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Storms...Football...Back To Busy

Jan 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and we survived a storm over the weekend. And the temps are staying warm going up into the low 70’s again at one point this week confusing the heck out our lawn as green grass (or weeds) are popping up all over the lawn. 



Saturday had a lot of us hunkering down from high winds and heavy rain. Couple of roofs got blown completely away…down trees…flash flooding.  But for the most part where we got just a glancing blow.  Turns out that winter in the south is a lot more about rain and high water than snow and ice and I’m good with that trade off any day.



Good grief…who’d a thunk the Tennessee Titans would beat the #1 seed Baltimore Ravens?  Not me.  But they’ve made a believer out of me finally.  And for the record?  I would never want to try and tackle Derek Henry.  As you can imagine Nashville is pretty jazzed at this unexpected late season run by the Titans.  AFC Championship game this weekend and I’ve learned not to count them out. 


I always root for the home team no matter what town I live in.  My love for the Packers though carried over more than the ties I had with the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals when I lived in those cities.  A lot of that has to do with being more involved with that team than the others.  Brett Favre, Reggie White and Dorsey Levens were all a regular part of my radio show when I was doing mornings at WMIL in Milwaukee so that gave me more than a little rooting interest that has lasted.  Plus, they went to two Superbowls that I covered in New Orleans (won) and San Diego (lost). 


So, I have two teams now down to the Final Four PLUS…I’m not against KC in my home state getting there too…especially with such a class coach in Andy Reid.  Can’t wait for the Division Championship games this coming weekend.



My wife and I finally got out and caught the latest Star Wars movie.  Hard not to enjoy those films.  I’m not sure why theater ushers don’t use light saber to show the way to seats.  A missed marketing opportunity.



So popular that over 10,000 folks just applied for NON-paying jobs.  That’s a pretty good business model when you can get folks to sign up and work for no paycheck…at anything!  Although…I’m might say yes to that if they let me drive the monorail. 



It’s a little faster than the Disney Monorail.  China just launched a train that runs 202 miles per hour just before the Olympic games come to Bejing.  That will get the athletes to their drug testing pretty quickly. Check out this fast sleek looking ROCKET TRAIN.



Apparently Taco Bell is going to up the salary of store managers to $100,000 a year.  Who knew?  Pretty good pay for passing chalupas out the drive thru window.  Of course the rest of the staff makes about $12,000 a year but I digress.



If you thought those folks who sign up for reality TV shows don’t make any or much money?  That’s not always true. Those that sign up for “The Bachelor” make $100,000 a year.  So if they combined that with managing a Taco Bell when they’re not crying for a rose?  That’s a pretty good living.


Actually Hannah B who created lots of drama, won…then dumped her guy then won Dancing With The Stars and is now crying again on the Bachelor?  She made more.  In fact her net worth is already at 1.5 million and climbing.  She needs to make great money to replace the expensive mascara that constantly drips down her face from all the tears.  Just saying.



They have an Ice Cream Museum.  100,000 sprinkles are on one of the walls.  I can only hope that a person might have a chance to lick the ladle before they leave.  I’ll admit, I’m not a New York town kinda guy.  Been there three times I think.  Once to cover the Country Music Association Awards, once to cover the Garth Brooks concert in Central Park and once to see old Yankee Stadium.


I’ll go at least once more to see the new Yankee Stadium and the Mets Stadium as I try to click off ever baseball stadium on my list.  And when I go maybe I’ll stay and see the ice cream museum.  Maybe.



My long little 3-week break is over officially today and the calendar is full for awhile now.  Today I’m back to writing with my friend Paul Bogart who is working a on new album, raising his two young buckaroos and competing in team roping events so that he can own more of those gigantic cowboy belt buckles.  And today our friend Dan Wilson is back in with us giving me a chance to catch up on Dan and his great group MamaDear who have also been traveling around the world a bit over the past couple of years.  Always fun to write with those two.


Then TONIGHT it’s the college championship football game between LSU and Clemson with two great young QB’s to watch in New Orleans.  I’m headed to my friend Lang Scott’s man cave tonight joining some other friends.  Lang is from South Carolina so the room may tilt a little towards Clemson tonight.  Here’s to a great game.


Have a great Monday!

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