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Road Dates...Radio Show Tonight...Linda Davis Show Tomorrow Night

Jan 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday and a weekend is on us full of NFL playoff football. And I’m a guest on a streaming show tonight and playing a show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott tomorrow night. Busy weekend, and more on that is coming up at the end of the blog today.


Oh, and it’s cold!  22 degrees at the moment.



I wrote for the second time with Mark Houser who’s been writing songs, recording albums and more for years in this town. He now runs a great music venue in Livingston, Tennessee that I played at for the first-time last year with his girlfriend Tena. Great place. And because he’s done this awhile, he’s sure had his fair share of folks recording his songs including Rodney Atkins, Jack Greene and even the Little River Band. So writing a song with Mark is great AND getting to hear some of his industry stories is a real bonus. Mark brought a really good idea yesterday that we finished together so it was time well spent…and fun.



Besides the show Saturday night in Crossville, TN, here’s a few more shows coming up in the first quarter of the year.


February 18 I’m in Little Rock with my buddy Steve Dean and the organization Freedom Sings USA to write songs with veterans.


Feb 26 it’s Linden, Texas with Linda Davis and Lang Scott, and there may be another date or two added on this Texas run.


March 3 at the Listening Room Café “Hits & Grins” songwriter show with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.


March 10 Adams-Friendship Wisconsin “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.


March 12 Carthage, Illinois with Lang, and Linda.


March 19 Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Solo show.


March 20 Foley, Alabama with Brent Burns


Details on all these shows and others are on my calendar here on the website.



I keep looking for signs that we’ve peeked with Covid. Some have been predicting that might happen this month. Not happening in Nashville yet. We’ve had a 174% increase of cases in the last month.


The news would make us think that hospitals are overrun with Covid cases. Massachusetts just revealed only half of their patients are there for Covid.


Another study came out suggesting that unvaccinated seniors are almost 50 times more likely to be hospitalized because of Covid.



That would be those fancy expensive Peloton bikes that you seemingly see advertised 10 times a day on TV. Sales are falling off so much that they’ve stopped production on them. Like a lot of pieces of exercise equipment they become fancy places to hang your clothes. I should know. I’ve got a lot of cobwebs on my thigh master.



For Tim Allen fans some cool news. They are going to make more of the “Santa Clause” movies like the three others he’s starred in that were big hits. This will be a streaming series on Disney where he will reprise his role as Scott Calvin who turns into Santa.


While he’s at it, I wish he’d reprise Home Improvement too.



The new Batman movie is on the way. Order the industrial size bucket of popcorn if you go watch this though. It’s almost 3 hours long. That’s a long time to be wearing a rubber suit with a cape. I’ll be Batman carries chafing ointment with him. Check the glove compartment of the Batmobile. This new movie that co-stars Batwoman is out March 4.



A New Zealand couple grew a large tater. I mean a LARGE tater.  They dug up a potato that weighs 17.4 pounds. That would of course be a Guinness record book thing. But, before Guinness will confirm that, they must send off a sample to Scotland so that they can do some kind of potato DNA thing to confirm that this monster is actually a potato. Who knew they took taters so seriously?


I grew up with lots of taters. LOTS. We had a smokehouse full of those dang things we grew in a garden every year. When you grow up in a house of 7 you grow a big garden. Or at least we did. It took me a long while to eat one of those danged things again after I grew up and left home. I channeled that thought a bit when I wrote this song, “Living Out in the Country” that I wrote with Steve Dean.


Oh, I’m eating them again now. Air fried. I’m from the school of thought that any food that’s “fried” tastes better.



Tammy Wynette sang about it. The lawyers deal with it. And they’ve seen some really crazy things happen between couples when they decide to split. Here’s three examples.


A husband went back to his home when he knew his about to be ex-wife was at work and Gorilla glues her things together.


A woman was so made during divorce time that she took everything from their home. Pulled up the carpet AND unscrewed and took every doorknob with her.


And I love this one. A judge gave a divorcing couple shared rights to their pet parrot and prevented them from teaching the parrot how to cuss to the other party.



Whenever it turns cold in the south I start thinking, how many days until baseball begins? Right now the players and owners are in another one of those lockouts, so who knows when this year’s season might start.


But it won’t affect play in the minor leagues, only the majors. AND this year several minor league triple A teams will use robotic umpires. Yep. Nashville and our Sounds baseball team will not be using one yet but some of the parks they play in will have that. So, who would Earl Weaver run out of the Oriole’s dugout, turn his cap backwards, yell dirty words and kick dirt on a robot?  Or a robotic camera?


It could shorten games a bit as players won’t be stepping out to question calls. I think I would miss seeing Lou Pinella pull up a base and toss it into the outfield though because a disputed call with a real ump. We’ll see what happens.



Man Found Dead in Home Surrounded By 100 Snakes. No Cause of Death Yet. (I’ll take a crack at that)



This evening I’ll be Jaycee Lynn’s special guest on her show Music Valley News. We’ll probably talk about radio, songwriting, comedy and more. Whatever she wants to talk about. And I’ll be playing a few songs. This will happen at 5 pm at the Texas Troubadour Theater over near the Opryland Hotel.



I’m on the road to Crossville, Tennessee, about 2 hours away to play at the historic Palace Theatre there for the second time with “Evening in the Round” and my musical buddies Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Showtime is 7 pm.


Have a great weekend!
















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