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65 North...Radio Trop Rock Broadcast...The Three Bells

Jan 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Highway 65 North…homeward bound to Nashville.



My final day in beautiful Gulf Shores Alabama and I made good use of it.  Sun came out and it was gorgeous so I made sure I grabbed a bench for awhile next to the sand and Gulf waters to soak it up one more time before sitting down at a table with my friend Brent Burns to write a new funny song that will most surely land on his next CD when he gets ready to go back into the studio.  So I did get a little work done before packing my bags and heading to the condo my brother and his wife are snow birding in which is on West Beach in Gulf Shores.


As I was driving down the beach road to that condo…the colors almost made one want to pull over.  But I got up high to their place in time to grab a snapshot off of their balcony of the orange and yellow and red that splatters the Gulf Coast waters in the evenings after a clear day.  Really breath-taking last night.  Check out the picture on my Facebook page if you’d like.


And then we had a great dinner that my brother Gary’s wife Kay made for us and enjoyed each other’s company alongside “Celebrity Big Brother”.  Now…I’ve never seen “Big Brother” for whatever reason.  And this one left me with a memory of two grown men in pink suits in a swing trying to catch a stream of champagne and then trying to deposit it in a huge glass.  Uh huh.  And of course…one of the two winners was an Olympic athlete.  Somehow…I don’t see the Olympic committee adding this to the next summer games.


Then I got to bed early…was gone at the crack of dark and have pulled over to get this blog posted before making the rest of the way home. 


All in all…just a great time in both Gulf Shores and New Orleans these past few days.



Stevie Wonder just called the NFL and told them that HE would have thrown a flag in that Saints game. 



That Pirates and Poets songwriter round I did in New Orleans with Brent Burns and Matt Hoggatt was broadcast “live” on Radio Trop Rock…a great internet radio station run by Eric Babin and his wife Gina.  Eric is retired Navy and has now grown his hair out and is wearing flip flops and shorts like the rest of the Parrot Head world and runs this fun radio station.


Here’s some good news.  They are going to re-broadcast the entire show this Sunday January 27 at 1 pm Central time.  You can hear about 4 hours of us swapping songs and insults in the second half for the section they call “Fools On Stools”.  Some groans, and some really funny “roasting” going on that you can listen for if you’d like.  Just click on the link above to Radio Trop Rock to listen in Sunday if you’d like. 



We added another date for “Evening In The Round” starring Linda Davis that features Lang Scott and me.  First…I’m returning to Gulf Shores with that trio February 12 for a show at the Methodist Church auditorium where our friend Brent Burns will join the three of us.  This is going to be a really great show so mark your calendars.


And then our little trio has added a show in Linden, Texas June 7 at the Music City Texas Theater that will be part of a 5 show run (at least) that runs through Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico.  Just check my online calendar for all the details.



It’s the off-season and a smart traveler can find some deals.  A friend and his wife are going to Greece for 4 days.  They fly Delta and get 4 days where it’s warm in February for a total cost of like $1600 for the two of them!  Worth breaking a plate over.  If you wanna travel and you’re on a budget…time to do some internet surfing.



The coffee company has now paired with Uber.  You can get your iced latte half shot two pumps cinnamon dolce with nutmeg sprinkled on top delivered to your door by Uber.  I’m still waiting for drone delivery myself.



In Norway every third car is powered by battery only.  You’ll never hear that Viking sneaking up on you.



Pope Francis put up a Pray App that lets anyone join him in prayer service.  And now if they will just hook that up with a Duo Lingo to translate what the heck he’s saying…



Maxine Brown one third of the great “Browns” trio with her brother Jim Ed and Bonnie passed away at 87.  Jim Ed got most of the attention through the years…but the sister’s harmony parts were so sweet whenever the three sang together as in the classic “Three Bells”.  The news made me want to hear this great RECORDING one more time.



Baseball in Nashville?!  If that happens Nashville will go from being a great city to the PERFECT city for me.  A rich rich dude is in the papers saying he believes he can make it happen.  C’mon then!


I love our Minor League Park and the Sounds…but for me?  Nothing like Major League Baseball.  Now…if he can bring a Skyline Chili franchise with it…I’ll never leave town.



Scientists say “Uranus has no interesting features on it”.  I think I’ll just let you make your own jokes here.



65 North…time to get back on it and get home to my wife who I always miss when I’m gone even a few days.  Homeward bound.


Have a great Tuesday! 

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