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Bama...More Jeannie Kendall...Ice Cream

Jan 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Sunny and 46 this Tuesday in Nashville after just a tease of white stuff yesterday…snowflakes sprinkled our back deck just a tad…no shovel required.



I wrote a new song with Gerald Smith. Gerald is always a fountain of ideas and stacks up song titles like iHop stacks up flapjacks. And yesterday he had another great title in his back pocket and that’s what we rhymed together on our computers. Gerald has been slinging songs in this town for a very long while and has had some number one songs like this one for Colin Raye Every Second”. The writing is always fun but just getting to hang with him and hear some of those old stories he’s got is also a treat every time.



I watched half of the National Championship college football matchup last night between Ohio State and Alabama that Alabama easily won as predicted by most. It is amazing to me how anyone can put together a team that great year after year after year. 6 National Titles now under Nick Saban. And even though I don’t root for them? I can appreciate that kind of consistent excellence.



Yesterday I shared one of four songs that Jeannie Kendall recorded with Carl Acuff Jr of mine on her new album “You Got Me”…the title track. Here’s a second song “I Love That Look On Your Face” that I wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry that’s fun and sexy all at the same time. And thanks to my co-writer buddy Josh Shilling for his excellent piano work on this song.



And…I got a nice surprise from my Grand Ole Opry star friends Darin & Brooke Aldridge when I opened my e-mail to find a little recording of a song the three of us wrote about the Opry and some of the history that permeates the walls of the Opry House and the Ryman. It’s nice to hear how much they love this song and their plans for it moving forward. There will be more to share on this song later but for now thank you Darin & Brooke for loving this song.



Moderna is saying they believe their vaccine is good for up to a year once you’re inoculated. And it does look like some big arenas and parking lots are opening to help roll out the vaccines a little faster. Disneyland in California will use their huge parking lots to help. As of now, 9 million have been vaccinated.


Telling. With folks out of work one report says that fewer than 4 in 10 Americans could handle a surprise $1,000 expense. And it’s funny how when you really don’t need a surprise like that….here they come.


With Alabama winning the national title, students, fans poured onto the streets in Tuscaloosa in mass with no social distancing concerns. “Roll Virus”.



A new biopic will be made about the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz to be titled “Being the Ricardos”. And in the lead roles will be Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem. It will be interesting to see Keith Urban’s wife tackle that kind of role of a comedic genius.



And “Sex and the City” is back. This time on HBO Max but without Kim Catrall’s character. So why would they go back into production again? Well, the three remaining stars Sarah Jessica Parker (who owns the franchise) Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will each make 1 million dollars per episode. So, there’s that.



If you work in the service industry often times you’ll shake your head at what a customer asks or what you have to tell them.  For instance: A bartender had to tell a customer “The no smoking sign applies to people addicted too”.


Or how about the customer at a retail store who told the clerk, “It says to remove your card. What should I do”? Forcing the clerk to try and say with a straight face, “Well ma’am, you should remove your card”.



Did you know they make a Pod ice cream maker? Like those that make coffee? Soft ice cream from a Pod dispenser. Take a look at this sweet machine. Let’s see, I have a birthday sneaking up in a couple of months. Honey…I know what I want!



With the pandemic almost every country star you know is spending lots of time at home too with no dollars coming in from touring. So, some are latching onto commercial deals that involve drinking. Country music and drinking?  You don’t say.


Thomas Rhett will rep Dos Primos Tequila.

Lee Brice got a deal with Yuengling Beer.

And Carrie Underwood will endorse a healthier drink…Bodyarmor Energy Drink


Hey if you can’t make dollars singing? Make dollars drinking.



Mostly an off day but I’ll have a little video meeting with Darin & Brooke Aldridge mentioned above as we are going to make a small tweak to that Opry song I blogged about up above. And then I have to go buy a Megamillion ticket because I can’t get a beer company to sponsor my cancelled tour.


Have a great Tuesday!



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