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Jenny & Jenny Lake...Mardis Gras...Kristofferson

Jan 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning drawing us close to the end of January already. Last night in parts of Nashville there was enough snow to cover the lawns. We didn’t get any where we live. Today we’ll see some sun but the temps will only be in the upper 30’s today.



I spent some time writing with Jenny Tolman yesterday at her and her fiancé’s house Dave Brainard. The two of them recently got engaged at Jenny Lake in the Tetons out in beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming. And the two are actually getting ready to go back out there and scout for a wedding location.  Imagine how majestic that will look.  And on top of that they have not one but two shows slated in Jackson Hole for later this year. Three times in one year at one of the most beautiful places in this country. Oh no, I’m not jealous. Dave normally writes with us but had business stuff to catch up as he’s catching a plane this morning for Texas to help finish up an album for young Texas country artist he’s producing and writing with so Jenny and I tackled a fun idea about the girls who can’t help but fall for the bad guys even when they know they should not.


Jenny’s current album “Jennyville” had a lot of critical acclaim and then Covid stopped the music industry and most momentum in its tracks. So come March they’ll do a digital re-release and add three songs to that first album one of which will be a duet featuring Jenny and Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seeley. Can’t wait to hear how that turns out.  And then they have plans to release a second brand new album late in the year that I’m sure will have more than one song the three of us have written as a writing team. I’m certainly looking forward to that.



How about the guy in North Carolina who hits two deer in one day with his brand-new car and then finds out he won a 2-million-dollar lottery?  From bad to great. And yes, he made a lot of DOE…or…he made a lot of BUCKS.



For the first time in its history Apple made 100 BILLION dollars in one quarter. That iPhone 12 is really selling. And a ton of them sold as Christmas presents over the holiday in the last quarter. Wow…and I didn’t even buy one.



Apple is now warning that those who have pacemakers should keep their iPhones at least 6 inches away from those pacemakers. Apparently, the radio waves could disrupt the workings of the pacemaker. I hate having to reboot my iPhone and computer…can’t imagine how much I’d hate having to reboot my pacemaker if I had one.



There was an optimistic note yesterday telling us that Covid-19 new cases were down 16% last week. The bad news is that January has been the deadliest month for the virus since it started. And the month still hasn’t finished. 80,000 have died so far.


Some folks in Oregon got stuck in a snowstorm and got an unexpected vaccination shot. Some health care workers who had been to a High School giving those shots had 6 shots leftover and instead of wasting them gave them to some folks stuck in a snowstorm with them. Right place at the right time.


A new study just out says that New Zealand has had the best response to the pandemic. The worst is Brazil. The US was listed in the bottom 5.  Some won’t find that hard to believe.



Mayflower and the others are surely busy and going to be even busier. With lots of folks working from home a lot of those employees can now move to wherever they want and keep their jobs. So why not get near the ocean or in the mountains or wherever you prefer to be to do your work online? Office space rental could get cheap in the future.



The Mardis Gras Parade won’t happen in New Orleans this year. But that town that loves to party is doing a cool thing. They’re making Mardis Gras floats out of their homes. If the floats can’t go down Bourbon Street with their Krewes then this is the next best thing. Get ya a big ole King Cake and go walking down the sidewalks and take in the sight.



Yea, I could sing that song that Brent Burns and I wrote that Ray Stevens recorded to one of the greatest songwriters ever…Kris Kristofferson. He’s retiring. “For The Good Times”… “Why Me Lord” …” Help Me Make It Through the Night” …” Bobby McGee” …” Sunday Morning Coming Down” and on and on. A janitor at Sony records one time…he mowed the lawn. They found out he could write. Could he ever. A Rhodes Scholar…an Army helicopter pilot…a movie star.  What more can one person do in the creative world?  Kris is in that elite few that sets the standards for other folks trying to rhyme words like me.


I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite song he wrote. But I sure do love The Pilgrim-Chapter 33.



The big game is a week from this Sunday in Tampa pitting Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs against the KC Chiefs and their amazing young QB Patrick Mahomes. The game will be on CBS this year who announced that despite some big sponsors dropping out this year, like Coke and Bud and others that they’ve sold out their spots. A 30 second commercial for this year set the sponsors back 5.5 million per commercial.  Here’s a glimpse of a mysterious Cheetos ad that we’ll see starring Ashton Kutcher.



Back in the day when I was commuting down an interstate early every morning to head to a radio studio this car would have cut my driving time down in half. The world’s fastest car is this Shelby SSC Tuatara. A tad over 282 mph. What’s the fine for going 250 mph over the speed limit of 55? Since they only cost about 2 million dollars I think I'll order two.



Relationships can be complicated. Sometimes guys ruin one by saying brain dead stupid things. Like this comment a guy told a girl he’d just met and liked. “Your body is comfortable like a couch”. Yikes. He ought to know since he’s spending so many nights sleeping on a sofa now.



Back to writing with my bluegrass buddy Laura Leigh Jones who sent me a great idea that will feature her on mandolin. I’m just going to try and keep up with how fast she can play this morning.


Have a great Thursday!



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