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Home...Duck River Saturday...Naked Loan

Jan 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Home in Nashville…just in time for Hump Day. 



Tuesday was all about getting home to Nashville from Gulf Shores.  It turned out to be a longer than normal drive because of having to pull over a lot to shoot back and forth e-mails to my New York folks about what they wanted parody song wise yesterday.  They changed their minds about 3 three times before finally deciding they wanted something to cover the awful officiating that took place in the NFL Championship games this weekend.


I can still hear the groans and screams and four letter words from Saints fans that I watched some of the game with in New Orleans on Sunday on Bourbon Street.  So I was happy to pull over and find some Wi-Fi and send them what they needed for that. 


So I’m waking up this morning still smiling at some of the memories from this past weekend of playing music with friends and getting to hang with family in such a beautiful place.  The good news for me is I’ll be back in Gulf Shores for another show next month February 12 with our “Evening In The Round Trio” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott and Brent Burns will also be on stage with us. 



There truly is something about sleeping in your own bed isn’t there?  Slept like a log last night after spending some couch time with my wife catching up on her week while I was gone and then watching “The Bachelor” (don’t hate)…as well as a movie she had taped “Snowden” which is all about the guy who is still living in Russia after giving up some of our data gathering secrets to the world.  Oliver Stone produced the movie so keep that in mind…but it was good and eye opening.  The lead actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was great as Edward Snowde for sure and the movie will make you think and might make some thrown their phones, computers and digital devices into the ocean.  Big Brother if you’re watching and recording me “blog” this morning…you are really really bored.



Heads up to folks down near Duck River, Tennessee, as I’ll be playing at the Duck River Country Store this Saturday night.  Just me and the guitar with stories and songs and laughs.  Doyle and Debbie Grisham (Doyle’s a noted steel guitar player here…played for Jimmy Buffett for years)  bought this quaint old country store there and Saturday nights they have entertainment.  It’s quaint and very cool as one can see from the pictures online and I can’t wait to be a part of it this weekend. 



Wall Street released it’s list of fastest growing and shrinking states in the union. Top 5 for growing from 5-1.  Florida, Washington, Utah, Nevada and number one in growth is Idaho.  Surprised?


Fastest shrinking states also in reverse.  Hawaii, Alaska, Illinois, West Virginia and number one shrinkage goes to:  Wyoming. 


And now ya know.



With a 33 degree high predicted this Saturday in Music City…I’m always ready to dream about baseball starting again.  Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training at the end of next month.


And I got pretty excited when I read that Nashville now is in the discussion mode of bringing Major League baseball here.  That would make my year…whatever year it would happen.  And I surely hope I’m here to see that.


Our minor league ballpark is terrific.  I go to a lot of games and root on our Sounds who this year will be a minor league affiliate of the Texas Rangers after being aligned with the A’s over the past few years.  But as much fun as that is…it does not compare with big league baseball.  I’ve got my baseball glove fingers crossed big time.



Meanwhile Mariano Rivera becomes the first player ever UNANIMOUSLY voted into the Hall.  Why?  Not sure.  Maybe it’s because for closers…there is nobody else that was even close to what the Yankee closer did.  Maybe.


The kind of sad part of this is…with him getting so much attention because of the unanimous vote…I’m betting most of us can’t name the other two worthy players who are going in the Hall at the same time.  Can you?


For the record it’s Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez and the late Roy Halladay.  All great great players.  Edgar Martinez who we mostly know from his Seattle days alongside “The Kid” Ken Griffey Jr. waited ten years to get this CALL that as you can see made him pretty emotional.  Don’t blame him.  Congrats to all.



Here’s a stat for you to roll around in your head.  The world’s wealthiest people make 2.5 billion dollars per day.  Geez.  And not one of them is a danged songwriter.  What gives?



I got none so these kinds of stories always catch my attention.  One of the hair trends for men these days is “Troll” hair.  Like in those little dolls where the hair strands stand straight up?  Unless they turn Kojak into a troll doll…I got no shot of replicating that look.



“Cats”…the Broadway show is being turned into a movie.  Taylor Swift got a part.  She’ll be the feline “Bombalurina” who’s part of the “Gumbie Trio”.  Aren’t you glad I told you? 


I saw the musical once…a long time ago.  Went home and licked my fur after it was over.  Weird. 


If they create the role of “Hairball”…I’ll try out.



Burger King is rolling out an M&M shake. Just like it sounds.  The writer who wrote the article I read says it’s better than any McFlurry.  Great.  I know what part of my Wednesday will now be consumed with.



A Russian woman goes into a bank and asks for a loan.  She’s not qualified and the male loan officer turned her down. She then undressed in front of him.  Still no loan. 


She might want to try the Savings and Boobs building next.



A day of catching up from the road trip and getting ready for a busy Thursday, Friday and Saturday that’s filled with co-writes and a the show I mentioned earlier in the blog.


Have a great Wednesday yourself!



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