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Channeling Delbert...Special Night At The Opry...Listening Party

Jan 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the week time…Hump Day Wednesday. 55 today in Music City but we’re keeping our eyes on a possible snowy-rainy weekend just ahead.



I spent time writing a fun song with Lauren Mascitti and Wil Nance at my publishing company. Lauren loves Delbert McClinton and so do I, so we wound up writing something in his kind of groove. In fact, Lauren was once on a music cruise with Delbert, and he got her up to sing one of his hits “Standing on Shaky Ground”. Just click on to watch and listen. So now she’s got something a little “Delbert” to consider for her next album she’s working towards.


And Wil is just writing one great song after another seemingly. He’s the co-writer on this last up-tempo song from Mo PitneyLocal Honey”.


Very fun day again with those two.



I got a wonderful call while sitting in the parking lot at my publishing company before my writing session I mentioned from my friend Darin Aldridge. He was calling to ask what I was doing the night of January 28? I had them on my calendar to write but that’s been cancelled because Darin and Brooke Aldridge are on the Grand Ole Opry that night and invited me and my wife to come, hang out backstage and then go out front to listen to them sing the song we wrote together “Grand Ole Circle” WITH the world premier of the video of our song playing behind them on the Opry stage. Wow. What a wonderful moment this should be. They were able to pull a lot of archival footage from the Opry to use including footage of former WSM Hall of Famer Eddie Stubbs introducing them for the first time on the Opry stage a few years ago. The two have probably done 40 Opry appearances by now. I’m so pleased to be part of this song that has so much Opry history tucked into the lyrics. Blessed for sure on this one.



I want to say Happy Birthday to my son in law Casey Peterson today.  Casey is training to be an Army pilot in Fort Rucker, Alabama and within the next few days he’ll find out specifically which aircraft he’ll be flying. And that will also allow him and my daughter to look at bases to choose from for their next destination. He’ll be a terrific pilot and I’m proud that this young man is part of our family. Happy Birthday Casey.



Some scientists have noted that the Omicron variant is running out of people to infect in Britain and is peaking there. And that means, at least in their minds that it could peak here soon too. All for that.


Related to that thought. US infections declined for the first time since Christmas. Just slightly down, but down is the right direction.


Get this. The CEO of Rolls Royce says that Covid deaths may have contributed to a big surge in sales for their very expensive cars. And if you want a Rolls? It will take you about a year from the order for it to arrive. The pandemic he thinks has folks thinking they’d better live the life they want to live right now. Life has been proven over and over that that it’s a short ride and that “tomorrow’s no guarantee”. That’s a lyric my friend Brent Burns, and I put into this song “If Not Now, When”? Got a bucket list? Better get to work on it.



“Every time I do something stupid my dad stares at my mom like he wants a refund”. And no, it wasn’t my daughter’s tweet.



It’s not your imagination about inflation. Everything is getting expensive. The inflation rate just recorded for December is at the highest rate it’s been in 40 years. I think I’ll revert to my parents’ ways and start saving leftover grease in a Crisco can.



Here’s a great quote about economic reality I’d never read before. Interesting at the very least.


“If you can give a dollar to a billionaire or a minimum wage worker, give it to the minimum wage employee. The billionaire will still get it because the worker will spend it, generating economic activity.” My brain hurt thinking about that a bit, but I think I got it.



Some folks wear out the Dollar General Stores to save money. Makes sense. However the Dollar Tree store where I sometimes buy stuff like reading glasses? They’ve raised their price to $1.25 because of inflation. And in order to keep those prices around a buck a lot of the stuff you buy there for a dollar comes in a smaller container. Just pulling the curtain back a bit here America.  



Former American Idol Clay Aiken is running for congress as Democrat in his home state of North Carolina. He needed votes when he was on Idol, he’ll need votes again to win his election. As long as Ruben Studdard is not running against him, he might have a chance.



They make WEIGHTED hula hoops. A workout kind of thing I guess Although, I never could get the un-weighted hula hoop to work for me ever. I think it’s because I can’t dance and make any of those kinds of moves. Not that I want to mind ya. Nobody need to see me twirling my hips like that with a piece of plastic around my torso. Nope. However, I have stronger biceps these days because I bought a weighted coffee cup.



If you ever go to Northern Arizona, one of my favorite places, do go to Sedona. And if you like to hike at all take the trail up to what they call the Devil’s Bridge. My friend Roger Naylor who’s a Hall of Fame Arizona travel writer just wrote about that hike for the Phoenix newspaper, and it immediately took me back to a day several years ago when I followed Roger up a trail to the top of Devils bridge which has an unreal view of the red valley below. Take a look at this. Roger had me go stand on that natural rock bridge and the picture was so breathtaking that it became my screensaver and has been for a lot of years.


There’s a lot of beautiful places in this country. Northern Arizona will always be one of my favorite destinations.



I have an off day of writing but tonight is going to be very fun. This evening I’ll be in a recording studio with my friend Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard for a listening party for Jenny’s new album that’s about to be released that I have four songs on including the title track. I’ve only heard the finished product on the current single, “I Know Some Cowboys” so I can’t wait to hear how the other three turned out. One of those songs titled “That’s How I Got Married in A Honkytonk” will also be a single, and they shot a great video of that out in Jackson Hole at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar that I haven’t seen yet, and I’m hoping they might unveil that tonight too. I’ll let you know about that here tomorrow.


Hope you have a great Wednesday too!











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