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Christmas In January...Listening Room Show Tonight...Hall Of Fame Tomorrow

Sun is up over Old Hickory Lake outside my little blogging window dancing on the water.  Good way to start the day.








I spent a chunk of it on Music Row writing with Paul Bogart at Sony...and catching up on his growing kids and career.  Paul's management team thinks it would be a good idea for Paul to have a Christmas song or two in his collection so...11 months from Christmas...there we were thinking yuletide thoughts and trying to rhyme it.  Artists usually record Christmas songs WAY in advance...like July or so.  We were working ahead if you will and got some of the thought typed into computers...and we'll try and finish that thought in a few weeks.


Paul will be one of my special guests tomorrow morning for a live morning show broadcast on WSM radio coming "live" from the 3rd floor of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  The show runs 5:30AM-10AM and Paul is scheduled to be on air with me and Charlie at 8:15.  So tune in if ya can worldwide at wsmonline.com






Apparently "country rap" is popular enough now to have it's own festival or two...on of those being the "Lactember Fest" somewhere in Georgia in a field full of pick up trucks and country singers? who do a lot of rap.  The other popular term for it is "Hick Hop".  Not my favorite form of music for sure...but...I am a writer on the "Hick Hop" song "Luke Bryan" that Cledus T. Judd recorded with Colt Ford who is indeed a Hick Hop artist.  So...I can't throw any redneck stones here.


Rap has gotten so popular...I fully expect to hear Beethoven's 5th somehow morph into a rap.



Here in Nashville they are trying to outlaw Airnb rentals from any owner who doesn't live in the house they rent out from time to time.  It's gotten to be such a big business that investors buy houses strictly to put into Airnb.  The complaint is what you might suspect.  Noise...lots of party noise next door to folks who enjoy the normal peace of their neighborhoods.  Nashville is a tourist destination...so you can imagine what some of the neighbors hear and witness at all hours of the night.


Good law for the neighbors...and maybe a lot more houses going up for sale.



182 Toys R Us Stores are going out of business.  Online sales I'm sure have taken a bite.  Maybe Amazon Prime will buy Geoffrey The Giraffe and keep him employed.



If you loved the CBS show "Murphy Brown"...they are rebooting it...and Candice Bergen will return to her lead role in the news room of "Murphy Brown".  Faith Ford is the sister of our afternoon personality on WSM Radio...Devon O'day.  Faith played the role of Corky Sherwood on the show.  Will she be back?  I'm gonna have to ask Devon when I see her.  Funny show...and with the insanity of what we call "news" today...the show should have a wealth of new and funny material.



Dancing With The Stars?  Look for Caitlyn Jenner to be dancing in the new season. 



They are now making swimsuits out of recycled trash.  If you've seen some of the skimpy things that some folks bravely strut their stuff in...you know they don't need a lot of trash to make a few. 


So...the next time you're strolling down the beach with not enough material to cover your assets and you hear someone say, "so trashy"...you can reply..."how'd ya know"?



Getting read for a show tonight with "Hits & Grins" at the Listening Room Cafe here in Nashville.  6 pm show...and Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself would love to see there.  Great food there...and great listening venue for sure...hence the name.









I'll also be doing some pre-work for the early morning show tomorrow morning on WSM at the Hall Of Fame that I mentioned at the top of today's blog.  So because of the early rise tomorrow morning...there may be no blog until Monday...or...just a very short one.  Again...you can listen to the broadcast from anywhere at wsmonline.com...and you can watch it on Heartland TV or their website at watchheartlandtv.com. 


Remember though...I have a face for radio...so maybe listen...and not watch.


Have a great Thursday!





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