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Bluegrass Writing...Dates Ahead...Back To Back Girls

Jan 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Go ahead… bring on the weekend.



I wrote with one of my favorite co-writers yesterday Josh Shilling.  And it was another one of those sessions where neither of us had a great idea or a title to work with but conversation and a melody line Josh found on his Martin guitar got us going.  It’s always amazing to me when that happens…and I’m always grateful when it does happen. 


Josh does a lot of session work on top of writing and performing with the group Mountain Heart and other folks.  He just played piano for the great Del McCoury on an old Jerry Lee Lewis song.  Del is like the “Bill Monroe” guy these days for bluegrass but he’ll try new interesting things and that appeals to folks like Josh and me.  And Josh also played for me a rough cut of the song “In Memphis” that I wrote with my “Hits & Grins” buddies Steve Dean and Victoria Venier that Jeannie Kendall just recorded for a new upcoming album.  So that was a nice bonus…getting to hear that track.  Jeannie’s new album should be out later this year…and I’ll let ya know when.



I also had a get together with our “Hits & Grins” trio at Steve Dean’s house.  We went over the dates that will start for us in October and run through March of next year.  21 dates in all.  We are still waiting for complete confirmations from all the theaters before we put those online on our social calendars.  But as of now we’ll be in the following states…some of them multiple times.


California, Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico, Texas, West Virginia, Kansas, Nevada, Montana and Virginia. 


With those dates will come a lot of flying time and rental car time and some meticulous planning to make sure we get where we need to get to on time and then back home.  All of these shows will be in theaters and all three of us are looking forward to this musical journey across the country that begins late this year.



Well, a radio guy up in Michigan has stirred it up by releasing in a “tweet” that the radio station can’t play two female country artists back to back.  That’s kind of been out there for a long while under the theory that women who comprise the biggest part of the country artists want to hear the guys…not the girls.  But now that it’s out there again…here comes the kickback.  I never really got that way of thinking.  To me, some of the most creative stuff is coming from the girl side of recording aisle not the guy side.  And all those years I worked in radio nobody had to tell me what was going on from programming because I could see it on my computer.  Rarely do I remember seeing two girls in a row cued up back to back.  Debate is healthy…and I’m sure this will fire up a lot of that in country radio.



Hats off to this creative guy.  For Valentine Day he found beer in a pink carton.  Six bottles of beer in it.  And the note on the six-pack reads, “Six Ways I Love You”.  I’m not sure if that gift will make his girl cry or if he’ll wind up sleeping on the couch Valentine night.  We’ll see.



A woman is accused of lacing her husband’s beer with laxative trying to get him to stop drinking.  Wow. That might work, but what’s going to stop him from going now?



What an absolute mess for my favorite sport.  Managers, GM’s are fired for stealing signs electronically.  And now there are rumors that Jose Altuve of the Astros had a device under his uniform that would vibrate while he was batting set off by a guy watching video who would then let Jose know electronically what pitch was coming.  Jose denies it.


All I know is this coming season if the devices are gone from the dugouts it will be interesting to compare the batting averages from last year to this year on players under suspicion.



Canada now has an electric motorcycle that can go 200 mph.  And you’ll never hear it coming.  Wow.  Check out this Superbike that they may be shipping to Japan to sell.  Watch your step crossing the Tokyo streets.



“Woman Goes Nude In Baggage At Miami Airport”.  That’s one way not to set off the scanner.



Certainly I’ll be camped out on the couch Sunday rooting on the Tennessee Titans against the KC Chiefs.  Once again we should be big underdogs.  But, after knocking off New England and Baltimore?  Who knows?  It will be fun to watch.


A reminder that next Saturday January 25 I’m playing a show with “Hits & Grins” at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee…. a great listening venue…one of our favorite places to play in town.  Great food too.  But DO make a reservation as it does sell out.



Off to rhyme with bluegrass artist Irene Kelley today…always a pleasure.


Have a great weekend!







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