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An Album Party...Rodeos & Job Interviews

Jan 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Nashville with a 52-degree high today. But all eyes on the weekend when snow could sneak back in.



We had an absolutely beautiful day here with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50’s. With no writing appointment on my books it gave me a chance to hit the gym, catch up on a couple of catch-up items and then get ready for the album listening party I went to last night that was off the hook great fun.



I had the pleasure of sitting in a recording studio with some other songwriters and friends to listen to all 12 of the songs on the upcoming Jenny Tolman album. I’m blessed to have the title track “Married in A Honkytonk” as well as 3 other songs on this project all written with Jenny and her soon to be husband producer-writer Dave Brainard. They dimmed the lights in the studio, Jenny poured some wine or whiskey depending on your taste and Dave cranked up the volume and we all sat and listened to the great songs and production that came out of the speakers. Gosh I’m proud to be part of this project along with so many other talented folks that contributed.


I also got to see the finished album cover art which id a picture of Jenny in front of a retro limo that’s parked directly in front of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. That’s also where they filmed the video for our title track song that’s about to be finished that we’ll get to see soon.


And one of my favorite songs on her new album was the last one that I heard because it was a song that Dave Brainard wrote with our mutual friend Rick Tiger who lost his battle with Covid this year. Such an incredibly nice thing for Dave to do. Honoring this nice man by including one of his songs. Rick was just one of those veteran guys you couldn’t help but love. His passion for real honest lyrics and country music was impressive. So many of us were saddened with his loss. His wife Joyce has not heard the song yet, and I can’t imagine what she might feel when Dave plays it for her the first time. So with all that said, I should share a Rick Tiger song. I didn’t write this one with him, but I’ve always loved this one, “Somebody Tell Memphis”. RIP.



Next for Jenny’s album will be a “live” band performance of a lot of the songs from the album that will be here in town on February 28. That should be fun. And then the album will be released worldwide on March 3rd.



Jenny and Dave were just back from a trip to Denver where they played a show and then Jenny sang the National Anthem at the National Western Stock Show, which is a big deal out there. She shared a little video of her singing it with the LOUD sound of a bull kicking the chute gates behind her that unnerved her a bit. Pretty funny.


Her story made me think back to the days when I played a few rodeos. Our band would back up some country artists on a trailer that they’d pull into the middle of the arena. I remember the late Charlie Walker was one of those artists we played with at the Sikeston, Missouri rodeo once. Our band played an “after rodeo” party for the cowboys and cowgirls and rodeo folks afterward which was fun. And I also remember being behind the chutes watching the rodeo clowns sit on the tailgate of their pickup trucks getting wrapped and ready like a football player does. Those guys are amazing…and certifiable too.



Empty store shelves. Have you noticed? Bad weather, Omicron, supply chain, shortage of workers, you name it is causing store shelves to look like a barren desert. And the folks benefiting from that may be nurseries where folks are buying plants and seeds and hoes and fertilizer to plant a garden. Of course it’s hard to plant a long tater row or two if you live in a condo.


Bill Gates now says once the Omicron variant passes it will become more like a seasonal flu. Which is what some predicted from the get-go with Covid-19.


A new study says that we have a 91% less chance of death from Omicron than we do from Delta.


And the latest from an anti-vaccination guy who has posted that drinking your urine cures Covid-19. Uh huh. Tough to get a doctor to prescribe that at.


And at the same time medical experts are debunking yet another myth that’s made the rounds claiming smoking marijuana cures Covid. Yep. It won’t cure Covid, but you might not care if you have it if you’re rolling your own weed. Tomorrow I’ll be going online to post that you can cure Covid by buying a Bill Whyte CD.



“I was trying to type marriage and it autocorrected to marathon and I don’t think it was an accident”.



We’ve all sat through them. I’ve never had a really “odd” question thrown at me at one of those. But some folks have not been as lucky. The following are questions that some employers have actually thrown out there in job interviews.


Why on earth are you here today?


How would you design a spice rack for a blind person?


If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you be?


I’d have some interesting answers to those and would have lost the job with those answers I’m sure.



Now here’s one a great friend just shared with me on the phone a couple of nights ago.


They were unhappy with their new boss. Loved the place they worked at but could simply not work for this new young hire the company made. A friend suggested that she should meet a new department head for a completely different arm of the place she had been long employed instead of quitting. So, a Zoom meeting was set up. At one point the new division head asked my friend, “So what do you WANT to do? My friend replied, “I want to do epic shit”. (Made me laugh) The potential new boss then leaned into his computer screen and asked, “What did you just say”? So my friend repeated what she wanted the very same way again. At which point, the interviewer said, “You won’t believe this”. He reached over and pulled up a sign that his wife had given him to hang in his new office that reads, “Do Epic Shit Today”. Unreal. End of story? My friend is getting a new job in that department WITH a 40% raise. Ya gotta love that.



Someone else wrote this, but it sure rings true. “The days of cheap cell phones are over. Now, if I fall and hear a crack, I am hoping it’s my leg.”



That would be the Daytona 500 this year folks coming up February 20. Not tickets to be had. That means over 101,000 folks will be in the stand watching the great American Race which begs the question, “What Covid”?



Some million-dollar homes in Tampa are being relisted for double the price and selling quickly. A leading realtor there says it’s a trend he doesn’t see going away for a while. Wow.



Full day of songwriting stuff starting with a writing appointment with my friend Irene Kelley who got some great year ending news that her song “Wild Mountain Stream” was the most played bluegrass song of 2021! Wish I’d have helped her write that song! So we’ll make a toast to that before we start rhyming something new later this morning.


Then at 2 pm today I’ll be a guest today on a podcast called “The C.L.I.M.B” with my friend and co-writer Brent Baxter. Apparently, a listener sends in a song title idea and then he and is guest (me today) talk about how you might approach writing that idea. We don’t write the song; we just talk and share how songwriters approach writing a title. Sounds like fun, and my thanks to Brent for inviting me today.


Have a great Thursday!





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