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West Tour...Rodney....Betty

Jan 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Rainy Thursday in Nashville…cooler temps on the way.



My parody song assignment was to write a song about Netflix raising their prices.  If you have not noticed those streaming services are now coming into the range of what your bundle deals have cost you.  So for those who have already “unplugged”?  They’re might be some plugging back in.


One of the upcoming new shows Netflix is paying for is based on the Trump Space Force he proposed.  Steve Carrell will star in “Space Force” and that might be funny enough to make you not care if they raised their price.  We’ll see.



I posted three new shows on my calendar for a tour that will start the end of May through the first week of June out west with our “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis and me and Lang Scott


Confirmed.  May 30 in Midland Texas at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center.


June 1 at the beautiful Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts in Alta, New Mexico (near Ruidoso)


And June 8 at the new Hot Springs Event Center in Hot Springs Arkansas.


There will most likely be two or three more dates added to this western run and when that happens I’ll pass those along too and add it to the calendar.  That’s going to be a really fun tour.



She’s 97 today!  What a treasure.  And still funny at 97.  It was she who once gave out this sage advice.  “Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night…9 if you’re ugly”.  Happy Birthday Betty White.



Tim McGraw will open his own fitness center in Nashville this weekend.  The first of what will be several others I’m sure scattered across the country. I’m betting the ranch the place will be called “Lift Like You Were Dying”.  Maybe.



For whatever reason I pulled up some old clips of Rodney Dangerfield on the Carson show.  I laughed and noticed how times have changed.  Both he and Johnny smoked on TV during the couch part of the interview.  And Rodney told a bunch of “fat” jokes.  Funny then…but hard to get away with now.  As Mel Brooks recently said, “PC is killing comedy”.


One other thing that jumped out at me reminding me of what I already knew.  For me…Carson was the best interviewer ever.  And that really shows up with Rodney.  It’s not what Johnny Carson says during Rodney’s roll that he’s on with one liner after one liner.  It’s what he DOESN’T say.  He just eggs the routine on and never gets in the way with a “really”?  “I didn’t’ know that”?  etc.


Watch the VIDEO for yourself.



For any Cincinnati Reds fan.  Marty Brennaman their Hall of Fame Announcer announced this will be his last year.  I can’t imagine listening to a Reds radio broadcast without hearing that voice.  I was around him a few times when I lived there.  Loved the guy…and his partner Joe Nuxhall who passed away several years ago.  I played on a Reds Fantasy Team in Florida one year and Joe was our manager. 


Here’s a taste of what every Reds fan and I are going to miss.



Now for $350 you can get a pair of Nike app -powered shoes that tie themselves.  And the shoes remember how tight you like the fit.  Sounded crazy to me at first…but then when I remembered how hard it is to bend that far down anymore…maybe telling the app to “tie” is not such a bad idea.


Now if we can get an app that will scratch what itches that’s hard to reach…



A spinning ice disc has everyone’s attention.  Right out on the water.  And of course some folks are saying aliens are involved.  Pretty much every thing that’s unexplainable is related to aliens.  Man we really do need a danged wall.



“Exercise To Fit Dead Butt Syndrome”.  You know who you are.  Gimme 50 squat thrusts!



Gotta write a little radio jingle this morning for show up in Albany NY…and then it’s time to put new strings on the guitar and pack for the trip early tomorrow morning to Gulf Shores where I have a show Saturday night at the Cork Room with Brent Burns and then a Sunday songwriters show on Bourbon Street in New Orleans as part of Pardis Gras…a big Parrot Head event. 


And Sunday about the time we play?  The Saints will be hosting the Rams for the NFC Division Championship just a few blocks away.  Can you imagine what Bourbon Street is going to be like?  I’m bracing myself.


Have a great Thursday!







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