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Some Babies...Some Deaths...Some New Music

Jan 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And yet another “Manic Monday” rolls around. I should be returning from Texas today after some weekend shows with trio “Hits & Grins” but umm…you know. Covid + Show=Cancellation.


And no…I didn’t win the Mega Millions. The good news is…nobody else did either. So, the next ticket I buy will be worth 600 million or more. I’m not even going to Google what the odds are on that.



I wrote a bluegrass tune with Tim Stafford Friday morning that has a lot of truth in it with a “smile” all at the same time that addresses those folks we all know who complain so much. No matter how many blessings some folks have in their lives they still complain…and complain. With all that’s going on in the world today I suppose there’s even more and more folks who fall into that trap as opposed to quietly recognizing the good stuff going on. Easy to get caught up in that.


John Prine had the solution a long time ago in his classic song “Spanish Pipe Dream” with lyrics like these:


Blow up your TV

Throw away your paper

Go to the country

Build you a home

Plant a little garden

Eat a lot of peaches

Try and find Jesus on your own



My young Aussie friend Angus Gill joined me on the computer to write a new song. 5 pm my time but in Australia it was 10 in the morning. I’m not sure which of us was wider awake. Angus has been really creative while he’s been locked down over there. He’s mostly completed a comedy song album and has now turned his attention to a bluegrass project and that’s what we wrote towards Saturday evening. Very fun.



Sydni Perry who sings background for Carrie Underwood and plays fiddle faced times my wife and me so we could see our honorary grandson for the first time. 3 weeks old and young Miles is a cutie for sure. And his Mom couldn’t erase the big smile on her face. Sydni and her husband Hani built a new home in Bowling Green, Kentucky that they moved into on a Sunday about three weeks ago and come Monday the baby could not wait and it was born there in their new home!  What a house christening. And certainly Jimmy Fortune and I feel blessed to be this child’s honorary grandparents. Congrats Sydni and Hani!


And then I found out that another great co-write buddy Paul Bogart and his wife Tanya delivered a healthy baby girl over the weekend to go with those to little cowboys they already have that Paul and I wrote songs about. “Buckaroo Lullaby” and “Ballad of Exit 199”. So I sent Paul and “congrats” note and asked if thought we should write a polka about the birth of his little girl. Still waiting to hear back on that. Congrats Paul and Tanya!



The circle of life. With the good news of those little babies arriving came sad news over the weekend that Ed Bruce passes away. Ed had several hits for RCA that I played on air many many times and had this great speaking voice that was used in numerous commercials. But he will always be most remembered for writing “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”. That song will live on forever. He was 81.


And I got really sad news that a co-worker of mine at WUBE in Cincinnati suddenly passed away. “Pistol Pete” Miller was truly one of those guys you just liked being around and was great on the radio for years and years. He was still doing radio when he passed. If you’re curious you can check my Facebook page where I posted something from the heart about my friend that the Cincinnati media picked up and used a bit of here. RIP Pete.


Tommy Lasorda who bled blue for the Dodgers also passed away. Nobody ever had more passion for the game of baseball than he. I got to interview him one time. I can’t even remember what he was promoting at the time but he was great. Tommy loved baseball, the Dodgers, food and cussing…and not in that order. One of the funniest interviews ever was caught for all time when a reporter interviewed Tommy after Dave Kingman had hit three home runs off his team. I’d say half of this interview is BLEEPED out…which makes it even funnier. I was not a Dodger fan, but I surely was a Tommy Lasorda fan. RIP Ed, Pete and Tommy.



I’ve mentioned here that Jeannie Kendall (of the Kendall’s duo) just recorded a new album titled “You Got Me” with Carl Acuff Jr. The album is now available everywhere and I helped write 4 of the songs that I’ll share little by little. Here’s the first one…the title track “You Got Me” that I wrote with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur. Thank you Jeannie!



As of now only 16% of the available vaccine has been used. S L O W. Too slow for California and they plan on administering 1 million vaccinations in one single day. If they can actually pull that off it might be used a template of how to get that done more rapidly by other states.


In Paris, the Louvre says their attendance has dropped 70% since the pandemic. No lines to look at the Mona Lisa right now.


Fauci is now saying he thinks theaters might be back in business come Fall. I see a lot more cancellations of shows then on my calendar.


During the pandemic Victoria Secret sales have jumped up 41% for online purchases. Just thought you should know. Which brings up one of the lines I put in my “Question Song” that I sing in shows sometimes. The line is, “what the heck do you see exactly in a Victoria Secret half-off sale”????



Those in the know say there is a canyon on Mars that is 10 times as long as the Grand Canyon. After staring into our canyon many times and being amazed every time I looked, I can’t imagine a canyon that much bigger than the beautiful hole in the ground we have. And you just know that sometime long after we’re all gone and Mars is reachable by a spaceship that some tourist will snap a selfie on its rim and fall in.



Consider this. Taylor Swift if now the first artist ever to have the top selling album of the year 5 times. The young girl that started playing songwriter rounds here in Nashville at a very young age has done alright. Scott Borchetta spotted her talent, opened his own record label Big Machine with Taylor Swift as his first artist. He knew something.



On the Jimmy Fallon show a woman confessed that on a first date the guy picked up the butter knife on the table and scratched his back with it. How stupid. Everyone knows a fork is much more effective for that.



This one is not particularly funny, but man do I agree with it. “Is The Country Falling Apart? Depends on Where You Get Your News”.



Back to rhyming with the ole “Georgia Quacker” the former Hee Haw star and hit writer whose new bluegrass album “Where There’s A Will” is making a little noise and getting some airplay including the song we wrote “Prayer Conditioned”. Here’s to another song like that being born today.


Have a great Monday!

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