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Music Night Nashville...Rotary...New Gigs

Jan 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello weekend my old friend.



Thursday started with writing a funny thought my friend Gerald Smith had come up with.  He’s got a long list of funny songs and song titles scattered through his career.  One of my favorite titles of his and his co-witer Tom Sheperd’s is “Where There’s A Will There’s A Relative”.  So that give you an idea of the writing road we traveled on yesterday at Gerald’s publishing company.


We also swapped shows with each other.  I got Gerald in touch with the folks at the Duck River Country Store just off the Natchez Trace here in Tennessee and they booked him.  And Gerald put in a word for me at a cool new venue called the Grinder House Coffee Shop in Cookeville, TN just east of Nashville and they booked me for a Friday night August 30.  Coffee, food and an internet radio station broadcasts the whole thing.  I’ll sit and play songs and they’ll interview me during that show.  Looking forward to that.



I got out and caught some great music from friends with a first stop to see The Petty Junkies which features my friend Brady Seals as the lead singer covering all those great Tom Pettty songs.  What a killer band…all A players in this town.  Many of them have written huge hit songs…they’ve played on a ton of records you know and love.  All but one of Brady’s old band members were in the house from the group with Little Texas and that was very cool too see.  The group plays at 3rd & Lindsley roughly once every month or so.  If you’re ever in town when they are here…go.  Could not have enjoyed that more. 



And right before they finished I drove a few more blocks to the Station Inn …one of the all time great venues for bluegrass music and heard my co-writer Irene Kelley with a full band.  Irene’s talented daughter sang harmonies with her…nothing like that kind of family harmony.  And Steve Thomas was on stage too.  He plays every stringed instrument and went on a trip with me and Lang Scott and Cheryl White to do a show in Wisconsin a few years ago where we played in a theater and got to do some of those great “Whites” songs that we love featuring Cheryl who of course is from that group.  Linda Davis had another commitment she had to do so we had a great substitute in her chair that night…Cheryl White.


Irene’s newest CD will be out soon and I’m excited that folks are going to get to hear a couple of tunes we’ve written on this project. 


Irene is from Latrobe, Pennsylvania and sang this song last night about Pennsylvania Coal that was so good.  A pleasure to hear her sing “live”. 



She sent me this really FUNNY article that has the solution to border crossing using church greeters.  Made me laugh for sure.  Hit this LINK and laugh yourself.



Makes sense that today’s kids would have trouble figuring out how to use a rotary phone right?  This VIDEO has pretty much gone viral and if you watch you’ll know why.  I can’t imagine how long it would take these kids to understand how a party line works from a phone hanging on the wall like the one that hung on my grandparent’s house back in the day in Missouri.



In case you’re interested Shaquille O’neal is selling his little HOME.  It comes with 17 garages!  Geez.  A few weeks ago we bought a car from friends…then had to call back and say we can’t buy it because the car was too big for our garage.  If I can just figure a way to swing the loan for Shaq’s mansion…we can make another run at it.



Don’t you wish you would have invented that silly App game “Candy Crush”?  If you’re answer is “no”…you may change that answer when you realize it’s making 4.1 MILLION per DAY!



More folks might decided to own a motorhome now that they are getting ready to roll out an all electric powered one.  Filling a motorhome up with petro is one of those deals where you try not to look at the final total at the pump.  Just swipe your card and move on.  But…this might put more folks behind the wheel of a moving home.  We’ll see.



I’m off to write with my buddy Steve Dean (we haven’t done that in awhile) and we’re going to join a young artist from Wisconsin Nora Collins who’s making a little noise on Music Row.  Hopefully we can write something she’ll love today.


And then it’s the weekend….and NFL Division Championship games.  If you need me for any reason…call my couch.


Have a great weekend!



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