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Mama's...Tide Got Rolled...More Yellowstone

Jan 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Nashville. 25 degrees now. A high of just 45 predicted for today BUT, we’ll have nothing but sunshine today.



Well, my writing appointment with Tim Stafford got cancelled at the last second. Tim is over with his 95-year-old Mom, and they have no internet at her house, so we decided to reschedule our write. How lucky is my friend that his mom is still hanging with him? I’m always okay with anyone having to cancel because they are spending time with their 95-year-old Mama.


And then my Wednesday co-write also blew up because of a Covid concern. So, what was to be an extremely busy week has eased up a bit, and that’s more than okay. Back at it later today though.



I did watch the Georgia-Bama National Playoff game last night. All SEC again. Folks in the Peach State are celebrating and barking like “dawgs” this morning after they finally beat the “Roll Tide” group. The 4th quarter was fun, up until then it was pretty much a “yawn” for me with the only exciting thing happening was Natalie Grant absolutely slaying the national anthem. As my friend Linda Davis said, “girl can sang”. Amen.



I did add a “Livestream” radio show to do on January 21 called “Music Valley News” hosted by Jaycee Lynn at the Texas Troubadour Theater off Music Valley Drive near Opryland. They’ve obviously run out of great guests if they want me to be their on-air guest. Happy to do it, and you should be able to listen in. Getting all the details and that will be up on my online calendar within the next couple of days.



Both Macy’s and Wal Mart’s are adjusting hours, some closing because of Covid concerns. Check your store hours before making a trip.


Home Covid tests will be insured by this Saturday…they say. You know…those “they” folks said it.


Out in LA 62,000 students and staff tested positive just ahead of their return or trying to return to school.



A study suggests that just 3 minutes of exercise a day may extend your life up to 30%! Wow. I’ve been trying to do a bit more of that. I was at the YMCA yesterday as a matter of fact, BUT…I know I’m out of shape. Really out of shape. I knew that when I went to buy a weightlifting belt and couldn’t lift it. Sigh.



With more folks working from home you might not be surprised that Crocs, the folks who make those whiffle ball looking plastic shoes had a huge year last year. Sales were up 67%. Someone tweeted, “A circus clown in Yellow Crocs. I can’t imagine”.



The Yellowstone series starring Kevin Costner is so successful that it’s producer Taylor Sheridan will develop SEVEN spin-off series. Gonna be a lot of folks getting killed on Paramount.



I’ll be in a writing room with a couple of my favorites this morning, Wil Nance my longtime hit songwriter friend from Missouri, and former American Idol star Lauren Mascitti. Lauren is back in studio working on a new album, so if we’re lucky maybe we can write something that will make that project. Either way, it will be a very fun hang today with those two.


Have a great Tuesday!

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