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Kingston Trio...Name Tags...Drunk Yoga

Jan 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Already it’s the last Tuesday of the first month of 2020.  Time do not slow down one bit.  And here in Nashville the city light up one of our bridges that spans the Cumberland River and lit it up in purple and gold...Laker colors for Kobe Bryant.



I had a great songwriting session with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard at a brand new home they just moved into at the end of last month.  And we found a little magic in the new house writing a very fun song that fits Jenny to a tee. Jenny’s tour schedule will get busier and busier so we’re always happy to find time to get this trio together and add something new to our growing catalog together.  I did get to see her room of shoes…and one look confirmed to me what I’ve already known for a while from having a wife and a daughter.  Shoes breed faster than rabbits.



I read where Bob Shane one of the original members of the Kingston Trio passed away.  I lived through a period where “Hootenanny” was a big TV show that featured a lot of folk singers and groups and the Kingston Trio was always at the top of the heap as far as stars of that genre go.  Chad Mitchell Trio (with John DenverPeter Paul and Mary, The Limelighters, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and on and on.  Little coffee shops sprung up on college campuses where kids would grab a guitar and sing folk music.  My two brothers and I wore out the song “Tom Dooley” when we played music for a short while as a trio of “Whyte Brothers”.  Pretty cool to be teenagers and sing about a hanging.  RIP Mr. Shane and thanks for the great music.



My wife never eats a donut.  BUT…with Krispy Kreme making them in a heart shape for Valentine Day it sounds like a perfect gift.  Okay…a perfect gift for me when she refuses to take a bite but still…perfect gift.  And to the rest of you husbands…you’re welcome.



The former American Idol judge has dropped 114 pounds and managed for the most part to keep it off.  After weight loss surgery he still had to work with fitness experts in order to keep it off.  My wife says the same thing Randy Jackson says about weight loss.  You have to look at food differently.


Right now I’m trying to trick my mind into thinking that a bowl of brussel sprouts tastes just like a bowl of mac and cheese.  It ain’t working.



At an Oscar luncheon this week Brad Pitt wore his name tag.  Pretty sure they knew who he was but that’s pretty funny.  I’m also pretty sure he’ll win the Oscar this year for his supporting role alongside Leo DiCaprio in the Tarantino movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”



We live in Wilson County here in Nashville and yesterday at the Wilson County Courthouse a young 20-year decided to smoke marijuana in front of the judge in the courthouse.  He’ll now have a chance to mellow out behind bars in the Wilson County Courthouse.  There’s got to be a song in that.



So there’s a group of folks on GoFundMe right now who are asking for $15,000 in contributions for their charity of choice.  If they raise the money they promise they will sit in a theater and watch the movie “Cats” for 24 hours non-stop.  Yes, they’re allowed to take breaks and go to the litter box.  You’re welcome.



The stock market has been going down the last three days or so with a big drop yesterday of almost 500 points.  The Coronavirus…impeachment proceedings may be all part of the reason…I never know.  I do know one should have bought stock in surgical masks as they are sold out across the US right now because of fear of the virus.  When there’s an armed conflict buy stock in arms. When folks are getting sick?  Buy surgical masks.



Go to a “drunk yoga” class. Some YMCA’s are offering wine and libations with your yoga poses.  If you do the downward dog you can just lick the wine out of the glass while you are in that position.  Don’t forget to sniff the cork.



Well...my songwriting appointment got cancelled so it opened my day up.  So, I think I’ll grab my leotards; yoga mat and empty wine glass and head to the “Y” today.


Have a great Tuesday!





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