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Gulf Coast Ahead...Jimmy and Matt...Superbowl Ads

Jan 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And just like that it’s Monday again.  I think I’ll start out with that stupid Facebook challenge right here and get it out of the way.


Here’s my FIRST profile picture.




Here’s my most RECENT profile picture.




What do you think?





I caught a Belmont basketball game Saturday evening with my daughter…watched the NFL Playoffs on Sunday…so kind of a sporty weekend here in Nashville.  And I did some pre-work for the upcoming road trip this weekend for two shows.  Saturday night in Gulf Shores and early Sunday afternoon in New Orleans.  It’s going to be kind of a down and back deal this time because of so much stuff on my calendar right now…that I’m grateful for.


Saturday night at the Cork Room in Gulf Shores with Brent Burns.


Then Sunday afternoon at the Tropical Isle on Bourbon Street in Nawlin’s with Brent and Matt Hoggatt as we are part of the “Pirates and Poets” round Sunday for Pardis Gras…a huge multi-day parrot head event.  More on both of those shows later this week…but…all the info in on my calendar.



Can one walk into Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and watch the boss walk in and grab a guitar with Mac McAnally and start singing “5’Oclock Somewhere” “Margaritaville” and more.  That happened on Lower Broadway this weekend.  One of those times I wish I’d a been there.


This coming Sunday I’ll be playing at Pardis Gras…a big parrot head multi-day event with my friend Brent Burns and one Matt Hoggatt.  Now Matt…he be talented.  He can write funny too.  And he writes a lot of beach songs obviously.  During the day…he’s a cop.  But he wrote a tribute to Jimmy Buffett once that was so good that Jimmy surprised Matt when Matt was playing in Key West at yet another huge Parrot Head event.  Jimmy walked up on stage…and the two of them sang the song.  Jimmy made up the words for his part that was really funny.  Watch this VIDEO.


I’m sure Matt will be singing “Dear Jimmy Buffett” this Sunday.  I’m hoping lightning might strike again.



We did lose one of the greatest country songwriters ever over the weekend.  Whitey Shaffer passed.  “The Chair”, “That’s The Way Love Goes”, “All My Ex’s Live In Texas” and on and on and on.  His catalog includes one of favorite stone country songs “I Never Go Around Mirrors”.  Whitey was 85.


I had a huge foot in mouth moment with Whitey once.  He was a guest on my morning show at WSM-FM several years back.  He brought a very young girl with him who I took for granted was his daughter (without asking)  Except when I turned the danged mic on once and asked Whitey if he wanted to introduce his daughter.  Silence…and then….”that’s not my daughter Bill”. 


That’s the last time I’ve ever asked that question.  It goes right with never asking a woman how long she’s been pregnant.  Ya live…ya learn. 


Thank your for your great songs Mr. Shaffer.



Word is that Blake Shelton and girlfriend Gwen Stefani might cut an album together.  That’s sort of like getting a tattoo of you lover or spouse on your arm or chest or your whatever.


What’s the difference in a relationship and a tattoo?


The tattoos last forever.



Megyn Kelly got fired by NBC.  The lawyers settled up and she will get all 69 MILLION bucks that was left on her contract.  When is being fired a good thing?  Answer: When you’re name is Megyn Kelly. 



My sister from another Stacey Schrimpf sent me a picture on my Facebook page that shows Costco is now selling a 27 pound bucket that’s full of Mac N Cheese!  She knows how much I love it.  I know the world is right when one container holds so much Mac and Cheese that one needs cart to get it to the car.  Things that just make ya smile.



Okay…I am not a political person.  Just want to re-establish how much politics bore me.  But with that said…this is funny no matter who you are unless you be on one of the far far extreme sides of as party.


What would Donald Trump’s Drag Queen name be if he had one?  Answer:  Anita Wall.



Now that I’ve figured out how to use Netflix…I find myself re-watching some favorite movies.  I re-watched both “Miracle On Ice” about the USA Olympic Hockey team beating the unbeatable Russians in Lake Placid when Al Michaels screamed out the title of this movie with about 7 seconds left on the clock that day.  Kurt Russell is great as Herb Brooks the hockey coach who pulled off the miracle.


And I re-watched “The Founder” where Michael Keeton plays a hard-nosed money means everything hustler who basically found a way to steal McDonald’s…ruthlessly. 


A lot of hardcore business folks live in a dog eat dog environment where nothing is beneath them using to get that kind of wealth.  That theme also runs through “The Social Network” the movie about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook and how he got rid of the twins that really founded that idea too.  And now they are saying we could see a “Social Network 2” in the future as much has happened with privacy issues etc. at Facebook.


All three movies I watched were interesting.  “Miracle On Ice” is the only one of the three that leaves you with a smile on your face.



I saw one writer proposing that Dolly Parton get a shot at hosting the Oscars.  Kevin Hart is out because of controversy.  His movies “Upside” out this weekend with Bryan Cranston was sold out at our theater Saturday so the controversy has not affected his popularity.


I’d vote for Dolly big time.  C’mon Academy!



It was wear no trousers onboard the subways in London yesterday.  Hundreds of folks showed up and rode in their underwear.  When you ask someone why they choose to participate in something like that the answer is usually, “I don’t know”, “it’s fun” or “I left my mind at home with my trousers”.



You can “Google” the 2019 commercials that we’ll see at this year’s Superbowl if you want.  Some creative stuff.  And…we get a sneak peek at the re-make of Crocodile Dundee starring Chris Hemsworth this time around and it do look fun.  Click the link and see for yourself.




A barber in Moscow washes clients hair with champagne.  True.  I gotta feeling it’s a little more expensive than the Hair Cuts R Us I go to.  I get no champagne there.  One of those places you walk in and sit down with whomever.  A woman sporting a tattoo of a pair of scissors cut my few hairs last time.  She spoke fluent redneck.  No champagne.



"Woman In Ohio Steals Ambulance Because She Needs A Ride Home".  Wonder if it’s the same woman who cut my hair?



Off to write with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti today down on Music Row.  Always a creative fun pair to hang with. 


Have a great Monday!







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