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Wisconsin Co-Write...Lady A Joins the Opry...Golden Guitar Awards

Jan 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello weekend. Nice to see you again. Oh, and if you would, PLEASE stop sharing Bernie Sanders meme’s all over my socials. I think I’ve seen old Bernie bundled up in the cold with his mittens and surgical mask enough over the last couple of days to last me. Thank you.



I caught up and wrote a new song with you young talented Wisconsin buddy Nora Collins. I had an idea that I thought might fit her style and held it for several months until we could tackle the rest of it together. And that’s just what we did.  Nora has a brand-new album already recorded that she hopes to find a label for this year and then release it. She’s working with a very talented producer who’s worked and written with Brandy Clark, Kelsea Ballerini and others so I know without hearing that the album has to be pretty darned good. The two of them wrote every song for the project together (dang) and I’m certainly rooting for her to make a little noise in 2021.  Really fun catching up on her lives and challenges and creating something new together again.


Nora shared how all of her performance dates have been cancelled since last March like lots of others trying to make music for a living. At this point, I have no idea when any of us will be on stage with any kind of regularity again. I had two more dates on my calendar cancel yesterday on the books in March and April and both of those were dates that had already been rescheduled from the year before. Both of those dates were in theaters with my “Evening in the Round” trio starring Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me.



Lang and Linda got some really great news when their daughter Hillary called them to let them know that they had been asked Lady A to be the next members of the Grand Ole Opry! Quite the moment when Lady A’s friend Darrius Rucker surprised them on stage. Here’s that wonderful moment. I simply could not be happier for Hillary, Dave and Charles as well as Hillary’s parents and my dear friend Lang and Linda. Even in trying times there’s wonderful unforgettable moments that happen.



Tomorrow the “Golden Guitar” Awards will take place in Tamworth, Australia. And I’ll be trying to pull the show up online as my Aussie friend Kristy Cox is up for three of those awards (equivalent to a CMA Award here in the states) as she is nominated three times. I’m a co-writer on 4 songs on her current CD “No Headlights” including “Finger Picking Good” that world class guitarist Tommy Emmanuelle is part of. That song is up for “Bluegrass Song of the Year” tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed. And the album is up for “Album of the Year” too. And then Kristy is also up for “Female Vocalist of the Year”.


Normally the show is held “live” in Tamworth. Because of Covid, there will be a mixture of “live” and pre-recorded including a video that Kristy shot here at our publishing studios in Nashville with Tommy and a full band that includes Jerry Salley who produced the album and co-wrote “Finger Pickin’ Good” with the two of us as well as one other song on that album AND Jerry produced it. That video will be seen on the awards show. Kristy lives here in the US so she can’t fly into Australia for a “live” appearance because of the virus and not being allowed in country right now.


One other cool thing about this that I just found out. Another young Aussie friend and co-writer of mine Angus Gill sent me an e-mail this morning telling me that he will be presenting the award for “Bluegrass Song of the Year”! I’ve already instructed him to read our song as the winner even if he doesn’t see on his card. I have no idea if he’ll cooperate or not.


So we have a lot to root for tomorrow for sure.



So now we’re worrying about a South Africa strain of the virus that they worry could reinfect those who’ve already had the virus. Great.


Rumors where the Tokyo Olympics would be cancelled but at this moment, they’re saying the games are still on July 23. We’ll see.


The Superbowl coming up in a couple of weeks will cap attendance at 22,000, including 7,500 vaccinated health-care workers.



Don’t know how I’d survive without coffee. Yep. Pretty addicted. I’m not really picky though. I can still drink a pot of Maxwell House or Folger’s and be happy as a clam. But some have to have coffee stronger than that and they’re willing to pay for it. That’s why there’s always a line at the Starbucks drive through. How about some expensive coffee?  That would be Campos. A 50-gram tin of these beans will cost you $80. That’s about 25-30 bucks per cup. The get the beans from Brazil apparently and some coffee afficionados say it’s the best cup of Joe they’ve ever drank. I don’t see me dropping 30 bucks ever for a cup of coffee. And that thought is certainly covered in this song I recorded “Good Cup of Coffee”.



The sales of those Croc shoes soared 89% last October. Meanwhile, guns and ammo are in short supply. So that must mean that if you see somebody wearing those ugly plastic shoes, they’re packin’. I’d resist saying anything bad about their ugly shoes for now.



I like adventures. Done a few daring things in my life that put my heart up in my throat like doing some sickening loops and drops in an acrobatic plane once with a pilot who broke the record for most consecutive barrel rolls. Don’t eat before you jump in the backseat of that bad boy.


But I don’t think I’d be up for jumping in a kayak and then hurtle down an 80-foot waterfall in New Zealand like this guy did. Nope



Yep, just like Sgt Schultz says in Hogan’s Heroes…” I know nothing” when it comes to what’s going to be collectible. Case in point. Who ever thought that those Pokémon cards would be worth so much money? An unopened box still sealed just fetched $408,000. I know nothing.



I do believe its true love if a woman sends a man MEAT for Valentine’s day. Check out this little beef jerky valentine gift for hairy legged men.



Two great games this weekend…especially the Green Bay-Tampa matchup for me as I’m a Packers fan. Watching Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady duel up in cold Green Bay will be worth watching. As will be the Buffalo-KC game.  I'll be on the couch Sunday for both games. Go Pack!



I’m writing once again with Darrin & Brooke Aldridge as they continue to work on their first record for Billy Blue, the company I write songs for. Just love these two and we’ve got some good songs together teed up for this album that everyone in their camp seem to be excited about. One in particular will probably get a video release to go along with the song itself and from what I’m hearing it should really be something. The two of them are in North Carolina at home with their tiny dog Otis (as in Mayberry) and I’ll be here in Nashville.


Have a great Friday!

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