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Shining Up A Song...Willie & George...Coyotes In Nashville

Jan 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Coffee…computer…jacked up and ready for a Tuesday.



I sat down at Curb Music yesterday with my friends Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti who have become regular writing partners over the last year or so.  Lauren sings like a bird and is impossible not to love the minute you meet her.  She did record this SONG we wrote together that all three of us love.


Wil and I are long time Missouri music buddies who have sort of chased down the same road from the Show Me State to the Volunteer State so it’s just pretty cool to be connected again over computers and guitars and a rhyming dictionary.


Yesterday we made a song we had written the last get together much better which is sometimes part of the process…Lauren’s idea yesterday.  Glad we did this as before I “liked” the song…now I LOVE the song.  That’s why one re-writes all the time.


Lauren got engaged Christmas to a really talented hit writer-performer Shawn Camp who was out with the Earls of Leicester in Aspen playing a show.  “The Earls” are the award winning bluegrass group that tribute Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.  Shawn did the right thing and proposed to Lauren on Christmas Day…with a ring in the bag at the top of the Christmas tree.  (you can always spot creative folks)


A little birdie told me that more folks are going to be aware of Lauren in the not too distant future.  I’ll tell you more when I’m allowed. 



Those are big her in Nashville.  They just filmed one with Willie Nelson here at the Bridgestone Arena that will be aired on A&E at a later date.  A who’s who of artists showed up to sing with Willie and praise Willie including George Strait who had never appeared with Willie before…hard to believe.  That went so well that that he and George now have a duo out called "Sing One With Willie".


And…yesterday they announced a big one for Loretta Lynn at the same venue again with a ton of stars including Garth (who helped make the announcement at the Opry) to sing with her.  That will be on April 1…no fooling.


My favorite memory of Loretta is when she came in as a guest on my morning show years ago on WSM-FM here in Nashville.  She snuck up behind me and gave me the biggest hug…and somewhere there’s a treasured picture of that.  Long live Loretta…and Willie.



At our HUGE convention center here in Nashville…loading doors were open in downtown Music City and a coyote makes a dash inside!  They chase him into a bathroom where pet control folks managed to capture him and then release him into the wild.  There have been a lot of reports of folks seeing coyotes everywhere…but downtown?  Some will tell you that Music Row has always had it’s fair share of sharks and snakes….but now coyotes?



Wal-Mart just banned a woman from their store because they caught her drinking wine out of a Pringles can.  No cork…just a plastic lid.  Hopefully she picked a “good year” Pringles can.



So with the shut down the President orders in McDonald’s and fast food for the Clemson football players who were at the White House to celebrate their championship win over Bama this year.  The Chefs had walked out…they’re not getting paid because of the shut down so he did what he thought needed to be done I suppose.


I can only hope the West Wing will open a drive thru soon.



Anyone old enough to remember Perry Mason?  Man that show was on a long time ago.  But…I remember my Mom and Dad having it on the TV along with Bonanza and almost every other Western back in the day.  Now…HBO is going to reboot it…a new version is coming. 


Raymond Burr played Perry Mason.  He also played Ironside.  Will some young actor be sitting in a wheelchair soon chasing down bad guys?  Stay tuned.



The other day I wrote a parody song about a chicken finger truck spill wreck in Alabama that had folks stopping on the highway for two days running over trying to get free chicken fingers out of the ditch.


Now we have a truck spill that put chocolate all over a roadway in Arizona.  3.000 gallons of it to be exact.


Guess what I’ll be writing about later this morning.  Keep spilling stuff folks…it’s good for business.



“Man Leaves Two Pounds Of Pot In Uber, Is Arrested Trying To Retrieve It”.  He should have gone after the chicken fingers or chocolate.  Lesson learned.



Most of the rest of this week has opened up which will allow me to catch up, and get ready for road trip this weekend down south.  I’m thinking that maybe the new Kevin Hart movie my wife and I want to see “Upside” might not be sold out today as it was this weekend.  We’ll see.


Have a great Tuesday!






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