitar and go. 



Off to write with Scott Southworth who I mentioned earlier.  This will be a day of writing some hard-core country…and that’s fine by me.


Have a great Wednesday!






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