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A Gospel Tune...Studio Time...Dolly's Statue

Jan 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday and we’re trying to dry out after a flat out good ole gully washer here last night. Man it rained like Noah was getting ready to load up again. That’s all gone and today we’ll have some sun with a high up in the low 60’s. Aww…wintertime.


It certainly could have been worse. The temps went up and with that came a tornado watch last night. It spared us this time, but Birmingham got hit with one death reported. It’s that time of the year when you keep your eye on the weather guy.



Monday started with a morning writing session with gospel-singer-songwriter Lee Black. Last time we wrote we finished up and I played him a start of another idea I had for a song. We held onto that thought and those words and finished that song up together yesterday.  Lee and the Southern Gospel group he’s a part of Legacy 5 are started to see a few more road shows starting to happen for them. That’s good to hear as there’s just not been a lot of those for anyone. I can’t believe myself that it’s been since the middle of November since I last played a show…with nothing yet on the books for 2021. It’s been a desert for sure, so I was glad to hear Lee say they’re getting to be on a stage a few times.



At the last second I got a call from one of my co-writers Wil Nance telling me that a song we wrote with Brian White was going to be recorded last night here in town.  A demo recording…something good enough in quality to pitch to other artists. So I wound up being in a recording studio with those two and a great group of musicians listening and watching a little magic go down. That never gets old…hearing your songs come to life in studio.  I always like surprises like that.



While in studio yesterday Wil Nance told me that the Cardinals will allow fans into the stands this year at Spring Training…at least some fans. The Cards play their spring training games n St. Pete, Florida but my Reds play in the Cactus League out in Arizona. I found out that the Cactus League folks are asking for a delay because of their Covid situation. I told my wife that I look forward to Spring because of baseball starting and she replied, “You’re always ready for baseball”. The woman knows me.


For the first time since I can’t remember, I read one article that says virus cases have gone down a little. Down!  And their new concern are the new strains of it that could be even more infectious.


Here in Tennessee the vaccine has been slow to roll out and you still have to be 75 or older to get one. However, it may speed up as they’ve announced that both Dollywood in Pigeon Forge and Nissan Stadium home of the Titans here in Nashville will be used lining folks up to get shots. Demand has increased witnessed by knowing there are some folks who are camping out in hopes of getting unused vaccine at some locations.



This put a smile on my face. Richard Arvin Overton is a 109- year- old WWII veteran still alive and well. He smokes 12 cigars a day, drinks whiskey, 4 cups of coffee a day and also eats ice cream every single day. He still goes out for walks…and he still drives! God Bless him. I think I’ll start eating more ice cream.



Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a weasel on a trampoline.



Here’s a great story about Dolly Parton who revealed this in an interview. Years ago her hometown put a statue up of their favorite hometown girl. She told her Daddy about it and her Daddy said, “Well yeah, I heard about that. He then added, “Now to your fans out there you might be some sort of idol. But to them pigeons, you ain’t nothin’ but another outhouse”. And you wonder where Dolly’s sense of humor comes from?


Now here’s the heartwarming part of that story. He Father would clean that statue at night with a bucket of soapy water that he kept in the back of his pickup truck without anyone’s knowledge.



Here’s another collecting story. Folks do buy and collect…you name it. A woman just dropped $27,000 to buy a My Little Pony collection. I’m going to try and make some money off the My Little Pony trend by introducing “My Little Saddles” soon.


Buying toys might make sense as toy sales have surged 25.1 BILLION dollars during the pandemic. I’ve been playing a lot of Pick Up Sticks myself.



The woman who made those mittens Bernie wore on inauguration that you see him wearing in all those memes on Facebook?  She’s out.  Can’t keep them in stock. She gave Bernie Sanders a pair, folks started having fun using that picture everywhere, and now she’ll need to hire help to keep up with the demand. If my sister Rita up in Minnesota had given Bernie a quilt (she makes a lot of them) she’d be rich.



Folks do make some embarrassing “google” searches. Most don’t talk about those but one woman was honest enough to admit that she Googled “What’s the name of Garfield the Cat”?  Uh huh. 



Remember that candy bar?  If you don’t like a Whatchamacallit you may want to try their new candy bar they just launched “Whozeewhatzit”. I can’t make that stuff up folks. Order both to make the clerk smile when you ask, “Can I have a Whatchamacallit and a Whozeewhatzit”?



Families have weird traditions sometimes. One Father admitted that every Christmas he makes his son do a power-point presentation to make his case as to why he should get the Christmas presents he’s asking for. I’m betting that youngster will grow up to be a CEO.



I’m writing online with my friend Irene Kelley this morning as we’ll try to finish up an idea we started last time we were together. Irene has one of those great country Appalachian voices that I love to hear every time she sings. She’s been busy lately starting to build a cabin up in the mountains of Gatlinburg and when it’s finished, she plans on having a few writers over every now and then to be inspired by the view that will hopefully turn into some great songs. Looking forward to that.


Have a great Tuesday!






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