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WSM...Tommy Emmanuel...CD Party

Jan 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | Tags: WSM, Tommy Emmanuel, Baptism

Good morning from the Opryland Hotel Resort & Convention Center...home of the WSM studios.  That's where I'll be this morning from now until 10 AM on air with Charlie Mattos as we give regular host Bill Cody another morning off.  And...this will be especially fun this morning as world class guitar player Tommy Emmanuel will drop by at 8:30 this morning and just blow us away with his talent.  If you are not familiar with Tommy...do yourself a favor and tune in world wide at wsmonline.com.  Here's a sample of what you're about to hear.




So...no real blog today...we'll catch up tomorrow on a bunch stuff.  My daughter Heather was baptized, the Grammy's were...well...they were the Grammy's and I'll talk about a CD release party I'm going to tonight for an Australian artist who recorded one of my songs that she will sing tonight at the Station Inn here in Nashville.


So...til then...tune in and listen if you can this morning and don't forget you can watch the show on Heartland TV.  That's available online too at watchheartlandtv.com


Have a great Monday!

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