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Radio Jobs Gone...Super Stuff...Ejections

Jan 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning.  Rain moved through after of a high of 72 here yesterday and now the temps drop to 49 for a high.  By Sunday and Monday we’ll actually have winter like temps with a high of only 33 on Monday.



My friend Gerald Smith and I sat down and wrote again.  And the really great thing about Gerald is he’s full of ideas and almost always brings something the two of us can write together.  Yesterday was no exception.  So we added a new tune to our catalog, caught up on each other’s lives and had a great time.  That’s not a bad way to spend a Wednesday.



iHeart Radio has laid off hundreds of employees.  Many of those were on air personalities scattered across the country.  iHeart Media owns more radio stations than any other company so it’s significant what they’re saying about their layoffs.  There will be more syndication, voice tracking, consolidations AND they are moving toward using their artificial intelligence. I don’t think I can go back to a cow-pasture radio station and cue up records anymore.  Those days are long gone.  It is an adapt or die world now for sure.  Those that see that and marry that will find a way to survive.  Those who dig their heels on and live in the past?  You’re in trouble.  If you can afford to live in the past…great…more power to you.


I remember starting with vinyl.  Then they changed us over to cartridge tapes.  And I almost hurled a cartridge tape at the engineer who walked in with CD players.  That’s because I was comfortable with the technology I was working with.  About the time computers came into radio stations I realized I had to be more open-minded.  Adapt.  And the truth is…every time I embraced new technology it helped improve my performance on air.  Faster…quicker…better sounding.


I kind of live with that attitude in the songwriting world these days.  I LOVE traditional country music.  But one of my least favorite things I hear is “that ain’t country”.  I know what they mean.  I love that too.  But I’m a songwriter in 2020 not 1968 and I try to adapt to trends and what artists are recording today. As brilliantly written as “Your Cheating Heart Is”…I don’t think there are many folks that would record that today. 


I think I saw the change coming in radio years ago when I was in Milwaukee and our radio station got bought and sold 4 times in one year.  Geez.  And the last time was by Clear Channel (now iHeart) and there were massive changes and layoffs then as well.  I didn’t like it then…I hate it for those affected now. 


Though I’m no longer in radio I’m pretty sure I could survive.  That’s because I’ve known all along that any intelligence I possess is surely artificial. Adapt or die folks. 


If I ever start a rock and roll band that’s what I’m going to name it Adapt Or Die.



Right now those Smart Big Screen TV’s are on sale because the Super Bowl is coming up.  You can get a Samsung Smart One and they’ll take $2,000 off if you buy it before the “Big Game”. 


FYI…”The Big Game” is what you have to call the Super Bowl if you’re on a radio station or TV station that doesn’t carry the broadcast rights.  Always thought that was weird.  But every year I’d get a reminder from my radio boss to try and not say Super Bowl.  Not easy.



I do like the chances of my Titans beating the Chiefs this weekend.  That’s because I hear they just hired the fired Alex Cora of the Red Sox to steal the Chiefs QB signals.  Good move.


Of course sometimes the commercials during the “Big Game” or as entertaining as the Super…er…Big Game itself.  Here’s an early peek at the Daniel Craig-James Bond Heineken AD



Build A Bear has jumped on the Mandalorian craze.  Kids (or adults) will be able to go in soon and build a stuffed “Baby Yoda”.  May the stuffing be with you.



Man…everything is going vegan or plant based it seems.  Now Colgate has a recyclable toothpaste tube.  And the toothpaste itself that you squeeze onto your brush is vegan.  Is nothing sacred?  I want Kraft to put out a tube that squeezes out cheese onto my brush…non-vegan.



And now the Cheesecake Factory is rolling out it’s own ice cream brand! So if I get a caramel thick slice of cheesecake and order a scoop of ice cream how long will it take for my bathroom scale to start screaming at me?



For 63 years the Martin Baker Tie Ejection Club has existed.  There are 6,000 members or so worldwide.  To be a member?  Your life had to have been saved by an ejection seat.  Who knew?



Back at the writing table with one of my favorite younger talents in this creative town…Josh Shilling.  Josh is starting to be on the road more and more with his group Mountain Heart so during the off-season for most artists we’re trying to build a little catalog of songs together.  I can’t brag about his talent enough.  Sings so GREAT…plays piano and guitar and does a ton of work in studio.  All I can do is give you and EXAMPLE.  Click on that link and watch and listen to Josh…wearing a hat behind his keys.


Have a great Thursday!



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